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NHL Playoffs with Astrology pt. 2

Since this is about LEARNING and NOT gambling let's take a look at the results to this point as we reach the Conference Finals [yes I know they're already a game in ] . First of all ..some excuses! Football appears to be the best Sport to be able to predict with Astrology at this point. 1 game a week, you can look at the chart beforehand . With the other major Professional sports you don't know if a series will go 4 games or 7 games or anything in between. Also , there is very little research out there on Teams Charts and Astrology, the stuff you will find the most is on individual players cycles. A couple of other tricky areas have been Outer Planet this juncture I think that Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits in the sports other than [ but possibly including ] Football signify a change of disruption in what has happened in very recent history so those planets do not signify attaining power or meeting your death within themselves , they just signify change is here and adjustments is needed.

Another tricky deal is when teams move cities and you then have multiple charts to work with , sometimes the original chart for the franchise works sometimes the chart for the first game of a relocated franchise. In this situation you look at the transits to each chart and see which one chart seems to be playing out for the team.

So Hockey is usually the tricky one as there are normally lots of upsets. I fared well picking 7 pf the 8 first round series correct only losing Montreal / Boston which went 7 games and the team I picked [ Montreal ] lost 3 games in overtime so that was about as close as it gets.

Second round in Hockey is difficult becuase they reseed the teams unlike in other sports where they stick with the original bracket. So in the second round I got 2 of 4 but I did pick the upset of the no. 1 seed [ Washington ] although I had the matchups wrong because of the reseeding.

I correctly picked the 2 finalist for the Western Conference but went 0 for 2 in the East.I 'm sticking with my original pick for Stanley Cup champion ..the San Jose Sharks [ which happens to be my totem animal ..if you cared ] to defeat the Tampa Bay lightning in the finals .

An interesting thing here with San Jose and Tampa is that their charts are nearly identical . San Jose played their first game October 4th ,1991 and Tampa played their first game on October 7 th,1991. In most sports you get a lot of teams with similar charts becuase to keep the number of teams even for scheduling purposes a league will normally add an even number of teams in a given year where there is expansion. The main transit both of these teams are enjoying is Saturn conjunct their Natal Sun / Mercury Conjunction and transiting Pluto conjunct their Natal Uranus . I 'm sticking with the Sharks though as Tampa's moon is also conjunct transiting Saturn. So Tampa fans [ I know you're out there I can hear you crying] you're going to lose a very tough 7 game series .And that's the way the puck bounces .'Ciao for now

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