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Astrology and American Idol

We all have guilty pleasures …sometimes it’s the song that sticks in your head , sometimes it’s the TV show that maybe we don’t want to admit we watch , sometimes it’s secretly stalking a celebrity [ in this case it may be all 3…lol ].

So every year there are many new tv shows and many new vocal artists and many cd’s released. Why do some stick and end up being more than a short lived fad or one hit wonder while other shows stay on tv for years. Let’s look to Jupiter first.

Jupiter is the planet that has to do with pop culture and current trends. Jupiter is a social planet and likes to talk and hypothesize and philosophize .Jupiter also is one of the rulers of sport [ competition ] and gambling and long distance travel [ tv can be long distance travel when you think about it , I mean I live in Ohio when else am I going to see a shark attack but on Discovery channel’s Shark week ].

So my point being … is there a reason that American Idol has been such a cultural icon for the last decade or so while so many other shows have faded. Let’s take a lookey look and see what our planetary friends tell us.

So we start with the chart for the first episode of American idol as the birth time as this is when it was launched into the consciousness of the public. The first episode aired on June 11th, 2002. Several interesting things in this chart, Pluto [ obsession , power ] and the South Node [ familiarity ]of the Moon are on the ascendant … very good for attracting and KEEPING viewers. Mercury [ communication ] is in the 6th house [ daily activities ] and then in the 7th house [ relationships , other people ] there is a stellium [ groupings of 3 planets or more that are all within 10 degrees of each other ] and 3 conjunctions [ 2 planets within 10 degrees of each other ] the last of which spills over into the 8th house.

The first aspect is a stellium in the sign of Gemini [ communication ] and it has the Sun [ creativity , performance ], Saturn [ work , career, public standing ] and the North Node [ future , destiny ] all tightly conjunct within 3 degrees of each other.

The second set of planets in the 7th house is in the sign of Cancer where we have conjunctions between the Moon [ emotions ] and Mars [ energy ] , Mars [ energy ] and Jupiter [ humor , wide ranging appeal ] and then between Jupiter and Venus [ love, relationships ] which is in the 8th house [ obsessions ]. So all these things added up give American idol a fantastic chart for a venture that needs a long lasting presence [ Pluto ] and wide ranging appeal [ Jupiter ] and a bit of an addictive quality to it [ Pluto conjunct South Node on the Ascendant ] … and it’s a competition [ Jupiter, Mars ] and has lots of pretty people [ Venus ] and humorous [ Jupiter ]and touching [ Venus ]moments … it has a little bit of everything.

So we’ve established they have a great birth chart for the show. Why the strong connection to the American Public… look below at the chart for the U.S.. All those planets in Cancer in the American Idol show chart just happen to be conjunct [ within 10 degrees ] of several of the planets in the U.S. chart that also has 4 planets in the sign of Cancer. Now a quick synopsis of the sign of Cancer.. Cancer is the most feminine of the signs, the most nurturing , probably the most emotional. Where there is Cancer is where we feel clingy and where we feel sentimental and nostalgic.

When a planet comes back to the same place in the chart as it was when the person , corporation, team , tv show or whatever was created this is called having a “ return” this happens every so often depending on how long the specific planet takes to go around the entire Zodiac circle . The further out the planet the longer this takes. The Moon takes 30 days ,Mercury and Venus take about 9 months , Mars takes 2 years , Jupiter 12 years out through Saturn 28-30 years Uranus 82-84 years Neptune 128-132 years and Pluto around 180 years. So my point is to have 1 planet making a “ return “ is not that unusual , it happens pretty frequently, to have 2 planets having a return is much more rare because their rotation cycles are so different time wise.

Now Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer in the U.S. chart just like it is in the A.I. chart. This happens once every 12 years . Now Venus is in Cancer in both charts as well, that happens every 9 months . But having both back in the same sign as they were in the original U.S. chart Is an unusual happening due to their varying transit lengths. Not to mention that both charts also have multiple sets of 2 planet conjunctions in Cancer as well as both charts each having 4 planets / luminaries in Cancer.

The contestants are mostly new every year on A.I. but the judges do not always change. Some judges have been there several years, usually there’s a couple changes every few years and even the show creator Simon Cowell left a couple a couple years ago . This is the 12th season for American idol and there have been 10 different judges on the show.

There is 1 judge however that has been on every season since the show started and it’s legendary Musician and producer Randy Jackson . Guess what sign Mr. Jackson is ? If you guessed Cancer you are correct. Randy jackson’s Sun is at 2 degrees Cancer , it sits within 1 degree of the Moon in the A.I. birthchart and it sits within 1 degree of the Venus in the U.S. birth chart .

I will give you the entire explanation of how and why Astrology works in 1 paragraph. Everything is an energy or a frequency . There are 12 signs of the zodiac , each sign has 30 degrees ..that makes 360 degrees or frequencies. There are symbols and archetypes for these 360 different “ frequencies” . Mutual or the same frequencies will attract each other ….you will be annoyed by frequencies that are disharmonious to the frequencies in your chart. This works in politics, it works in relationships , it works in sporting events…. This is why Astrology works. Within the context of the frequencies realize that we are all souls that have been around for awhile and we all have our own different Karmic agenda’s that we are working on or things that we need to heal and we attract the people , place or things with the right frequencies that can help us leran lessons, improve our lives , heal , old wounds and understand more of the reality of our existence. There you go … the point of Astrology in a paragraph.

Anyhow, … ummm .. American Idol …so there have been 10 different judges on A.I. throughout it’s history. I’m going to give you a quick breakdown here of the elements…Fire signs are very passionate and have big personalities, Air signs are very talkative and communicative. Water signs are emotional and Earth signs are very practical and down to Earth. So if we look at the judges by the elements their Sun signs are …





So there you go ….mostly Extroverts with bug personalities. They all seem like nice people but sorry no Capricorns, Taurus’ or Virgo’s at the judges table… far too serious for tv [ viewer discretions is advised ].

Now as far as the contest winners goes the Earth signs have ruled . The practical Earth signs appear to be the ones to be able to take the criticism and improve their performances by the end of the season .Out of the 11 season winners so far the breakdown is the following:





Okay so looking over the charts of the previous 11 winners they all had a significant transit from Jupiter happening in their chart . Either Jupiter making a trine [ very favorable aspect ] or conjunction Jupiter or another planet in their chart. Using this knowledge I’m going to make my predictions with 6 people left in the competition. Out of curiosity of the 6 remaining contestants there are 2 Sag's [ although one is very , very close to the cusp of Scorpio, and 1 each of Capricorn, Taurus , Aquarius and Pisces. S that's 2 Earth signs , 2 fire and 1 each of Air and Water.

In order with 1 being my most likely to win here is my strength of chart rating.

1. Janelle Arthur

2. Candice Glover

3. Angie Miller

4. Kree Harrison

5. Amber Holcomb

6. Lazaro Arbos

I will add that there appears to be a pretty big gap in chart strength between the no. 2 and 3contestants. The top 2 both have some similar transits going on . But good luck to them all and we shall see who Jupiter is kindest to.


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