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Why Evolutionary Astrology

There are many different kinds of Astrology and everyone has their favorite- whether it be Vedic, Mundane or Eastern and they all have theirmerits. Studying different kinds of Astrology can be beneficial because you see different view points and different theories that canlead you to the same end result. My personal weapon of choiceif you will is Evolutionary Astrology, which I will heretofore referto as EA in a nonsensical and completely random order. The theory is this....the Sun and Moon are obviously very important as they relate to the core personality and the ego and emotions. Thatbeing said, while the inner luminaries play a big part of ourpersonal lives their transits can be so fleeting at times, they canbe here and gone before we realize it. We are also members ofsocieties, cultures, Activist groups and part of something bigger than ourselves. Pluto correlates to the soul in EA and it alsorepresents generations [albeit there is much argument as to wherethey start and end]. The transit of Pluto through a sign can take 15years or longer compared to 30 days for the Sun and sixty hours forthe Moon. The sheer longevity and complete transformation of a Pluto transit will last through many trips of the Sun through your chartand dozens of ventures by the Moon through the same. Whenputting together a puzzle one starts to build it by putting the outerpieces of the puzzle together so that you then have a frameworkthrough which the smaller pieces can then fit in a logical manor. I have found it easier that way with Astrology as well. When you putPluto [the soul] in a persons chart and can measure it's growth and journey through various incarnations - the inner pieces of the puzzle[inner planets] are able to tell their story in a more efficient way.It's like reading a whole book versus just a couple pages in themiddle. If you put Pluto [soul] in context with the future [North Node] and past Karma [South Node] being worked on in this lifetime one is able to get a deeper grasp of WHY [ 8th house / Scorpio] someone may have their Sun in the Fifth house. It can also give you a story of WHY someone may have four planets conjunct their South Node. Not justwhere is someone's planets but WHY they are there, what pastexperiences led them to this point and what roads they may betraveling from here on out. A person with four planets conjunct their North Node will be trying toforcibly break away from past conditioning or life experiences. Aperson with planets square their Nodal Axis will be trying to recover"skipped steps" or things they tried to not deal with in previouslives. Pluto conjunct the Moon will signify someone wanting to feelthe most intensity and depth of emotions. The reason for all of these is to evolve and that's what the focus of EA is. How and WHY do weevolve and make the choices we do. Planets are at a certain point in an individuals current birth chart tofacilitate Evolutionary growth and to further encompass the totalityof existence. EA has things in common with the other forms of Astrology and borrows much from the other forms Karmic Astrology butwhat I love the most about it is that it explains ..well... itexplains WHY.

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