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Sports Astrology: Earth signs and the NFL Playoffs

The planet Jupiter stays in a sign for about one year at a time and for most of this past year it has been in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter usually has to do with luck as well as learning amongst other things. We all get Jupiter in the same sign as our sun one out of every 12 years. After looking at the charts of some players I decided to look at some of the Qb's that were born under the ign of Taurus to see how they did . The 2 starting qb's I found first were Cam Newton and Alex Smith . Cam was the no.1 pick in the NFL Draft but many were skeptical if he could translate that to the NFL level. Alex was the no.1 pick a few years back but had had a rocky NFL career to this point. Cam plays for the Carolina Panthers who are in a rebuilding phase and only won a couple of games last year and weren't expected to do much. Surprisingly the Panthers improved from 2 wins to 6 and Newton will finish in the top 3 for certain in Rookie of the Year voting if he doesn't in fact win it. Alex Smith had won and lost the starting QB job for San Francisco several times and many were surprised when they decided to bring him back for this season. Smith had his best season by leaps and bounds this year and led the 49ers tp the second best record in the league at 13-3.Coincidence ? Also the 2 other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, form favorable aspects to Taurus and with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn this entire season and Mars in Virgo for the last few months of the season I wondered if there were any other Earth signs still hanging around in the playoffs.What I found is that the coaches of 3 of the 4 remaining teams in the playoffs are either Capricorn [ Jim Harbaugh] or Virgo [ John Harbaugh, Tom Coughlin ] and two of the other remaining starting QB's [ Joe Flacco, Eli Manning ] are Capricorn's as well. The best Wide Reciever in the playoffs so far ..Hakeem Nicks [ Capricorn] . Most Recieving yards in the playoffs.Demaryius Thomas [ Caprisorn].The all time NFL regular season record for passing yards for a season was broken this year by Drew Brees [ Capricorn] . Leading Rusher in the Playoffs so far ..Arian Foster [Virgo ]. Am I done yet? nope.The NFL Playoff record for TD catches in a half of a playoff game was set last week by Rob Gronkowski ...Taurus. Just a note of reference..there are 4 elements so you should only have 25% of the four remaining coaches or Quarterbacks be of the same element not %75 . But afte rall Astrology is just bunk ..right?

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