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End of the World Blog ! EMERGENCY MUST READ! Must save Herbert

I was going to let this one pass but decided I couldn't let it go without throwing in my 2 cents worth [ .05 cents after devaluation for inflation] . As I'm sure a lot of you have heard or seen from various media outlets radio Evangelist Harold Camping from the Family Broadcasting Network has predicted the end of the world with a Giant Earthquake and the Rapture occurring this Saturday, May 21st followed by complete destruction of the Earth and entire universe on October 21st of this year.

Being that I am an Astrologer I am very interested in Prophecy and predictions and timing of events. I have taken much time to go through the Astrological charts of all 195 [ roughly , no one seems to really agree on the actual number ] of the known [ could there be unknown countries ?] countries on Earth . I could not find the time of Birth for Atlantis or Lemuria nor any of the countries of Middle earth although I was able to rectify a chart for Mordor [ nasty Pluto aspects ! ] so I just stuck with the 195 confirmed ones. I'm not saying that nothing bad will happen anywhere in the world tomorrow but I looked at the alignment of the planets with the charts of the 195 countries of the Earth and I don't see anything on a Biblical Rapture scale happening anywhere.

There are certain aspects that you see in the charts of big Earthquakes and other large disasters and there really aren't any of those happening tomorrow.Will there be some small earthquakes tomorrow somewhere on Earth ..yes, there are Earthquakes of some magnitude nearly every single day. Will there be a flood somewhere tomorrow...yes, it's flooding somewhere nearly every day . As each country has a chart of it's own there will be many places that have some challenging transits to their chart happening on any given day. That being said we really only have a hand full of major events in any given year and just because you have a difficult Saturn or Pluto transit today you may not have to consider yourself a goner. Most people survive most transits...statistical FACT .

In my area of study [ Astrology] i try to give a ballpark area where the energies are right for certain events or things to happen, I like to think of it as an Astrological Weather report if you will. I try to point out windows of time where the energy is right for certain events to happen or where energies are good for change or to take advantage of opportunities. This does not mean that these events are fated or cannot be changed , people have free will as do collective groups [ companies , organizations, countries ] thus are able to awaken and possibly avert or at least prepare for such dramatic events. I do have to touch on credibility though at this point .I think it is highly irresponsible to predict doom or someone's death or destruction even if you see some negative things happening in their chart or in their life , the chances are they're going to survive and it really does no one any good to just fill people full of fear...that's what we have Government for.

Also , this is not the first time he has predicted the end of the world. He also predicted it in 1994 and I imagine will again after Saturday. Some of his other messages may be good or positive but they are all going to be forgotten after this anyway. My belief that the proper way to handle such a thing is " we are heading into a turbulent time ..please prepare " not " you're all going to die Saturday " that just makes you a lunatic.

Okay, enough of that rationality and credibility nonsense ,back to the end of the world. Like I was saying I didn't see any places with "end of the world " type scenarios in their charts, except for one tiny village on the outskirts of the Ural Mountains near Estonia which was formerly part of the Soviet Union. I have warned everyone in the surrounding area which is scarcely populated that the End is near for that village [ population 16 ] and that I was terribly sorry but all I could do was warn them in advance . 15 of the 16 residents have safely left the area already , the only one living creature I have not been able to reach is named Herbert .

possible picture of Herbert

Herbert is a Tur [ not sure if he's an Eastern or Western Tur ] or mountain dwelling goat antelope if you will . His birth chart is being harshly aspected by the Pluto - Uranus square right now and being that he is living in a dangerous area I fear for his safety [ Saturday only ] . I have tried numerous times to contact him but to no avail as land lines are not readily available in that part of the region and goat antelopes have a hard time typing on their Blackberry's because of their coarse hooves.

So if you have any contacts in that part of the region , please warn Herbert that the world is ending Saturday and to please take shelter or leave the area, I already feel badly for not being able to warn him myself. So be safe Saturday , maybe scribble out a quick last will on some toilet paper , have a drink and sit back and be afraid . I'll try and have another Blog done this weekend so those of us still here Sunday will have something to do .

goodbye for now..maybe


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