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Sports Astrology : 2012 Baseball predictions with Astrology

Greetings earthlings ,

It has been awhile now since last Baseball season ended and I think I have learned from my mistakes as I emerge from the short , and not so cold [ for Ohio anyway] ,winter with renewed perspective on a couple of the major sports that I had misjudged a bit on my predictions last year. So boldy I stand back up to the plate… alright that’s enough, I hate crappy old worn out clichés, and honestly …you’re lucky I’m writing about baseball at all. But seriously, I don’t feel that bad about my picks last year, EVERYBODY had the Arizona Diamondbacks winning their division... right …nope… David Freese ..World Series MVP from a team that struggled to finish .500 during the regular season, everyone picked that one I’m sure.

Well I think I picked as many of the playoff teams correctly as most of the major prognosticators, and I think I did better in College Football and just as good in the NFL as anyone on ESPN .And guess what …I’ve figured out what planets to look for in Hockey [ yes I realize that no one cares, but me and my Canadian friends like Hockey ]and Basketball too. So I shall riddle you with a year full of Sports Astrology Blogs …. Reap it !!!

So I’m going to attempt to keep the technical Astrology info to a minimum [ yes, I’m aware that I always say that ]. All I will say is that I looked hard at players that had Jupiter in late Taurus through early Gemini ..and we’ll just say that it’s reaping dividends already in my Fantasy Baseball league [ yes, I’m aware that I’m a math geek ]. So onto predictions :


1. PHILADELPHIA [ 95-67]- best rotation in Baseball still, lots of injuries to offense is concerning , still they have ice transits overall.

2. MIAMI [ 88-74] vastly improving –if some of their guesses work out they could be a wild card.

3. ATLANTA [ 86-76 ]- umm, did absolutely nothing in off season. Lots of good young pitchers still. Need young talent to play well.

4. WASHINGTON [ 85-77 ]- This was a tough one , really improved last year , could finish as high as second. A team that has made good moves.

5. N.Y. METS [ 75-87 ]- Won’t be as bad as people think, won’t compete for playoffs but they won’t be the worst team in the league either.


1. CINCINNATI [ 98-64]- I think, I think…they finally have all the pieces in place. It’s Dusty’s to lose. Good transits this season.

2. ST.LOUIS [ 93-69 ]- Hmmm, Matheny at Manager, there’s a name you can trust. Lots of pieces still in place even without Albert , no one wants to play them in October.

3. MILWAUKEE [ 84-78 ]- You can’t replace Prince’s that easy.

4. PITTSBURGH [ 79-83 ] – Alllllllmost there , really close to breaking that under .500 streak.

5. CHICAGO [ 68- 94 ]- Why is Chris Marmol in the Major Leagues?

6. HOUSTON [ 65-97 ] – not sure what this team is doing other than taking away the Pirates role of giving away all their good players at trading deadline for nothing.


1 .L.A. DODGERS [ 93-69 ] – this just feels like a team that has come out from under a lot of turbulence and they have put a nice team together. I’m taking the Dodgers to pull the upset here.

2. ARIZONA- [ 91-71 ]- Second best run team in Baseball. Kirk Gibson is a great Manager. This is the hardest team in baseball’s chart to figure out. If they get the repeat from all of the young pitchers hat they got last year they could win division again.

3. SAN FRANCISCO [ 89- 73] Still really strong pitching wise but offense has slipped a bit. Will be in the hunt , still good enough to win division.

4. COLORADO [ 70-92 ]- Not sure what their direction is at this point, losing talent quickly.

5. SAN DIEGO [ 61-101]- WHY?


1. TAMPA BAY [ 97-65 ] – This is the best run team in baseball, from front office, to manager to , players that produce what they should be.

2. N.Y. YANKEES [ 96-66 ]- Dangerous as always, it will come down to starting pitching for them.

3. BOSTON [ 86-76]- yeah it’s just not that smart to fire a manager that wins you 2 World Series when you hadn’t won one in 100 years before that. Get rid of the problem players in the clubhouse, not the Manager.

4. TORONTO [ 84-78 ]- Really, really good time in a brutal division. Won’t be shocked if they finish ahead of Red Sox.

5. BALTIMORE [ 75-87]-Transits improving ,looking decent for next year .Getting better talent wise.


1. DETROIT [ 105-57 ] – Massive amounts of power , Jupiter is making great transits to their chart, will absolutely bludgeon most trams to death. If they get pitching like they did last year will be nearly unbeatable.

2. CLEVELAND [ 87-75 ]- Good young talent here too, just need veterans to stay healthy.

3. KANSAS CITY [ 79-83 ]- Improving , just have to keep these young guys together 1 more year.

4. CHICAGO W.S. [ 72-90]- Rebuilding , rebuilding, rebuilding…Rawhide!

5. MINNESOTA [ 71-91 ]- can’t have as many injuries as last year but they let too many good players jump ship.


1. TEXAS [ 94-68]- Still strong , but barely ahead of Angels.

2. LOS ANGELES ANGELS [ 97-65 ]- Nothing not to like here, lots of good hitters to go around as long as there are no injuries to Pitching staff things look good.

3. SEATTLE [ 69-93 ]- Some good young position players , not going anywhere though.

4. OAKLAND [ 67-95 ]- More like No Moneyball.




ST.Louis over Arizona


ST.Louis over Philly

Cincinnati over L.A. Dodgers


Cincinnati over ST. Louis



N.Y. YANKEES over Angels


Detroit over Tampa Bay

Yankees over Rangers


Tigers over Yankees

World Series

Tigers over Reds

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