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July 2014 Energy shift

Hi there ! How are you ? I told you about 5 weeks ago that the next post I had up would be about a big energy shift headed our way. We’ll we are at that moment now so I wanted to let you all know about the big shift starting today.

Firstly, I will apologize for the length of this but it took a lot of space to go over all of these changes taking place.

I know many of my friends have had a rough go of it lately but I want you to know that your hard work and perseverance is about to pay off if you’ve put your energy in the right places.

Many of you have gone through some ..well downright unpleasant changes since last winter when some of these transits started. There has been a lot of soul searching , inner analyzation , backing and forthing and well in some cases just plain silliness.

There has been a long introversion period which started late last year and Mars, Venus and the Nodes have been asking us to question where things are out of balance or where you have given up control to someone or something else.

This has all been a process to figure out where we stand in the world , where we are appreciated, what is not working in our lives and where we need to be. I know the frustration level has been nearly unbearable at times as I think we all have felt like we were stuck and could barely make any progress.

I’m not telling you that everything will magically change overnight but the energy shift will be one that we can much more easily manifest what it is that we need in our lives at this point. Many of the walls, barriers and bullshit has been torn down. There are still tasks to be performed and garbage to be taken out but indeed the light at the end of the tunnel may NOT be a train afterall.

So I’m going to ask you a favor now…I know there have been people, jobs, living situations etc., that may have been holding you back. Over these next 2 weeks we have the ability to transform situations that have been stuck for a long time. I’m asking you to give it 1 more try at this time. If you feel you have made every effort to reconcile the given situation then right now is the time to make your break. The energy is behind you now! Go..exhale..breathe..create…manifest!

There is a new reality for all of us just waiting for us to create it. Find the people that love you, find the job that fits your soul , manifest your reality.

So to start off I’ll give you a breakdown of all the general energy shift that’s going on. Normally there are few planetary sign changes every month and maybe a planet changes direction here and there. However between July 12th and 25th nearly every planet and luminary changes sign or direction. That’s several months of activity in a 2 week period.

In this 2 week period we have a Full Moon, a new Moon [ that’s normal ], The Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs [ that’s normal ], but on top of that we also have Saturn and Uranus changing direction on back to back days [ not normal ], Jupiter changing signs [ happens once a year ], Mars changing signs [ normally this happens every 2 months but this time Mars has been in Libra for 8 MONTHS due to retrogrades] and we also have Mars conjuncting the North Node [ happens every 2 years normally].

There are 10 Lunar events, sign changes or planetary direction shifts in a 2 week period. I am going to repeat and bold this to underscore the massive shift in energy. There are 10 Lunar events, sign changes or planetary direction shifts in a 2 week period !!!

On top of this there is still the Uranus Pluto square still working in the midst of a Cardinal T- square going on as well ! If you wanted an energy shift you’re not going to get much better than this !

This is in a 2 week period people. The birth chart for someone born July 12th and July 25th of this year will look virtually nothing alike. The only planets not changing direction or sign will be Neptune and Pluto. This is unprecedented in my recollection.

As with everything else in life Bill Hicks said it best “Don’t be afraid….ever !”

So here’s some nerdy mathy stuff for those of you so inclined and a very brief description.

July 12 – Full Moon 7:25 a.m. 2 Capricorn – self accountability

July 13- Mercury enters Cancer 12:45 a.m. 0 Cancer – increased empathy

July 14- Mars conjunct North Node 24 Libra – new energy patterns

July 16- Jupiter enters Leo 6:30 a.m. 0 Leo – self actualization

July 18- Venus enters Cancer 10:06 a.m. 0 Cancer- increased empathy

July 20- Saturn stations Direct 4:36 p.m. 17 Scorpio- time to move forward

July 21- Uranus stations Retrograde 10:53 pm 17 Aries- breaking free of old cycles

July 22-Sun enters Leo 5:41 p.m. 0 Leo- self actualization

July 25-Mars enters Scorpio 10:25 p.m. 0 Scorpio – ends 8 month transit

July 26- New Moon 6:42 p.m. 4 Leo – self actualization

Outer Planets

Saturn inconjunct Uranus – exact –adjustments needed

Pluto square Uranus T-square – 4 degree orb – change, rebellion, breaking free from what has power over you

Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception – 4 degree orb – self accountability, creating your own, new power structures, transformation.

Cardinal Grand Square reactivated at times as inner planets go through Cancer – change, establishing emotional freedom and inner security by taking away the power from anything or anyone that has control over you












Inner planets will trine Neptune [ spirituality ] and then trine Saturn [ physical form/ results ] as they travel through Cancer

Lastly I will also share with you the lessons this little fishy learned through the

Mars in Libra transit:

1. Be here now

2. Interact with your environment

3. Do fewer things….but better

4. Artistically create balance out of chaos

5. Use help from others to bring events to their conclusion


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