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2010 NFL preview with Astrology

One of the many things i love about Astrology is that it can be applied to anything that you can get a starting time and place for to create a birth chart . I worked as a sports Statistician for many years and always enjoyed numbers. As a Statistician one of my jobs was to notice trends , tendencies , anomalies and other things going on during the flow of that particular sporting event or season or Teams history. Later on down the road i noticed how much this was similar to Astrology , studying the cycles and trends and the little moments that a games momentum swings upon. This appeared to be an area ripe with Astrological knowledge. And what made it even better is that a Pluto transit or Neptune transit can last years or over a decade even. Then,and sometimes Only AFTER the fact can you parlay what knowledge was gained from the Pluto transit and how you grew as a person afterwards and how much smarter you are know, you know how that is. One of the best things about sports and Astrology is that you can set up a chart [ most major sports have their game times posted for all to see] and in 3 hours normally you can see the end result . And there is no trauma [ unless it's the playoffs ] , no hours of therapy , no gray areas or wondering what really happened or what part of the story don't you know. After 3 hours it's Team A- 17 Team B -14 ...PERIOD! You don't have to wonder how Team A felt about it emotionally , or how long it would take them to recover or how much self - analysis it would need... it was Team A winning 17-14 ...period. I understand that emotions are important , as is introspection , and the inner journey, but sometimes it's nice to just have a black and white answer that you can look at from an analytical point of view and notice the trends [ or statistics if you will Mars @24 Aries square Venus @ 24 Cancer is a statistic isn't it? .. a tendency? everything being relative ].And it is also fun to find the chart of your favorite team and find why they chocked 6 years in a row in the playoffs in the 70's, were they having a Pluto transit at the time ? Saturn return maybe ? How about Mars in their 12th and they just couldn't get their ...uhmmm..."strategy" together ? So i thought it would be fun to use Astrology But first, a few rules for the Astrology buffs as to how it works with sports as it is a bit different with sports teams [ particularly football] vs. a Natal chart for a person [ the rest of you may read quietly to yourselves] . In most sports [ Baseball seems to be the exception] Squares can often be good. In sports ..Saturn transits can be good [ yeah right !], a Pluto transit can be an uplifting experience, an as with a transit from Uranus ...chaos can be great! Now that we've thrown the traditional Astrology boogieman out the door ,here's why these things are different. Normally we don't want chaos , or aggression or power struggles but in the chart of a sports team want to be aggressive , you want intensity like a bit of anger and dare i say it a little trickiness or mean spiritedness. Saturn transits can be miserable if you're a free spirited soul who loves shopping or being care free aand throwing caution to the wind,but, if you're a sports team with a lot of talent and all your missing is a little discipline or some structure to the organization [ GM, scouts,head coach] then a goo dSaturn transit may be all that you need. Every year there a re a couple of teams that surprise everyone that are not supposed to be good. They are undoubtedly having a transit from Uranus or Pluto making a big aspect to their chart and reversing their fortunes. To totally you screw you up now ..trines may not always be good, you don't want any laziness if you're playing on a sports team , best to have extra energy and a little edginess or hunger than to be resting on your laurels of what you did last season.Of course the trine by Jupiter to your Midheaven could lead to some fortunate bounces at the correct time. There are other differences as well when looking at the charts of sports teams or game charts such as the aspect degree orbs are more like 2-3 degrees instead of 10 to still be active.Also there are arguments as to what date of birth to use for a team ,date team was granted a franchise, date of first game or date when team moved to new city but the research i have seen and done suggests date of the first game and possibly their progressed chart as well are the best to use. I also think the sun is not as powerful in the chart of sports teams when you're trying to pick the winner of a contest becasue MOST franchises will have a similar day of birth as the other teams in their sport [i.e. NFL in September, NBA in October ,MLB in April yada yada ]. Anyhoo , endless, blathering, minutia aside...i have made some predictions for the upcoming NFL season ,i did not look too extensively at the players of charts as that would take far more time than i have but i did note a few players and i looked at the charts of all 32 teams. I will also be posting some blogs looking at the individual charts of certain games as the season goes along. Please ,if i have predicted your team to suck and they win their first game at least wait until after week 3 to send me nasty emails, these predictions are for the season not for one week. This is already far lengthier than i expected so here it goes [ also, please do not gamble based on my predictions, that's illegal, shame on you for even thinking of it !]. Okay the first thing i did is divide teams up by the tranists to their chat. These teams are on the upswing right now according to their charts Green Bay San Franciso Dallas Washington New York Giants Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns Cincinatti Bengals St. Louis Rams Baltimore These teams are on a downswing Seattle Arizona Carolina Tampa Bay Atlanta Denver Buffalo Jacksonville These teams are turning the corner and next year should be very good Tennessee Oakland Houston 2 years away from an upswing Kansas City These teams don't appear to have major things happening so should remain similar to the last couple seasons or remain status quo New Orleans New York Jets New England Pittsburgh San Diego Indianapolis These teams should remain as they have been but are beginning a downturn next season Philadelphia Chicago These teams should still be good but their maximum window of opportunity has passed Minnesota Miami So here are my Astrological predictions record wise NFC EAST 1.DALLAS 11-5 2.WASHINGTON 10-6 3.N.Y. GIANTS 10-6 4.PHILADELPHIA 7-9 NFC NORTH 1.GREEN BAY 12-4 2.MINNESOTA 10-6 3.CHICAGO 7-9 4.DETROIT 6-10 NFC SOUTH 1.NEW ORLEANS 12-4 2.ATLANTA 9-7 3.CAROLINA 7-9 4.TAMPA BAY 2-14 NFC WEST 1. SAN FRANCISO 11-5 2.ST. LOUIS 6-10 3.SEATTLE 4-12 4. ARIZONA 4-12 AFC EAST 1.N.Y. JETS 11-5 2.NEW ENGLAND 10-6 3.MIAMI 8-8 4.BUFFALO 3-13 AFC SOUTH 1. INDIANAPOLIS 11-5 2.TENNESSEE 10-6 3.HOUSTON 9-7 4.JACKSONVILLE 6-10 AFC NORTH 1. BALTIMORE 11-5 2. CINCINATTI 10-6 3.PITTSBURGH 10-6 4.CLEVELAND 7-9 AFC WEST 1. SAN DIEGO 10-6 2. OAKLAND 7-9 3.DENVER 6-10 4.KANSAS CITY 5-11 PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS NFC 1.GREEN BAY 12-4 2.NEW ORLEANS 12-4 3.DALLAS 11-5 4.SAN FRANCISCO 11-5 5.N.Y. GIANTS 10-6 6.MINNESOTA 10-6 AFC 1.INDIANAPOLIS 11-5 2.BALTIMORE 11-5 3.N.Y. JETS 11-5 4.SAN DIEGO 10-6 5.NEW ENGLAND 10-6 6.CINCINNATI 10-6 WILD CARD ROUND N.Y. GIANTS OVER S.F. DALLAS OVER MINNESOTA CINCINNATI OVER N.Y. JETS SAN DIEGO OVER NEW ENGLAND DIVISIONAL ROUND CINCINNATI OVER INDIANAPOLIS BALTIMORE OVER SAN DIEGO GREEN BAY OVER N.Y. GIANTS DALLAS OVER NEW ORLEANS CONFERENCE CHANPIONSHIPS GREEN BAY OVER DALLAS BALTIMORE OVER CINCINNATI SUPER BOWL GREEN BAY OVER BALTIMORE

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