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Lather, Heat, Repeat Astrology and NBA playoffs

I meant to have this up earlier but most years there is very little suspense in the NBA playoffs until you get to the conference finals anyway.

I realize last seasons NBA Playoffs were a bit anti climactic with the Heat having an easier than expected time with the Thunder in the finals. I am not, however, going to let that stop me from doing a little boasting on my playoff predictions from last year. [see below ]

Given it was no big feat to pick the Heat to win it all [ however they did get blindsided the year before by the Mavericks ] but I did pick 13 of the 15 series in the playoffs correctly and had all 4 of the conference finalists picked right. I missed only the 4.5 series in the West in the first round and I missed the 76’ers upsetting the no.2 seed Bulls in the first round. I had the Bulls getting upset in the second round. Not to mention I also [with the help of 2 eclipses ] picked Kevin Garnett [ boosting his ppg to over 20 and helping the Celtics come back to win a game 7 vs. the 76ers and to actually take a 3-2 lead over the Heat after trailing 2 games to none ]and Tony Parker [ boosting his ppg to over 20 in the and hitting 33 % of his 3 attempts] to explode in the playoffs . Of course both teams fall down go boom after the eclipse but hey, nothing’s permanent.

I ‘ve been told I put too much technical Astrology stuff into these blogs and that nobody really wants to know the mechanics they just want to see the predictions. I will attempt to keep the technical stuff to a minimum.

One of the ruling planets of basketball is Neptune. Basketball is a very unstructured nebulous game. There are few called plays and there is lots of innovation and things tend to be fluid and can change in an instant which makes it interesting. However, Neptune also rules illness and injuries. If anything has dominated this playoffs it’s injuries.

The Pacers [ Grainger ], Celtics [ Rondo, Sullinger ], Thunder [ Westbrook] , Bulls [ Rose, Deng, Hinrich],Knicks [ Stoudamire ], Nuggets [ Galinari ] all have lost all star level players to injuries that limited them or kept them out of the playoffs completely. On top of that the Warriors Curry played through injury the last part of their series against the Spurs .This is the big reason that there were actually 2 upsets [ Bulls, Warriors, Grizzlies ] in the first round of the playoffs and 2 more in the second round [ Grizzlies, Pacers]. These players all had Neptune making a difficult aspect in their chart.

Here’s where we stand so far and my predictions for the conference finals and NBA finals.


[1] HEAT over [3] PACERS- The Pacers have played valiantly in the playoffs . Having gotten to the conference finals with their best player Danny Granger having not played this entire season due to Injury. The Pacers will give the Heat a battle and almost every game should go down to the wire but the Heat should win in 6.


[2] SPURS over [5] GRIZZLIES – The Grizzlies knocked off 2 of the 3 division champions in the West already [ Clippers and Thunder ] and are going for the third in the Spurs. The Spurs are wiley veterans though and won’t shake easily. The Grizzlies are playing great and should win at least 2 but the Spurs will win this series in 6 also.


HEAT over SPURS – The Spurs are looking more youthful but the Heat have transiting Saturn [ work, planning, attention to detail , focus ] sitting almost to the degree on their North Node [ future, destiny , fate] . Too much for the Spurs to overcome but it will be close. Heat won both regular season matchups by a total of 7 points. Heat in 6.


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