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Super Bowl Astrology predictions

NFL Super Bowl Predictions by Mark Metheny

February 1, 2015

Hi! Super Bowl time again. I have picked First of all we're going to do little are my previous predictions from the last few Super Bowls. Most of my previous blogs can be found here.. ..just put in NFL in the search field to see the entire blog for these.

2014 season

Here are my picks for the earlier playoff games this year..!NFL-Playoffs-Confernece-Championship-Games-Predictions-by-Mark-Metheny/ckxl/F5676B4D-AB4D-4EF1-A5DF-9C3C36A4C16B

my pick ...Carolina 27 Ariz 13 Actual Carolina 27-16

my pick .. Dallas 31 Detroit 28 Actual Dallas 24-20

my pick .. Pittsburgh 34 Baltimore 14 Actual Baltimore 30-17

my pick .. Indy 38 Cincy 20 Actual Indy 26-10

my pick ..New England 38 Indy 34 Actual New England 35 Baltimore 31

my pick.. Pittsburgh 33 Denver 30 Actual Indy 24 Denver 13

my pick.. Green Bay 38 Dallas 24 Actual Green Bay 26-21

my pick.. Seattle 29 Carolina 10 Actual Seattle 31-17

my pick Indy 33 New England 31 Actual New England 45-7

my pick Seattle 27 Green Bay 21 Actual Seattle 28-22

In my defense I did not think to look at deflated footballs in the NE-Indy

Super Bowl

my pick.. I am staying with Seattle as my Super Bowl champion

actual … ?

2013 season

My prediction ..



actual... Seattle 43- Denver 8


my prediction .

.Conclusions : Jim will have the 49ers prepared but I would look for the Ravens to pull out a close win late. It will be up to Flacco though . Look for a big play from him to decide it late.Ravens 24-21.

actual..Ravens 34-31


my prediction I like the Giants Pluto energy to outweigh it’s little brother Mars and the Giants pull this one out 30-27.

actual.. Giants 21-17



Actual Packers 31- Steelers 25

Our first topic is going to be the void of course Moon. To my records there were 3 of the early Super Bowls played during a void of course Moon with the favourite winning each one. However, last years game was played completely during a void of course Moon with the Seahawks winning 43-8 even though they were a 2 ½ point underdog. How did this happen? The void of course Moon seems to zap the energy or focus from the atmosphere but why did it effect the Broncos and not the Seahawks?

In last years Super Bowl it went void in the sign of Pisces about 2 hours before game time. This year it is void from the early morning in the sign of Cancer..another water sign. In looking at the charts of some of the key Bronco's players from last year perhaps we can get some insight.

Coach John Fox then of Denver has Jupiter at 21 Cancer, Peyton Manning..Mercury and Venus in pisces and Mars and Saturn in Cancer, Julius Thomas ..Sun in Cancer and Mars in Pisces, Demaryius Thomas... Moon in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio, Eric Decker ...Sun and Mercury in Pisces ,Wes Welker... Mercury in Pisces. Denver's Running Back at the time Knowshown Moreno ..Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer.

As far as Seattle's key offensive players last year all had the majority of their charts in Earth and fire.

Is it then possible that the void of course Moon in a water sign hitting in the charts of so many of Denver's key offensive players left them flat and unfocused for the game? The final score may show this was true.

So now onto this years game. Moon void of course in Cancer most of the day and throughout the entire game. We already know this may not have an effect on Seattle \'s returning players from last year. The 2 main new players for them on offense are WR Jermaine Kearse and TE Luke Wilson. Kearse does have Moon and Jupiter in Cancer , Wilson has Jupiter and Saturn in Cancer so perhaps there is some downturn for them although all their inner planets are clear of Water signs.

So the next question is ...what about the Patriots players? Lagarette Blount has Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in water signs. Tom Brady … Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Edelman... jupiter in Pisces, Vereen... Sun in Pisces, Amendola and Lafell have Sun in Scorpio, Amendola also has Moon in Cancer and Lafell has Mars in Pisces .Jonathan Gray has Sun in Cancer also. Hmmm...lots of water there... sounds familiar.

In New England's favor they do have some Earth and Fire energy, more so than Denver did last year.

Looking further at some of the key players we see that transiting Jupiter is retrograde still and it is conjunct Tom Brady's Sun but it is 7 degees away but applyin Brady also has Saturn at 19 Leo and Jupiter is 1 degree past a conjunction. An interesting note on Seattle qb Russell Wilson is that his North Node is at 9 Pisces . Transiting Venus are both at 6 degrees Pisces and they are exactly Conjunct at 12:38 p.m. E.S.T. on the day of the game . This is 6 hours before kickoff. Also Wilson's natal venus is at 6 Scorpio EXACTLY trine to this Venus Neptune conjunction. Wilson also has transiting Saturn 4 degrees from an exact conjunction to his Sun and 2 degrees exact conjunction to his Mercury. Usually Saturn transits to Mercury show great concentration and planning. For the Pats Julian Edelman has Jupiter at 18 Pisces which is being conjuncted by transiting Mars which is at 16 Pisces. Also the Venus Neptune conjunction is square to Edelman's Saturn which is at 6 Sag.

For Seattle Marshawn Lynch has a Pluto at 6 degrees Scorpio which is getting an exact trine from the Neptune Venus conjunction earlier in the day.

Looking at the teams charts The Patriots Pluto is at 6 degrees of Virgo which is exactly opposite of the Venus /Neptune conjunction earlier in the day..this could be a good omen for the Pats. Also transiting Mars is at 16 Pisces conjunct transiting Chiron which is at 15 Pisces and this sits directly on the South Node of the Patriots team chart. Could this provide healing [ Chiron] for the Patriots last 2 Super Bowl losses? The transiting South Node Node at game time is at 13 Aries and exactly conjunct Uranus and is in opposition by 5 degrees to New England's Venus at 8 Libra which has the North Node applying to it.

In looking at the Seahawks team chart they have Saturn at 12 Leo which is conjunct transiting Jupiter Even more interesting when looking at the transiting Nodes at 13 Libra/ Aries is that the Seahawks have a stellium in Libra of Venus at 13 degrees, Mars at 12, Pluto at 10 and Mercury at 7 and all of these are conjunct to the North Node at 13 Libra and is and in opposition to the South Node/ Uranus conjunction [ remembering that Seattle is the underdog here ]. Other interesting notes in Seattle's chart is that their natal Jupiter is at 1 Gemini still in a loose square from Neptune and their Neptune is at 11 Sag which is getting a loose conjunction from transiting Saturn.

Okay so there's lots of numbers and geek stuff and conflicting what's going to happen? Looming back at the game chart for a minute we have Uranus [ defense ] above the horizon line in the 8th house late in the game and Saturn [ strategy/ Offense] in the third house late in the game and Jupiter in the 12th house late in the game [ unexpected luck or turn of events ].

I look for a close game throughout as both teams have some good aspects. I look for a late Patriots turnover to give the Seahawks one last chance to win the game .. and they do as Russell Wilson gets the winning touchdown and the game MVP. Seahawks 27-24.


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