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Astrology and NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoff time and here's my predictions using Astrology. But first, a message from our friend Saturn . As you may well know Saturn represent limitations and often impedes our short term progress but it also teaches us lessons to better prepare us for the future and help us restructure things in a better way.

Regarding this note on Saturn I looked at the charts of the 5 teams that had the biggest improvement in win totals from last year to this year. They are : 1. Bucks [ +26] 2. Hawks [+23] 3.Cavaliers [ +20] 4.Celtics [ +15] 5. Warriors [ +15] . 3 of these 5 did not make the playoffs last year , but what's more interesting is that 4 of the 5 [ all except the Warriors] have Venus or Mars or Neptune [ some teams have 2 of these ] at between 24-27 degrees of Scorpio. So that means that these 4 teams had transiting Saturn [ limitations ] hitting one or more planets during the 2013-14 season. After some good player restructuring during the off season and with Sagittarius moving out of Scorpio about a month and a half into this season and no longer posing limitations these teams thrived . Also remember that about a month and a half into the season the Cavs and Celtics both had bad records and heir take off didn't really occur until Saturn had left Sag. So that's a little lesson to anyone having a difficult Saturn transit does make things better in the long run.

On to this years playoffs. The East is getting better than in previous years but still obviously below the level of the West which has a jumble of teams in the 50-60 win range and a lot of these teams dealing with injuries. Here are the matchups:



[1] ATLANTA vs. [8] BROOKLYN- nets have been up and down of late and Hawks are too balanced. Pluto stations 1 degree from exact trine to Hawks Mars. Hawks 4-1.

[2] CLEVELAND vs. [7] BOSTON- Celtics played well down the stretch winning 8 of last 10 but they're just not in the same league as the Cavs. Cavs 4-1

[3]CHICAGO vs. [6] MILWAUKEE- Much improved Bucks team will be good in the next several years but Chicago is too tough right now. Pluto station forms close aspect to 6 planets in Bulls chart. They will be a tough out. Bulls 4-1.

[4] TORONTO vs. [5] WASHINGTON- Toronto has been bad the second half of the season. WIZARDS have some nice aspects in their chart right now. WIZARDS for the upset 4-3.


[1] ATLANTA vs [5] WASHINGTON- HAWKS too much for WIZARDS but they will put up a fight. Hawks 4-2.

[2] CAVS VS. [3] BULLS- Division rivals. This will be a very hard fought series. Lebron pulls CAVS through in 7 games.


[1] HAWKS vs. [2] CAVS- This will be tough but again Lebron has more playoff and big game experience than the rest of the Eastern playoff teams combined. CAVS 4-3


7 teams in the west won 50 games or more.The 2-6 seeds all won between 50-56 games. This will be brutal as these teams are so evenly matched.


[1] GOLDEN ST vs. [8] NEW ORLEANS- WARRIORS were amazing this year, actually improved by 15 games over 51 wins from last year. Pelicans are young improving team and they have Anthony Davis..however they don't have Stephon Curry. Warriors 4-2.

[2] HOUSTON vs. [7] DALLAS-This is alreasdy a bitter rivalry. Rockets have 3 planets exactly conjunct or opposite Saturn. This has played out as injuries or limitations for them in the past. I think this year Saturn helps them as they have developed a nice bench. ROCKETS 4-3

[3] MEMPHIS vs [6] PORTLAND- Neither team really playing very well at this point. Pluto station is opposite Jupiter for MEMPHIS and they just have more discipline.I will take MEMPHIS 4-3.

[4] L.A. CLIPPERS vs. [5] SAN ANTONIO- This could be the NBA finals. That's how good these 2 teams are. SPURS have been unbeatable down the stretch after a slump. CLIPPERS have won 14 of 15 and the Spurs have won 11 of 12. Both teams have good transits right now, however stationing Pluto hits EXACTLY on the Clippers Mars [ only team to have this ] . Teams split 4 regular season meetings.I don't know if I like so many Saturn transits for SPURS since they have a lot of older players. I will gently pick the Clippers 4-3.


[1] WARRIORS vs. [4] MEMPHIS – GOLDEN ST. won 2 of 3 meetings this year. I am taking the WARRIORS 4-2.

[2] HOUSTON vs. [3] L.A. CLIPPERS- Teams split 4 meetings with Houston winning the last 2. I like the Clippers here in a close one 4-3.

CONFERENCE FINALS-[1] WARRIORS vs. [3] L.A. CLIPPERS- WARRIORS won 2 of 3 in regular season. I like GOLDEN ST. but just barely , 4-3.


WARRIORS vs. CAVS – 2 very young teams. Saturn is kind to the Warriors and they win their first title in 4 decades. WARRIORS 4-2.

If you are so inclined to pick sleepers , my teams with nice transits outside the top couple seeds are BULLS, CLIPPERS and SPURS.


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