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Astrology preview of 2011 NFL season

Greetings my Metaphysical Pigskin brethren !

As you know by now I truly love the study of cycles and events and one of the best ways to subjectively study the results of planetary phenomena is through sporting events because they are played out in front of you and the results are highly visible and not open to interpretation.

Last year I picked the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl before the season because of the transits they had happening to their chart throughout the season and especially the Super Bowl chart aspects to the team's chart. So this year I will look at the transits for this year and see how they play to the charts of all 32 NFL teams and throw out my predictions for the season.

A little info first though, transits to the charts of sports teams do not play out the same as transit's to the chart of a person. In football you want lots of Squares, lots of Mars and Pluto activity, things that may not be too appealing to a human soul walking this earth but when you play a violent, aggressive game for a living you want that extra energy for your team to be able to make a run at the playoffs . The same deal with other planets as well , Jupiter trines are awesome for a person ..but maybe too relaxing for a Football team. Saturn, well Saturn is not usually fun for a person, but you do learn a lot. I 've found that Saturn ,Uranus and Pluto transits to the chart of a team signal a change. When those big planets of learning lessons and change come along it often will signify a departure in the recent history of the team. If your team has been bad the last few years , Saturn may give you discipline, or experience points if you have a lot of young players that are starting to figure it out. A Saturn transit may give your previously bad team the wisdom to not make the same mistakes as before. By the same account if you're team has been really good the last few years Saturn may limit your team due to injuries , or lack of payroll freedom .Your run of good fortune may be limited by a difficult Saturn transit. The same with Pluto or Uranus making hard aspects to the teams chart , it can't really be said that either of those is good or bad it's just likely that you will see a reversal from the previous few years. So even though there is little doubt who has won a particular game at the end , you have to see the entire road not just the spot your standing at now. Where has the team been , what changes are they making, have they set themselves up well for the future.

A note of interest is that I also look at the key degrees that we come upon throughout the season. I look at degrees that are crossed over or hovered around [ like an annoying co-worker ! ] or where there's an eclipse or a planetary station [ the planet essentially stops or slows down it's motion ] . I take these degrees and look to see if there's players whose charts have planets at this point. I did not look at all 5?? players in the NFL's charts but I did look at the sun signs near one of these points and found 3 players of interest that might be fun to watch this year to see how it plays out. One planet that is interesting to watch is the planet Uranus which rules Aquarius and is currently in the sign of Aries. Uranus rules chaos and unpredictability and excitement and sudden changes. If any of you are NBA fans you may remember in the playoffs last year Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat where he would score 30 points and have 20 rebounds one game and then the next game he would have 5 points and 8 rebounds and kept going all over the place like that. We'll he had Uranus crossing over his Sun during that period which can cause sporadic behavior . Well I happened to find 3 players of note this year that have this aspect for the whole season and it will intensify the second half of the season. So it may be fun to keep an eye on these 3 players and see how they react to this planetary influence. My guess is you will see 150 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns slightly over half the time and about 50 yards and no td's the rest of the games. They will be so explosive some days they will not be able to be shut down because they will have so much energy and other days you won't even know they're on the field. Consistency will NOT be the word here.

The 3 players are : Adrian Peterson - Running Back- Minnesota Ahmad Bradshaw- Running Back- N.Y, Giants Jonathan Stewart- Running Back- Carolina [ Jonathan is not a starter but he gets a lot of playing time so he will still be easy to follow]

It may be a little scary watching these 3 if you have them on your Fantasy Football team if you would like to see 2 of them at the same time Carolina plays the Giants on October 30th ...Happy Halloween from me to all of you !

One additional thing I think I've figured out from last year is the key to a great season is a 3 course meal if you will. The first course is the team needs a bit of luck or as they say ..the planets favorably aligned. Some kind of transit from Jupiter or Venus will fill this need. Second, is you will need lots and lots of energy , preferably negative energy or an element of chaos and destruction will do . Squares to or from your Mars and/or Pluto will work here for sure. If you are an underdog or a habitual underachiever Uranus or Saturn will help change your luck. Third, there needs to be a sense of destiny fulfilled or some kind of Karmic thing being worked out. Transits to or from the Nodes and /or Saturn is usually what to look for.

Also, some teams just have stronger charts than others . The Pittsburgh Steelers are good almost every year , they almost need something limiting them or physically stopping them [ see last year when Ben got suspended and they and some other injuries and still came back and made it to the Super Bowl ]. The Arizona Cardinals traditionally are weaker , they need a boost to their chart to get them into the upper echelon . So the point is that you can't always just look at transits as apples to apples and predict which will be the stronger of the two teams. If a team is traditionally good or bad there must be something to put a halt to that cycle or create a change therefore a Saturn transit can be good for a team that has been bad in recent history but it can be bad for a team that has been traditionally good.

Another thing that I think you will notice if you are a sports fan is that every year there are teams that look unbeatable for part of the season and you are sure they are going to win the championship and that no one can beat them [ see Eagles, Colts, Chargers most years, Patriots a lot of years,]. Then there are some teams that can't seem to get started until the season is halfway over [ see Chargers every season ]. The reason for this is because of how their chart is . Now most NFL teams have their Sun in Virgo , a few in Libra , a few elsewhere so almost all of them will have Mercury in either Leo, Virgo, or Libra in almost every case, therefore those are fairly useless to look at because you are wanting to differentiate between the teams to see who is going to come out on top. What you will notice is that teams with Mars in Leo or a lot of other planets in Leo will normally be better early in the season, teams with a lot of Sagittarius in their chart or Mars in Sag will pick up later in the season as planets begin making aspects to those planets, they are being activated. Now this doesn't work every year as there are always anomalies and retrogrades and eclipses and the such but it is a good rule of thumb.

So anyway here's my predictions for the upcoming NFL season and I'm going to give a little more detail into the Astrological aspects happening this year. So good luck to your team and send your hate mail to MMETHENY1984@YAHOO.COM if I picked your team to stink and they don't.




OPEN TO INTERPRETATION [ These are teams that have a lot going on in their chart but it's hard to tell how their energies and actions are going to play out. They will be much better than expected or they will not play up to their projections . I used my football knowledge more on these teams ]


NFC EAST 1. Philadelphia 11-5 Tough schedule early. Will look awesome at times. Their problem will be their Mars energy is highest right before the season starts. Must beware of ego's and injuries .

2. Dallas 11-5 Much improved from last year. More cohesive and fewer injuries and better defensively with Rob Ryan there. Unlike Philly , transits get better later in season ,will be a handful at playoff time.

3. N.Y. Giants 9-7 Must play well early as schedule is difficult 2nd half of season. Lots of injuries to start seaosn. Probably not enough to stay with Philly and Dallas.Must win 5 or 6 of first 7 games.

4. Washington 5-11 I don't think anyone knows what Mike Shanahan is doing..except congratulating himself for thinking he's smarter than everyone else. Sorry, not so Mike. NORTH

1. Green Bay 13-3 Powerful transits, defending champs, can't have as many injuries as last year. They will be brutal and stand a great chance of repeating.

2. Chicago 9-7 Added some potential weapons on offense . Cutler should do well but early schedule is harsh must avoid bad start to stay in wildcard race.Favorable Mars transits later in season.

3. Detroit 7-9 Uranus square Saturn and Pluto conjunct Saturn , those are nice transits for a team trying to break several years of bad play. Me likey !

4. Minnesota 6-10 As I said in last year's predictions..the window of opportunity has passed.


1. New Orleans 12-4 Great transits, explosive offense .They have all the stuff to win it all.

2. Atlanta 11-5 Very strong again .Gained experience from last year. Unfortunately their great transits end the last week of Regular season.

3. Tampa Bay 78-9 Improving young team ,just not quite as good as last year's record.

4. Carolina 3-13 Rebuilding...nothing happening here. Lots of new coaches and players will take time for them to sort out.


1. St. Louis 9-7 Better again from last year, building solid team. Need to beware of injuries. First 7 games are brutal , need to win 2 or 3 of those then the last 9 games are much easier. Could win division with 7 or 8 wins but will be better than record suggests , will be tough in playoffs if they can get there.

2. San Francisco 7-9 Will be improved from last year , has some decent transits from Saturn. They still refuse to sign a starting QB which will limit them.

3. Arizona 6-10 Some people are picking them as the surprise winner in this division. Not me , lost too much , top RB injured . No great transits here.Try again next year.

4.Seattle 4-12 Last year will seem far away. Let go too many good players and have nothing at QB.Bad. AFC

EAST 1. NEW ENGLAND 13-3 Filled lots of holes in off season. Very strong, will be very difficult to beat , have good enough transits they could get to Super Bowl.

2. NY JETS 12-4 Chart is nearly the same as New England's so it comes down to splitting hairs.Will be tough out in playoffs, the only team that can consistently beat Patriots.

3. Miami 6-10 No running backs , iffy QB. Will compete early but not enough energy here.

4 Buffalo 3-13 See above where I talked about transits being off. Will play hard but not much happening here. Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson will be fun to watch though.


1. Baltimore 11-5 Nice transits, added some good offensive weapons in offseason. Will be neck and neck with Steelers most of way.

2. Pittsburgh 11-5 Will be tough as always , very intense early in season but I see them maybe losing a bit of steam late. And of course there's that Super Bowl runner up curse to deal with as well.

3. Cleveland 8-8 Great transits from Mars and Jupiter. Will be much improved .

4. Cincinnati 3-13 Made good financial moves in off season but needs to let young talent develope.


1. Houston 10-6 Yes, Yes this is the year for them. The only team in division with starting QB from last year back. Added some defensive help, nice Mars transits , unfortunately they kinda lose steam as playoffs start. Still they will get their first division title and playoff berth. For those that drafted Foster 1st in your Fantasy league..the transits to his Jupiter in Pisces are past, he won't get 1,600 yards this year.

2. Tennessee 7-9 Lots of player and coaching turnover. Not enough energy. Rebuilding.

3 .Indianapolis 6-10 See above where I mentioned Saturn. Saturn is making nasty transits to their chart and Saturn rules bones and the skeleton in medical Astrology..see Peyton Manning. Their run is over.

4.Jacksonville 6-10 Team may be in chaos with starting QB cut right before season. Defense will be improved. Will be better late in season.


1. San Diego 11-5 Hmmm, does anyone really trust these guys ? They always starts slow [ Uranus in late Leo] then play great late, then choke in playoffs.They do have Mars hitting their nodes late in the season this time though, will that be the thinks yes.

2. Kansas City 7-9 Down from last year. Weaker transits and tougher schedule.

3. Oakland 6-10 They were looking good last year but ket too many players get away. Good young talent but qb position too iffy. Will play decent early and late..not so much in the middle of season.

4. Denver 5-11 Will play well at times but too many holes here. Keep rebuilding and we'll see you next year, be sure and tip your waitress on the way out.


The transits this guy has this year are FRIGHTENING . The only think that can stop him this time will be an injury or spontaneous combustion becasue he will be on fire.



There are good teams in the NFC and Philly could be a good sleper choice here but the Packers and Saints have such great transits and exposive offense's that they really are heads above the rest.


ATLANTA over ST. LOUIS- this is close I almost took the Rams here. DALLAS over PHILADELPHIA- This was a toss up as well. Don't be shocked if Philly wins both regular season games then Dallas wins the playoff rematch.These teams were very close.

DIVISIONAL GREEN BAY over ATLANTA-sorry Atlanta, not this year. NEW ORLEANS over DALLAS- Dallas will play valiently but just not enough to beat the Saints here.


GREEN BAY over NEW ORLEANS -I fretted over this one and changed it several times . They both have that destiny thing in their chart on top of all the other stuff. I think the Packers destiny may be just a tiny bit stronger than the Saints and they will porbably have homefiled advantage which may be the only difference between these two.


Okay here's the conundrum of the problems with sports teams charts is that when Pro league's expand they let in multiple teams at a time therefore you will have multiple teams with very similar charts thus making it hardder to find those dividing points between teams. My top 3 teams I like for the AFC are the Patriots, Chargers and Jets. They all started between September 9-11 th, 1960, virtually the same charts except for small differences. So this is where the Astrology wasn't as much help in finding differences between these three. Don't be shocked if it's the Jets or Patriots but Rivers chart was better than anyone elses for the big teams.

WILD CARD ROUND NY JETS over HOUSTON -Nice season Texans BALTIMORE over PITTSBURGH -Close call here but Super Bowl loser curse does in Steelers ...but their transits next year look nice from here so heads up Steeler nation.

DIVISIONAL NEW ENGLAND over BALTIMORE-Just too much here, the Pats won't lose 4 consecutive playoff games. SAN DIEGO over NY JETS - The Chargers will finally beat the Jets.

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP SAN DIEGO over NEW ENGLAND - The curse shall be broken ....the tie breaker was Phillip Rivers has the best chart of anyone this year and he will carry them.

SUPER BOWL Green Bay over San Diego

I never do this but I 'm picking the Packers to repeat.

Here's the toop 5 in order for winning the Super Bowl






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