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Astrology and Stanley Cup Playoffs: King me

Welcome to the Stanley Cup Finals preview with Astrology. Apparently I still have some work to do but with a no. 6 seed and a no. 8 seed in the Finals I guarantee no one had this matchup predicted correctly. To my discredit the 2 teams in the Finals I have picked to lose in every round, in my defense 8 of the 14 series have been won by the underdog , I can’t Imagine anyone having picked many of these right and I have picked 7 of the 14 series winners correctly.

So, since this is for learning purposes …what have we learned thus far? In Hockey the goalie’s chart definitely is more important than the teams chart . Also, Uranus definitely favors the underdogs. Thirdly, you can stretch the transits of the further out planets to 10 degrees on either side.

Here’s my evidence….. veteran goaltender Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils has had a Hall of Fame career and already won Stanley Cups and appeared to be winding down for his career. However, he appears to have one more run left in him. As the playoffs began Brodeur had transiting Jupiter conjunct his Sun which is at 16 Taurus. As the playoffs progressed I figured that transit may start waning as well as the fact that he has transiting Pluto conjunct his natal Jupiter and Transiting Uranus square his Jupiter.

After taking another look at his chart after the Devils pulled upsets in 3 consecutive playoff series oer the Panther, Flyers and then the no.1 seeded Rangers I saw that as well as his Sun at 16 Taurus his Natal Saturn is at 6 Gemini. As I write this Jupiter is at 26 Taurus and exactly 10 degrees past his Sun and exactly 10 degrees applying to his Saturn. Another interesting aspect is that the current placement of the North Node is exactly conjunct his Natal Neptune which is showing him favor at this juncture.

The Goalie for the upstart L.A. Kings is Jonathan Quick who also has 2 interesting tranists, Pluto is currently conjunct his Neptune [ giving focus and intensity to watery fantasies ] and the North Node [ destiny ] of the Moon is conjunct his Natal Saturn [ discipline, public stature] . Quick has been spectacular as the Kings have set the record for most consecutive road wins in the playoffs as well as well as stuffing 3 high scoring opponents which were the no. 1,2 and 3 seeds in the Western Conference.

As I mentioned in my initial Stanley Cup blog the Kings have transiting Uranus conjunct their Natal Saturn and have pulled 3 consecutive upsets . I would go into the teams charts but at this point the charts of the Goalies far outweigh the teams charts.

So , who am I picking? I’m taking the Kings ,I’m not about to pick the Higher seed to win now with Uranus clearly in control.

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