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What valuable Astrology lessons have we learned from the NFL playoffs so far ? I’d say several …let’s look at some of them.

1. Having Uranus conjunct your Sun is good if you’re an underdog or recovering from an Injury …but in the long run Uranus conjunct your Sun is a shaky , erratic influence that will cause you some upset even if the transit has been good for you in general. [ e.g. Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning ]

2. The Moon in Aquarius may not always cause an upset [ although it did for the Bronocs ] but it does create lots of excitement and Defensive and Special teams scoring [ e.g. Saturday’s games … 2 defensive td’s 2 special teams td’s , erratic play by Broncos]

3. As we saw in the BCS National Championship game the underdogs fare poorly in games played during a void of course moon [ see Sunday’s games ] . The underdog needs the emotional edge to outplay a team that is favored to beat them and when the Moon does not provide any help by being void the favourite’s prevail. To rephrase …there has to be emotional upset for there to be an upset.

4. The transiting Moon squaring or opposite your Sun IS a favorable aspect for a Quarterback [ e.g. Kaepernick , Ryan, Brady] .

5. A favorable aspect between the transiting Moon and your Sun IS NOT helpful [ e.g. Rodgers, Wilson, Manning ] .

Here’s some non astrology interesting facts :

1. Scoring 1st doesn’t mean squat [ 3 of the 4 teams that scored first lost the game in week 2 of the playoffs ].

Here’s a trivia question for you …only 1 player in the NFL that played the whole regular season didn’t lose a game this year …who was it ?

I’ll give you a minute to think .

2. Experience isn’t what it used to be. In the 4 games in the divisional round the younger QB’S won their games and Russell Wilson for Seattle gave his team every chance to win with 3 second half td’s. The only veteran QB who clearly outplayed his younger rival Tom Brady. Wilson, Kaepernick and Flacco all were great in the second half’s of their games [ 2 of them playing on the road] as they all lead their teams to 3 or more second half td’s and they all scored or threw for game tying or lead changing td’s. When the pressure was on these 3 youngsters were not afraid to make the big play. In the conference championship games we also saw the younger qb win both games.

Trivia answer:

It was Tristan Holliday of the Broncos .Saturday was his first loss of the season [ although he played better than anyone else on his team with 2 returns for TD’S ]. He started the season with Houston who started 5-0 then was picked up on waivers by the Broncos who won their last 11 games after he joined the team.

Super Bowl :

Okay now on to the big game . I’m going to ramble off some of the major aspects in the teams , players and coaches charts and we’ll see what we can make of them.

The main thing when you look at who is going to win a championship is a combination of things. Contacts to Saturn or the Nodes [ a sense of destiny ]. A positive Mars transit [ good energy ] . And on the shorter term the Moon [ emotions ] and Mercury [ mental processes/ strategy ]. Also some help from Jupiter [ luck ] is not bad either.

Looking at the coaches of Harbaughville Jim of the 49ers has lots of powerful transits happening now. Pluto [ power/ Intensity ] Is conjunct his South Node [ past Karma ] and Pluto is also conjunct his Mars giving lots of drive and focused energy . Also transiting Uranus is square to his Nodes [ destiny/ karma ] . Pluto is also trine to his natal Pluto and his natal Uranus. He meets all the needed criteris here.

His brother John coaches the Ravens he has transiting Neptune [ which rules underdogs as well as confusion ] conjunct his Jupiter [ luck ]. Saturn is square to his Nodes, Jupiter is trine his Saturn and the North Node is conjunct his Venus . Nice transits but not as powerful as Jim’s .

Advantage Jim and the 49ers .

One of the main things that’s happening this year Astrologically is that the planets Saturn [ which rules the sign of Capricorn ] and Pluto [ which rules the sign of ] are in mutual reception. This is njust a fancy way of saying that they are in the sign that the other one rules..Pluto is in Capricorn now and Saturn is in Scorpio. Essentially what this does is add extra focus and concentration as the energy of these 2 planets are communicating better than normal.

Interestingly enough the 2 starting qb’s in this game are a Capricorn and a Scorpio.

Looking at the charts for the qbs both qbs are young but are growing up quickly due to some outer planet transits. Joe Flacco for the Ravens has been around for a few years and he already is the first qb in NFL history to win a playoff game in each of his first 5 seasons in the league. He also avenged their season ending defeat to the Patriots last season in the AFC Championship game.

Flacco is a Capricorn and transiting Pluto is currently conjunct his Natal Neptune and his natal Mercury [ strategy / focus] this has helped him get to the next stage of his development. Also the transiting North Node is conjunct his Saturn [ discipline as well as preparation ].

Colin Kaepernick is the starting qb for the 49ers and has only been the starter since the midway point of the season when the starter Alex Smith went down with an injury after having a great season last year. Interestingly Smith had by far his best season as a pro last year when Jupiter was in his sign of Taurus. Now that the Scorpio energy is the most powerful energy out there Kaepernick found himself as the starter and has been nothing short of awesome the last several weeks.

Kaepernick ha transiting Saturn sitting directly on his Sun / Pluto conjunction in his natal chart , literally rising to power out of nowhere.

However Flacco’s Pluto transit to his Mercury gives him a very slight advantage.

QB advantage : Flacco Ravens

Looking at the team charts :

The Ravens team chart has transiting Pluto sitting directly on their Jupiter as well as transiting Uranus sitting on their Saturn/ South Node conjunction.

The 49ers have transiting Jupiter very loosely conjunct their North Node [ destiny ].They also have transiting Uranus opposite their Neptune and transiting Pluto square to their Neptune. Neptune often has to do with trick plays or deception but it also shows up often as turnovers. This isn’t a good sign for the 49ers.

Looking at the game chart the Moon is between 22-24 degrees of Scorpio throughout the game. This lends to hard hitting and intensity. The transiting Moon will be exactly conjunct Flacco’s South Node late in this game. That should be interesting to watch.Look for a play from Flacco to decide the game late.

Another thing of note is that none of these teams have lost a Super Bowl. The Ravens have won their only appearance and the 49ers are 5-0 all time and look to tie the Steelers for the most win’s ever in the championship game.

The chart for the game shows Jupiter near the Midheaven as the game starts so there may be some early scoring but Saturn [ which rules scoring ] is in the bottom half of the chart the whole game while Uranus [ defense] is in the top half of the chart the whole game. I would venture to say this will be lowish scoring.

Conclusions : Jim will have the 49ers prepared but I would look for the Ravens to pull out a close win late. It will be up to Flacco though . Look for a big play from him [ either or good or bad [ to decide it late.Ravens 24-21.


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