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Astrology and trafic patterns

When one first starts getting into Astrology one continually contemplates what all Astrology can be applied to. Everyone I've talked to goes through this thing with Astrology that after you get the basics down you start trying to apply it to all matter of things from everyday errands [which moon sign is the best to go to the grocery store during?] to the the completely bizarre [what was the birthday of the Serial killer? ..or the 1 person who survived the plane crash?]. Anyways, one travels through many strange scenarios seeing where you can save a minute here or there or make something go smoother using Astrology. Sometimes things pop right out at you that work and sometimes you just end up flustered that you haven't figured out the correct pattern to apply. So according to many studies, most people spend days and days of their lives sitting in their cars or stuck in traffic. So I figured that since you normally have a lot of free time while waiting for the other cars to move [at least we did, before texting] I figured I would make some mental notes and see what I could come up with as far correlations between Astrology [mostly Moon signs] and traffic patterns. I've found this in my experience to be pretty spot on most of the time [certainly more accurate than Weather reports]. So here's my Astrology traffic report by sign. But first a brief disclaimer ..any kind of massive event [a Pluto station, Grand Square involving Uranus, Mars making a station or any unusual chaotic event] is of course going to overrule whatever sign the moon is in. If there's an earthquake ... then EVERYONE'S sitting in the traffic regardless of what sign the damn Moon is in. Aries - everyone is impatient and hot headed , keep an extra eye open. Traffic should move quickly but keep an eye on the lead foots. Taurus - Taurus is a fixed sign, slow, stubborn and plodding. Don't expect to be getting anywhere early today ..if you're not feeling too lazy to even get out of bed. Gemini - Lightning quick, mentally alert, muteable. Getting around town to do errands should be a breeze on these days, the master of communication is good at quick trips thinking on their feet, you should be a couple minutes early these days . Cancer - You may be more likely to stay at home, but everyone on the road should be defensive and safety minded so you may not make record speed but at least there shouldn't be as many accidents to slow you down. Leo - everyone will be wanting to show off their excellent driving skills [snicker]!! So give everyone their room and be careful because Leo is a fixed sign and fixed can often mean traffic jams. Virgo - Ultra clear thinking Virgo can not normally be held back by mortal things like traffic with it's Merucurian rulership and Muteable nature, but alas remember, Virgo is also the sign of crisis or something needing to be fixed. So most of these days you'll get there very efficiently but once in a while expect some issues that need quick fixes to arrive at your destination on time. Libra - Libra loves people, and company and you will probably have plenty of it. You will move in harmony with others and traffic will flow together. Scorpio - Scorpio is fixed, intense energy so expect delays. You may run into quagmires. Sagittarius - People will most likely be speeding and a bit daring and overly optimistic. Capricorn - Capricorn is ruled by Saturn [the planet , not the car] and Saturn teaches us patience ..there you go. Watch out for extra police. Aquarius - Aquarius is about shock and surprises and unexpected events. You will either be very early, very late or have to change your route. Just expect something different or to have to change your route perhaps. Pisces - Pisces is fuzzy and dreamy and everyone will be in la-la land. Wacth out for other drivers on the road as they may be daydreaming and not paying attention to the road. That's your Astrological traffic report, drive safely..and stop texting so much for god's sake!

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