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NBA Playoffs with Astrology

Howdy friends,

I've covered the other sports so here's my NBA Playoff Preview with Astrology. As always I hunted down through NBA history and found the first game for all the Teams in the NBA and looked closely at the charts of the 16 teams in the playoffs and the Transits occurring to those charts to make my predictions. A note of interest about the NBA and the playoff's is that there seems to be far fewer upsets in the NBA than in the other Major Pro Sports. I am not exactly sure why this is other than there always seems to be a few players in the league at a time that are above everyone else talent wise that it is harder for their team to get upset unless they have a really poor supporting cast . Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq, Kobe , Duncan all know the names and these players teams have won the majority of the championships over the last 30 years . There have been exceptions but for the most part these players have dominated the other teams so until someone else comes along [ Durant ?] you tend to see the same few teams near the top of the NBA every year with just a couple teams switching in and out of the playoffs every year. Jupiter and Mars seem to be the main contributors to Basketball success. It appears to me that the planets that rule muteable signs or are less fixed to seem to be more favorable for Basketball and Hockey that have less structure and scoring often results from broken plays or fast breaks. Whereas I think there is more strategy and planning that maybe goes into Football and Baseball in a lot of instances. Anyway , that's my perception at this point , subject to change , not valid in all states. Another oddity is that Pro Basketball seems to have a lot of repeat champions or Dynasty's that can keep it going for several years even with Free agency being what it is now.

An interesting thing about the new era of sports is that teams will move cities if they're doing well financially or get a better offer from another city. This can lead to conflict as to which chart to use for a given team. The original birth of the team or the first game in the city they are currently in ? There are many schools of thought to this . You don't get a new chart when you move to a new city although you do through progressions get your updated. My research to this point has found that with a sports franchise it's a bit more than a person moving. A team just like a corporation [ but even more so ] is like an extension of the city that it represents . It is interweaved both financially and emotionally with the city it resides in. Look how Cleveland reacted when Lebron left, they had had their hearts ripped out. Also when a team moves they also change a lot of their players , often coaches , everything a lot fo times. The whole vibrational energy changes . It's not like when you and your family move to a new city , you still have your husband or wife and your children albeit you may go to work at a different place or your children go to a different school. But a team is such an extension of the city and more so the fans that make up that city and financially support that franchise that it's such a radical difference from it's previous existance that I have found that the new chart fits better with the team . That's my argument , the defense rests .

As far as Transits and things go , sports has to do with energy and often he who is the most aggressive and has the most energy has a good shot at winning because they have that extra energy push. trines [ 120 degree aspect ] are nice for a person , but when your job is to crush and punish your opponent I'll take that Mars Square [ 90 degree aspect ] to Pluto for some extra determination and maybe a bit of nastiness but you're not getting pushed around with that aspect though. So right now what I 'm looking for is teams and players if you're playing any Fantasy Sports with some of that Aries energy in their chart . Jupiter is at 18 , Mars at 8 , Uranus at 1 as well as the Sun and Moon both in Aries as of the starting date for the NBA and NHL playoffs. If a team or a player has a lot of that Aries energy in their chart they are vitalized right now.

So back to point, this is an Astrology column and here were trying to show the connectivity that Astrology is a good predictive tool and there are patterns and cycles to the events that go on around us even if we are not aware of all of them. The charts of players and teams and cities and franchises and corporations all work the same as your own chart does. You have hot streaks and cold streaks, times when people love you and times when people hate you and the point to it all is realizing that everything is a cycle where we evolve by working out our own issues and helping others with theirs. Granted these are Sports and probably totally meaningless in the grand picture of things but Sports are great ways to experiment because you can see a definitive end result with little gray area.

So as the Lakers and Phil Jackson begin their quest for another threepeat here's how I see things playing out with a little help from my Planetary friends.

Eastern Conference

first round

[1] CHICAGO over[ 8] INDIANA 4-0

[ 2] MIAMI over [7] PHILADELPHIA 4-2 this will be closer than expected

[3] BOSTON over[ 6 ] N Y KNICKS 4-2

[4] ORLANDO over [5] ATLANTA 4-1

second round

Orlando over Chicago 4-3

Miami over Boston 4-3 this one is EXTREMELY tight

conference finals

Miami over Orlando

Western Conference

first round

[1] SAN ANTONIO over [8] MEMPHIS 4-2

[2] LA LAKERS over [7] NEW ORLEANS 4-0

[6] PORTLAND over [3] DALLAS 4-3

[4] OKLAHOMA CITY over[5] DENVER 4-3

second round

Lakers over Portland 4-2

San Antonio over Oklahoma City 4-3

conference finals

Lakers over San Antonio 4-2


Lakers over Miami 4-2

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