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MLB Baseball playoffs and Astrology

Baseball and Astrology, the connection between the two .. spherical shapes?...who knows.

Anyway, this is my Playoff prediction and grading my preseason analysis back from April to see how I did . First, looking back , I picked the White Sox to win it all and they did not even make the playoff's and they just let go of their manager. Their Pluto transit turned out to be more death and destruction then having lots of power at the plate.Colorado Rockies...similar deal , their Jupiter transit ended up feeling a little too lazy and a little less lucky. I also had the Red Sox and Braves int he playoffs and up until the last day of the season and their monumental collapses they would have been. Arizona Diamondbacks..I didn't see that one coming , Saturn can be limitations but it can also see young players mature very quickly and I went the wrong way with that one. their young pitchers turned phenomenal quickly. If anyone had Ian Kennedy being the likely CY Young winner over any of the Phillies , Braves or Giants Pitchers than you are certainly a better prognosticator than I am.

So anyway I picked 2 of 6 Division winners correctly and 3 of the 8 playoff teams correctly. Below here I posted my season predictions for the teams that made the playoffs. If you look over to the right to the " archives" you can see what I predicted for all 32 teams at the beginning of the season.This is my first year attempting to use Astrology with Baseball so be nice !!!! It appears that Jupiter is the most influential planet in the charts of Baseball teams at this point..and Pluto bad.


2.N Y YANKEES [93-69] great tradition.. decent transits

4.TAMPA BAY [ 87-75] downswing, last year was their chance .


2. DETROIT [ 90-72] on the upswing, could make playoff's this year but will be very dangerous in 2012


1. TEXAS [ 92-70 ] Pluto transiting their Jupiter ..lots of Power , lots of Home runs . Hard to defeat but may self destruct [ see Pluto transits ]


1. PHILADELPHIA [ 99-63 ] Perhaps best starting rotation ever. Will be very good this year , will be awesome in 2012


2. MILWAUKEE [ 90-72 ] on the upswing , still have some monkeys to get off of their back.

3. ST. LOUIS [ 86-76 ] slight downturn , still competitive and dangerous team ..but not scary anymore.



5. ARIZONA [ 60- 102 ] bad ..just plain bad

I've missed the beginning of then playoffs but most of the Series are still going so I'm going to make my projections for the rest of the way. The only Series that seems in doubt is the Tigers and Yankees which is ties 2-2 at this point with deciding game 5 tomorrow.

Funnily enough the Tigers and Yankees have almost exactly the same chart's being their first game was played just 1 day apart in 1901 so it will be splitting hairs on those 2. So here's my predictions for the remainder of the playoffs.

As of now, [2 seed ] Texas has already eliminated [4 seed ] Tampa , Milwaukee and Philadelphia lead 2-1 and Detroit and Yankees are ties 2-2.


Divisional playoffs

The Tigers and Yankees have the 2 best transits happening right now of any of the teams and they happen to be in the same league and playing the the first round of the playoffs. Both teams have great Jupiter transits as transiting Jupiter are sitting on the Sun Venus conjunction in Taurus that both teams have in their charts. They both have the transiting South Node sitting on their Natal Pluto in Gemini and transiting North Node in Sag conjunct their Natal Uranus and both teams are having a Mars return happening right now highlighting their intensity and desire to win. Transiting Venus is approaching the natal North Nodes in both charts also. So essentially their is minute difference between the two teams charts except for the Moon.

One note though is that Jupiter is retrograde and the Tigers being one day older than the Yankees the planets in their chart are at just a hair lower degree than the Yankees , both teams played extremely well the last couple months so this is really splitting hairs but I'm taking the Tigers in an upset here. These teams transits are so good right now though that I 'm takign the winner of this series to win the whole thing. If Detroit doesn't pull out game 5 my second pick to win it all is the Yankees.

Texas has already advanced defeating Tampa Bay 3-1.

AL Championship Series

The Rangers have some nice transits as well. They have Transiting Uranus conjunct their Natal Mercury [ excitement ],transiting Saturn is conjunct their Natal Uranus transiting South Node is conjunct their Mars Venus conjunction. Transiting Retrograde Jupiter is approaching their Natal Sun as well.The biggest thing in their chart though is transiting Pluto is conjunct the Rangers Natal Jupiter . As I pointed out in my season preview this has brought them lots of power and intensity, but as we saw with the White Sox and others playing with Pluto for very long can be dangerous, I'm picking Pluto to self destruct the Rangers here and the Tigers to take this one and go on to the World Series.


Divisional playoffs

right now the favored [ no. 1 seed ] Phillies, who had the best record in baseball during the regular season lead the [ no. 4] Cardinals 2 games to 1 and the [ 2] Brewers who finally broke their curse and won their division lead the surprising [3] Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1. I don't see the underdog coming back in either of these series.

NL Championship Series

The Phillies and the Brewers meet here, the Phiilies had the best record in Baseball with 102 wins, they have the best pitching staff in several decades at least and I picked them to make it to the World Series in my preseason predictions. The Phillies have transiting Uranus conjunct their Mars Venus conjunction in their Natal chart Jupiter conjunct their Sun/ South Node conjunction but it is waning.Transiting North Node is square their Uranus and Pluto is square their Natal Mars Venus conjunction. These are fairly good transits and they have been the best team in Baseball most of the season and they have been a lot of people's pick to win the Championship this year from day one and no one would blame you for betting on them.

That being said , the Brewers have been the least successful of the teams in the post season, their last [ and only ] World Series appearance was in 1982 where they lost . They have had great talent and always seem to choke and underachieve and I tend to be leery of picking a team that has a history of choking . That being said I saw their transits looked good from the beginning of the season and they appear to have " gotten the monkey off of their back ". So with the developments of this season I'm going to go out on a limb here , the brewers transits are just much better than the Phillies I'm going to take the Brewers to pull the major upset here.Jupiter is conjunct their Natal Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn conjunction. Venus is approaching their Natal Neptune , Jupiter is also activating their Natal Jupiter by opposition , they just have a lot of really good energy happening right now. The brain says Phillies but the chart is telling me Brewers .


Okay, i've explained the transits here for the teams already so I'm taking the Tigers over the Brewers to win it all .

Heres my ranking of the remaining teams as far as most likely to win the World Series. The top 3 are very close.


2. Yankees



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