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2013 Astrology Baseball preview

It’s that time again … you guessed it .. time to be late on my MLB predictions, but it’s a 162 game season so I think I can be a little late. Were 1/4th of the way through the season so we should start seeing who the contenders are and who the pretenders are.

First, quick recap from last year [see blog below ]I missed on the World Series champion

but I did get one of the teams to make it to the World Series correct and I got 3 of the 4 teams correct to make it to the LCS . I would have had all 4 correct had the Reds not completely collapsed against the Giants after winning the first 2 games of the series on the road. Still haven’t figured out what happened there [ Reds fans I’m sure you can relate ]. So had the Big Red machine not become the Big Dead machine I may have had both teams in the World Series correct. Not many people that I know had the Giants winning it all last year. Okay, whining ceased.

Again, I’ve been told I get into to too much technical Astrology stuff so I’m going to keep it to a few things here. The major aspects to look at with teams this year is that Jupiter will enter Cancer in late June and be there through the rest of the season and Saturn and the North Node are in Scorpio and Saturn is still in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is planning and hard work and strategy. Pluto is power and obsession. With these 2 in mutual reception those signs and planets will be the winning combinations for this year.

Onto this year’s predictions to see if I can get all of the League Championship Series participants.


1. YANKEES- Played extremely well with a veteran team that’s had a ton of Injuries. They should definitely win the division as they get healthy and should be interesting in the playoffs. Can all these veterans play well the entire season?

2 ORIOLES- Hmmm, this is the toughy. They say the pitching is underrated but the O’s have a really nice chart. Also they have a good amount Scorpio’s which is the key sign I’m watching this year with Saturn and the North Node in that sign. I am intrigued with their chart , they are a definite sleeper and if they can win enough games in the middle of the season to get into the playoffs they will cause people fits.

3 RED SOX- much, much , much improved over last year… the locker room appears to be cancer free! I think they’re not quite as good as they started but they will be in the wildcard hunt u ntil the end.

4 RAYS- Nothing major happening in their chart so you’ll get the usual. Good pitching , good defense inconsistent hitting , win a lot of games and scare a lot of teams on a small payroll in a city that doesn’t care , brush with the playoffs but not quite make it.

5 BLUE JAYS- Having similar problems to Angels lots of money on the IR not much money on the field. Will play better later but probably too late to save the season.


1 TIGERS- This is their division still and they have the ability to beat anyone when they turn it on. They will be similar to last season although they’re off to a little better start this year. Will be a tough out in playoffs.

2 INDIANS – vastly improved. Starting pitching has been great , free agent pickups Bourner anD Reynolds have been more than could be expected. Francona working his magic and they may just squeeze into playoffs.

3 ROYALS- getting a little better every year. They’re going to compete in the near future.

4 WHITE SOX- No idea really what direction this franchise is going. They will be competitive in stretches but seem directionless.

5 TWINS- Playing fairly well for what they’ve got on their payroll. Respectable.


1 Rangers- Apparently they’re a little smarter than we thought eh ? Let go of the right guys, got more good young players coming up, not missing a beat. They will be a tough out in the playoffs.

2 A’s- Hitting a bit of an ouchy spot right now but you’ll have that when you keep turning your roster over with young players. Getting their money’s worth at least but may not quite make the playoffs.

3 ANGELS- Aren’t as bad as this but obviously overpaid for Pujols. On an Astrology note The Taurus and Gemini will be down a bit from last year especially after we get into mid june. John Hamilton is a Taurus. They will regroup a bit in the second half but they’re in trouble this year too much money spend on guys that can’t stay on the field. You can’t buy championshoips!

4 MARINERS- got some nice talent here actually, just missing a few pieces.

5 ASTROS – Bad .


1 NATIONALS- started slow , been inconsistent , Strawsburg off to a bad start record wise but they’re still only a couple games behind Atlanta and Laroche is starting his usual summer warm up. Nartionals barely over the Braves.

2 BRAVES – good young players . Off to a great start but having some injury problems and all those hot young hitters cooled off after the other teams say them a couple times. I’m picking them as a sleeper and will be dangerous if they get in as their transits improve late in the season.

3 METS- good young pitching but at least a few years away still.

4 PHILLIES- Phillies tail off after late June when Jupiter enters Cancer.

5 MARLINS- Dude, how this is owner still allowed to have a team.


1 CARDINALS- More great young pitchers, great defense, great managing.Matheny [ no relation] gets the Cards another division title.. and you know what happens when they get in the playoffs.

2 REDS- If they all ever played good at the same time they’d be the greatest team in history. They just hang around though and one of these years they’re all going to get hot at the end of the year and they’re going to be unstoppable.

3 PIRATES- This is it folks, I predicted they would come close last year but they’re starting pitching is improved and they actually came out ahead in the Hanrahan move. They’re going to win between 88-92 games this year and stop the longest losing season strike in pro sports history.

4 BREWERS- Wow, lots and lots of great young hitters. If they get some consistent starting pitching in the next couple years they will be scary.

5 CUBS- better than people thought. They actually may have hit bottom and are starting to turn. A couple more bad contracts to get rid of and they can actually improve through free agency.


1 GIANTS- defending champs, getting very little out of their starting rotation but still hanging around first . Will win division and you better be ready to play if you meet them in the playoffs because they won’t go out easy once that Lincecum and Cain get going.

2 ROCKIES- Hmmm, intriguing. Decimated by Injuries last year. Hitting much improved this year, should be slightly better than Arizona but that will be the race for second place.

3 DIAMONDBACKS- of all the teams in the 4 major sports this is the one team chart that I can’t quite figure out how it works. They have great young pitching , hits the lights out sometimes, just can’t quite figure them out. I ‘ll say they win 87-89 games and just miss the playoffs.

4 DODGERS- Similar ordeal to the Jays and Angels. They’ve spent the money but you can’t bring a bunch of free agents together talent wise or mentally when you can’t get them all on the field. They won’t recover this season. The Red Sox are looking awfully smart right now.

5 PADRES- some good young players but inconsistent and a lot of holes to fill.


[4] Baltimore over [5] Cleveland


Texas over Baltimore

Detroit over Yankees


Detroit over Texas


[4] Cincinnati over [5] Atlanta





St.Louis over Reds


Rangers over Cardinals.


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