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Astrology Super Bowl preview

Once again it’s time for the big event that everyone looks forward to all year … the best 3 hours of TV Commercials you’ll see all season!! No, just kidding, it’s the Super Bowl. I’m sure everyone’s had their fill of pregame hype so I’ll try to keep this short.

Here are the hot spots for this game : Neptune has just entered Pisces ,Saturn turns retrograde at29 Libra on Feb. 6th , Mars is now Retrograde at 22 Virgo, and Venus is at 27 Pisces. We’ll quickly look at what this means.

Above is the chart for the Patriot , Mars in Virgo has been their friend and they’ve only lost once since Mars went into Virgo [ their last loss being to the Giants ] . However , Mars is now retrograde ¸this turns it’s energy inwards which is not what you want.

Above is the chart for the Giants , the main thing for the Giants this year has been Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is a planet of power but it can also be self undoing. Interesting enough Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks for the Giants are both Capricorn’s and they have been able to focus their power. Pluto is also conjunct their Jupiter and opposite their natal Pluto. This would kill many teams but the Giants have been able to use the Pluto influence [ death , rebirth, regeneration ] to their benefit. Also Venus is conjunct Uranus in the Giants chart right now.

The main energy in Bill Belichek’s chart has been Uranus , the planet of surprise and excitement has figured prominently in his chart this year with his Venus and Mercury being conjunct Uranus at 8 Aries.

Tom Coughlin’s chart has been most affected by Saturn this year, this is learning from mistakes and overcoming hardships ,in particular all of the injuries they had early in the season. Saturn is conjunct Coughlin’s Jupiter giving him the ability to make wise decisions when things have gone bad.

Here is the chart for the game. Moon is at 22 Cancer to start game .The Moon is conjunct Pluto in the Giants chart and moving towards their Norh Node which is destiny. The Giants Pluto ends up in the 10th house at games end. This could mean self destruction late in the game but the Giants have done so well with the Plutonian energy this year that the opposite meaning of coming to power appears to have a better chance of happening. Venus in late Pisces and Neptune just moving into Pisces favors the underdog which is the Giants.

Saturn [ offense/ strategy ] starts out in the third house of Mental communication to start the game so I think the offenses will be very effective in this game.

The Moon is exactly trine the Giants Uranus to start the game favoring excitement and the ability to adapt to change. Again ,Pluto could bite the Giants but they have done so well with the Plutonian energy that I expect them to create the defensive pressure needed to keep Brady in check .

I like the Giants Pluto energy to outweigh it’s little brother Mars and the Giants pull this one out 30-27.

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