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Neptune in Pisces

Every year there are many times when a Planet changes Signs, some of Planets change Signs several times a year such as Venus and Mercury and the Sun. The outer Planets stay in a sign much longer so on the rare year when one of the outers switches signs it is noticed much more because of the slow transit time of the Planet. Most of the outer Planets have changed signs recently and we will have Saturn, which is kind of the bridge between the inner and outer Planets, moving into Scorpio in October. The only true Outer Planet changing Signs this year is Neptune which will be leaving Aquarius and moving into Pisces on February 3rd. This movement has additional weight because Neptune is the ruling Planet for Pisces, this is akin to a Sports team having Home Field Advantage in a game. Neptune is comfortable and at home in Pisces and is able to do its work without any adjustment needed.

Now we got a preview of what to expect from this last year when Neptune went into Pisces from April 4th through August 11th when Neptune was retrograde and went back into Aquarius for a last visit. Neptune went direct again on November 9th last year and will move into Pisces for the next 14 years roughly on Feb. 3rd at 2:03 p.m. est . One helpful thing to do is look at what was going on in your life from April through early August last year as kind of a sneak preview. Shortly we’ll look at what kind of things Neptune rules so you can see where it’s effects may have been felt.

Neptune was discovered on September 23rd, 1846 which is usually the last day of the sign of Virgo which is Pisces opposite oddly enough. So Neptune has now made a complete transit through the Zodiac and is now returning to the point where it was originally discovered so now the big question is what can we expect?

Well first of all we look at ruler ship, what does Neptune and Pisces rule? It rules water of all sorts, music, arts, dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, ocean life, secrets and hidden things, faith and spirituality. It also rules gases, the underdog , Anaesthesia , contagions and disease, mass delusions and victimization as well as addiction.

Pisces and it’s opposite rules the Sadism [ Virgo ] masochism [ Pisces ] polarity as well as the analytical left brain [ Virgo ] and the visual , picture orientated right brain [ Pisces] .

The other part of seeing what is to come is looking at what happened in the past. The first year or so after Neptune was discovered there were several big jumps or inventions in Neptune / Piscean areas.

There was a Cholera [ Contagion / Disease ] outbreak in England , wide scale famine [ scarcity usually caused by being victimized by your Government ]in Ireland, first rotary printing press [ right brain pictures ] patented , ether [Anaesthesia /was used for the first time for a painless Dental procedure.

So, what can we expect ….and how do we deal with these things ? We can expect to see issues regarding Water purity and resources and of course we will also have our Tsunami’s and our infectious disease scares and terrorist “ threats” of all kind and other fearful things that can come from Neptune insecurity.

On the flip side we can expect increased spirituality, getting better in touch with psychic energies ,being more intune with our emotions and feeling more empathetic towards the plight of others as Neptune is all about “ we are all one” and realizing that we are all droplets of water in the same ocean.

What else can we expect? Well Neptune is very foggy and it tends to blur the lines between things especially between reality and illusion. We will see things that seem incredible and things that don’t seem real in the media. We will have to listen to our intuition and the Piscean balance of Virgo to be able to discriminate between what is real and what is not.

The Asteroid Chiron is also in the sign of Pisces right now and it is traveling very closely with Neptune and it has to do with how we heal ourselves and how we deal with our emotional and psychic wounds. We are in a time where we can heal long enduring trauma’s and old pains that have been eating at us for a long time. This can be accomplished through the Neptunian lesson of learning faith and realizing that things happen for a reason and through using Chiron’s wisdom to find how to heal ourselves.

With Uranus traveling full speed through Aries we will at times feel that the train is speeding out of control with no one at the wheel or that we are driving very fast through a fog bank. Again we must be in tune with our intuition to keep our bearing straight.

This may be a very roller coasterish ride but if we can keep our spiritual focus and remember that it’s people that really matter we can come through this with an increased sense of community and help each other through this period.

Remember we are not physical beings going through a spiritual existence, we are spiritual entities evolving through a physical body. All of the things we see others going through , good or bad, is just another step in remembering who we are and why we are here.

Posted by MARKSASTROBLOG at 6:16 AM

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