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Jupiter in Gemini

For all of my Gemini friends that have been patiently waiting for Jupiter to enter your sign..your time is here. Jupiter entered Gemini on Monday, June 11th and will stay there for about a year. If you are a Gemini Sun Sign or have prominent placements in Gemini you can expect to receive many blessings in the next year especially when Gemini is transiting your Sun. Jupiter rules Higher Learning and Philosophy and long range travel [Mental travel as well ] as well as humor and religion [ as far as a belief system ]. But what do we really expect to “see” from Jupiter in Gemini , or any sign for that matter ?

Well as the base Gemini is about gathering facts and bits of minutia and experiencing different ideas and people and belief systems. Social Butterfly is certainly a Gemini term , the butterfly hops from flower to flower to gather a little sample of what each flower has to offer and it takes it into it’s own body to nourish itself.

This is kind of what Gemini does on a mental level , it communicates with different people , never staying too long, gathers little bits and pieces of information that it feels [ or thinks ] it can use , takes that information goes onto the next person or place , gathers more information , on and on. This is how our belief systems and perceptions are created , taking little bits and pieces here and there of different religions, philosophies , and experiences and taking those parts and then weaving them into a tapestry.

And that is what the job of Sagittarius is , as well as to balance Gemini , is to take all the little tidbits of information that Gemini gathers and see where they fit in the big picture and where they fit [ or don’t fit ] into our belief system.

As I said earlier Jupiter stays in a sign for about a year, so you get the benefits of Jupiter hitting your Sun and any other planets once every 12 years and Jupiter stays at a certain degree for roughly a week so wherever Jupiter hits in your chart you get about 2 months beforehand and a month or so after the direct aspect that you will gain the most benefits from this transit. Now if you are a Gemini and Jupiter is in Gemini as it is this year you will feel the favorable energy towards you on and off throughout the whole year.

Jupiter also has to do with pop culture and the mass mindset for that particular year. Expect to see more Gemini’s in the news than normal and expect to see things with a Gemini flavor to them.

On the Medical Astrology side you tend to see the parts of the body ruled by each sign the ones most affected during that year. Last year there seemed to be a rash of sore throats and sinus issues as Jupiter was in Taurus last year as Taurus rules the throat amongst other things. This year expect to see the Gemini ruled parts of the bodies come to the forefront. Expect there to hear people experiencing respiratory problems as well as the Central Nervous System which are the domain of Mercury, Gemini’s ruler.

With all the information flying around things will be moving at a brisk pace this year , be sure to give your body time to catch up to your brain now and then. It is easy to get so involved with our thoughts that our gets neglected with the heavy Gemini influence and thus we can run our nervous system down which leaves our body open to illness , be sure to stop and take a breath every so often. Also watch for Air quality alerts as Mercury rules the lungs also and stay on top of any breathing problems.

Most last piece of advice would be travel light and be ready to jump on opportunities quickly. I know I’ve mentioned this several times already but things will move quickly , be ready to jump on opportunities and make quick decisions as stressful as things are at times there are still lots of opportunities that will present themselves to us, after a year with Jupiter in Taurus the speed of Gemini will be a bit much at times but we will be able to accomplish much more quicker with the Gemini energy compared to the slower fixed Taurus energy.

So my Gemini friends, go out and mingle there is much to learn and take advantage of this energy and we will talk soon .

Be well all,


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