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Astrology and NCAA Tournament

Here are a few Astrology notes on the NCAA Tournament.

Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky lead the Badgers to an upset of previously undefeated Kentucky yesterday. His jersey number is 44 , his birthday was yesterday 04/04 and the Lunar eclipse yesterday at 14 Libra was conjunct his natal Jupiter at 9 Libra. Also the transiting North Node is 1 degree off from exact conjunction to his natal Jupiter.

Also jupiter of the Wisconsin team chart is at 10 Libra which is also directly hit by the North Node and the eclipse.

Mars in the Kentucky team chart is at 15 Libra and was also hit by the eclipse.

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan has natal Neptune at 12 Libra which was hot by the eclipse and North Node and his natal Pluto is at 14 Leo with transiting Jupiter getting ready to station just 2 degrees from this .


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