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ASTROLOGY: BCS National Championship game

Here we are again. Alabama and Nick Saban on the brink of another National Championship but they have to get past the surprisingly undefeated Notre Dame team of Brian Kelly. College Football is a hard one to call because there are so many teams but now that were down to the final 2 I’m going to put my insights out there.

On top of looking at the teams charts I also look at the charts for the respective coaches and the charts of the specific game in question. I will also sometimes look at the chart of some key players if there are standouts on either team. This is what has been difficult about reading the last couple of BCS National Championship games.

Last year it was Alabama vs. LSU . 2 very evenly matched teams that played a 3 point overtime game in the regular season only to have a rematch in the BCS Title game. When 2 teams are so evenly matched you get down to splitting hairs on things and there are many aspects to look at in a game. So the big problem last year was not only evenly matched teams but both coaches were Scorpio’s [ Nick Saban and Les Myles ] and on top of that when looking at the chart for last years championship game the moon went void of course fairly early in the game . Last years game ended with Alabama winning 21-0 and there only being 1 TD scored in the entire game.

When the Moon is void of course it means the Moon has made it’s major last aspect to another planet before switching signs. This typically plays out as people being a little emotionally flat and not much productive coming from the times when the Moon is void of course. This made last years game very hard to read. Surely this years game will be easier to read since we have at least 1 different team and 1 different coach.

Last year’s Title game had the Moon in Cancer and it went void of course before halftime ….somehow this year we also have the Moon in a water sign [ Scorpio ] and it is void of course nearly the entire day. To top this off Brian Kelly [ N.D.’s coach ] is also a Scorpio just like Nick Saban of Alabama so we still have a lot of similarities to last years game even though 1 of the teams is different.

A little note on coaches before we go any further…I looked at the last 20 national champions coaches and found an interesting correlation. There are a handful of coaches that have won more than 1 championship in that period but by just looking at the Sun sign of the winning teams coach there is a severe predominance to water signs. Of the last 20 National Champions 13 have been coached by Water Signs . 19 of the 20 have been Earth or Water signs. The 3 water signs and Virgo [ that’s only 4 of the 12 zodiac signs ] have won 18 of the last 20 championships. Ohio State’s Jim Tressell [ Sag ] and Auburn’s Gene Chisek [ Capricorn ] are the only 2 exceptions. There are 7 BCS title’s won by Scorpio coaches [ including this years], 5 by Virgo’s 3 by Cancer’s and 3 by Pisces.

Okay back to this year’s game. Being we have 2 great defense’s a void of course Moon I would expect this to be very low scoring game.

For the strictly Astrology people out there who want a reason to watch the game here’s the major transits for this game.

Alabama: team chart has transiting Jupiter trine Bama’s natal Jupiter and the transiting North Node is conjunct their Mars .

Nick Saban: Transiting Uranus conjunct Jupiter, tr. Neptune conjunct North Node, tr. Saturn conjunct Sun, tr. North Node conjunct Moon, tr. North Node conjunct Mercury, Moon conjunct Moon [ or Lunar return if you prefer].

Notre Dame: Team chart has Saturn conjunct Jupiter, Uranus trine Uranus.

Brian Kelly: transiting Saturn conjunct Neptune, tr. North Node and Saturn conjunct Mars, and he also has the transiting Nodes square the Nodes in his Natal chart.

My predictions for this game are Alabama to win a low scoring game [ thanks void of course Moon] , I don’t think they’ll win by the 9.5 they’re favored by though so I’d take Notre Dame and the points if you’re going that way. I would also bet the under, I don’t see there being 44 points scored in this game.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with an expanded Super Bowl preview. You can see my NFL playoff predictions in the previous blog.



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