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Astrology and NBA Playoffs pt.2

See I do learn from my mistakes. I went 6-2 in my first round predictions and 4-0 in the second round and I have all 4 Conference finalists picked correctly. My only misses have been the Clippers nudging the Grizzlies in a tough 7th game and I picked the Bulls to get upset in the 2nd round by the Celtics instead of the 1st round by the 76ers.

The other topic I’ve brought up in both the NHL and the NBA playoffs is teams with tranisiting Uranus hitting their Saturn. There were 5 teams in the NHL Playoffs with this aspect and 4 did very well with a no. 8 seed reaching the Stanley cup finals. NBA teams with this transit did not fare as well with 2 going out early and one in the 2nd round although the Pacers gave the Heat all they could handle. The team that has benefitted most is the aging Spurs who have had a youthful resurgence with their Uranus transit having won their first 9 playoff games as I write this and having not lost a game since mid April overall.

In the last blog I also mentioned players with eclipses about to hit their natal Sun. Tony Parker has played extremely well for the streaking Spurs and K.G. has literally willed the Celtics to victory in their wins in the first 2 rounds.

Now I picked the Heat to victory over the Thunder in the Finals but I do want to mention that the Spurs and Celtics also have outstanding transits that have Championship potential. Actually the Thunder have the least Championship worthy transits of any of the 4 left but with the Spurs you never know when the Uranus transit to Saturn will turn on them, it only takes 1 injury to their big 3 to give the Thunder all the room they need to get by the Spurs.

I’m sticking with the Heat to win it if they match up with the Thunder but if the Spurs stay healthy enough to quiet the Thunder I think they’re inside presence will be too much for Lebron and crew.

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