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Moon signs and work

There are many area's in life where Astrology can help give us a little advantage or an " emotional weather " forecast if you will and being that we all spend so much of our waking time at work here is a short guide to the moon signs and what we can expect at work on those days . I will once again start off the the disclaimer that when there's a t-square or a Grand Square or an outer planet makes a station that overrides sop [ standard operating procedure]. If Pluto or Mars is going stationary direct there's going to be anger and intensity regardless of how many other planets are in Libra or Gemini or Pisces. So here's your little cheat sheet for when you're trying to figure a good day to take off work or when there's a good day to avoid a meeting or when to hide under your desk. Moon in Aries- Everyone is impatient, independent and willing to fight for their opinion. Not the day to schedule a long meeting as everyone will be antsy and mentally vibrant . This is a great time to start new projects .This is one of the days where everyone may actually show up early or on time for work...if they're not caught in a traffic jam because someone's impatience caught up with them. Not a good time for finishing projects,Cardinal signs like to initiate. Many more people than normal will have headaches [Aries rules this head .. and this one is always accurate]. Moon in Taurus- Slow and plodding Taurus is a good sign to work on those long term projects that requires a lot of patience or tasks that require sitting for long periods of time [ or being lazy]. Taurus is friendly and easy going but it can be a hard time to make compromises and the fixed stubborness of the Bull does not give easily . Moon in Gemini- Great time for socializing, brainstorming, making sales contacts , communicating with customers, exchanging ideas or travel and running errands. Bad day to be sitting by yourself at a desk in a corner. Moon in Cancer- This is the day when everyone will bring food into the office. The moon is in Cancer [ which rules the stomach] and everyone will want to eat and the people with lots of Cancer in their chart will want to cook and or feed everyone. People may be late today because they want to stay at home in bed..okay..stay at home in bed more than normal. Moon in Leo- People will be exuberant and passionate and exude lots of personality [ too much in some people's case]. The Leo moon will lead many to feel courageous and outgoing but can also result in hurt feelings or prideful reactions if things don't go someone's way. Moon in Virgo- The absolute best time to work on detail orientated projects, or fix big or long term problems. Also a good time to clean , organize files or work on compliance issues [I've decided all on my own that Regulatory Compliance is ruled by Virgo [ anal retention] /Scorpio [ obsession / stalking= obsessive compulsive behavior]. Not,i repeat NOT... a good time to give performance reviews or to break bad news to somebody. Moon in Libra- A good time to work in groups, beautify your environment, exchange ideas, social network,team build or train. A word of warning ....meetings scheduled today may be very long. Moon in Scorpio-Intensity, secret meetings, conspiracy and all the other good Scorpio stuff is here on these days. A great time to delve into mysteries or meet a deadline or do something that requires lots of research. Moon in Sagittarius- Today is big picture , philosophical , take a gamble day. People will also drone on incessantly. Good day for making plans and coming up with ideas but people will be a bit tactless but will be more likely to tell the truth. If you have to be honest with a co-worker today's probably a good day. Moon in Capricorn- Serious, stern, disciplined ...sounds fun doesn't it ? Well this is a great time to get a lot done and try to promote yourself up the ladder and tackle projects that require discipline and patience [ recurring Earth sign theme eh ?]. Not a day for Emotional ballyhooing around, just strictly business. Not a good day to be playing on Face book or reading your favorite blog [ oops, except this one of course] as authority figures are nearby looking to squelch fun when the Moon is in Capricorn. Moon in Aquarius-Expect plans to change , sudden or shocking developments or rebellion in the air. Things will not as normally scheduled today, be prepared to think quickly . Today can be very fun too if you need a change of routine this day could be a welcome break. Moon in Pisces- huh ...what was the question ? Moon in Pisces- When the Moon is in Pisces everyone will be very sleepy and dreamy and wondering what their lives would have been like if they weren't stuck in this office. people will also be very sympathetic and understanding but they may need someone to vent to as well. One last thing, since computers are such a huge part of the modern work situation now i wanted to mention that Uranus rules technology and everyone has those days when none of your technology is working correctly. This is almost always when the Moon is in one of the signs squaring Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus . This one rarely fails. Once in awhile when the Moon is in Leo you will get this result also but when the Moon is i Taurus or Scorpio just expect your stuff not to work very well. Just as a test's the next time the Moon is in these signs. Good luck!

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