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Astrology and NCAA Tournament wrap up

Okay here's the final word on the NCAA Tournament. The 2 Duke freshmen that dominated the second half of the game were lit up astrologically. Tyus Jones [ Final 4 MVP Born 5/10/96 Burnsville, MN.] has his South Node at 15 Aries which is conjuncted by transiting Uranus and the Sun and being squared by Pluto. Also his North Node is at 14 Libra , 1 degree from the eclipse degree of last weekend, Pluto at 2 Sag which has transiting Saturn within 2 degrees [ unusual maturity for a freshman ] as well as his Mars at 5 Taurus. He was having his Mars return exactly on the day of the NCAA Championship.

The other freshman that picked Duke up when they trailed by 9 in the second half was Grayson Allen [ Born 10/08/95 Jacksonville, Fl.]. He currently has transiting Saturn loosely conjunct his natal Jupiter,natal Chiron conjucted by transiting Saturn, Mercury at 7 Libra being hit by the transiting North Node and his Sun is at 14 Libra...exact degree of the total Lunar eclipse of a few days ago. You can't make this stuff up.


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