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Sports Astrology Boston Celtics rebirth and Brad Stevens

The NBA is on the verge of a massive shakeup in the next 2 seasons. Many of the games biggest players are on the verge of retirement [ Duncan, Kobe, Garnett, Ginobli,Wade, Pierce and Parker to name a few ]. Also next years draft class is supposed to be one of the best in years and also Lebron James and several other big names are due to be free agents after next season. This next season will be the end of an era for the NBA and a new one will begin in the 2014-15 season.

Among many of the shocking developments were the number of NBA coaches that posted great season this past year but then fired their coaches after the playoffs. The Nuggets, Clippers and Grizzlies all posted the best or nearly the best seasons in their histories. Also possible the biggest coaching surprise in this offseason was the perhaps the games biggest franchise the Boston Celtics letting their coach Doc Rivers leave to fill the Clippers vacant coaching position. Rivers won 1 NBA championship in his tenure with the Celtics and almost won a second losing a late lead in a game 7 to the Lakers.

The Celtics also let perhaps their 2 biggest start players Paul Piers and Kevin Garnett go to the Brooklyn Nets in a trade clearly signaling a rebuilding phase. But perhaps an even bigger shocker was the Celktics choice for their new coach. Instead of going for a veteran coach or giving the job to one of their assistants they chose to go the college ranks and hire probably the brightest young coach in the college game and give him the job of coaching the NBA’s winningest franchise as far as NBA championships.

Traditionally in all the pro sports coaches have had a hard time making the move from college to the pro’s. They usually don’t succeed until their 2nd job. Celtics president Danny Ainge chose to go with Butler head coach Brad Stevens in a surprising move.

We’re going to look at the charts for Ainge, Stevens and the Celtics and find the connection points but first we’ll look quickly at the meanings of some of the planets when looking for connections as far as people and organizations.

North Node- future or destiny


Mars- energy , instinctual behavior

Neptune- intuition, gut feelings

Jupiter- the big picture planet , also luck and philosophy..putting it all together in a cohesive system

Saturn- structure, organizations , hierarchy

Uranus – the tribe or group also ability to change

Mercury- mental processes and communication

Danny Ainge’s Jupiter is at 1 Sagittarius , Brad Stevens Mars is at 2 sag. And the Boston Celtics Mars is at 1 sag. Showing that his big picture fits in with the energy of Stevens and the Celtics. Also Ainge has been a source of luck for the Celtics.

Ainge’s Neptune is conjunct the the Jupiter of the Celtics showing they have been lucky for him as well. Also this point is conjunct the Sun , Mars and North Node of Stevens showing they are a good or “ fated” match if you will.

Ainge’s North Node at 14 Libra is conjunct the Pluto and Mercury of Stevens and the Celtics Neptune showing destiny, power structures and intuition and communication between them are good. Again the North Node is destiny/ future and Neptune is intuition. There is a gut feeling between the 3 parties that this is a good and prosperous move for all.

Stevens Saturn and the Celtics Saturn are conjunct in mid leo which is also conjunct Ainge’s Uranus. This shows new opportunities and restructuring of the organization between the 3.

Ainge has a Mars North Node conjunction in mid libra which sits upon the Pluto Mercury conjunction of Stevens and these are trine to the Uranus North Node conjunction in mid Gemini of the Celtics chart. The energies and mental processes of the 3 are aligned.

So only the future will tell but this is at least the story of how different entities come together under surprising circumstances.


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