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Astrology and NCAA Tournament

Welcome to my annual NCAA Tournament blog. I will run down some Astrological notes and oddities for you as you're watching the tournament and point out some things you may not be aware of.

First a short rundown of the method to my March Madness. I tend NOT to use game charts as the games are so tightly packed together and for the fact that I am a staff of 1 and looking at the charts for every game is not really doable.

What I use is the team charts and I have tracked down what I feel comfortable first game charts for the majority of teams. The issue that comes up is that record keeping was poor by a lot of the universities in the late 1800's and early 1900's when a lot of teams began their basketball programs. In these cases I was able to at least find the year the program started and I found an opening game date for another team that started the same year and used that so I at least had an idea where the outer planets were when that schools programs started. Not the most scientific method ever but I contacted several schools Sports Information department's and they did not have better info than I had accumulated so I had to start somewhere. For these teams I only used the outer planets and this at least gave me a ballpark idea of whether their energy was waxing or waning. This does create some issues when comparing minutia in teams chart obviously. This is where I have to use me sports knowledge to help with my predictions.

Another difficult area is when comparing transits to different teams charts, there were several situations where I had to judge whether two or more loose transits [ more than 2 or 3 degrees orb] outweighed 1 or more exact transits. Again this is where I had to use my sports knowledge in conjunct with my Astrological data.

So in general I liked teams where there was lots happening in their charts now compared to teams that had few big transits . The difficulties here is that a nice run of games for an underdog and an upset by a favourite look the same. Again this is where I had to use the sports side of my brain.

One other topic of note here is that the universe is often vague with it's messages ,however, sometimes it is very literal. A couple examples are in the 2011 tourney we had an 11 seed [ Virginia Commonwealth] making the Final Four by defeating the no.'s 1,2,3, and 10 in their region. This was only the third time in history that a number 11 seed made the Final Four.This happened in the same month that the planet Uranus entered the sign of Aries [ the Ram] , of course VCU's mascot is ..the Ram and Uranus rules upsets and shocking events.

Another case of this was in 2013 when Jupiter was in Gemini. Jupiter stays in a sign for a year and rules the popular culture for that year. The sign of Gemini rules birds and is an Air sign.

In the 2013 tournament which was won by Louisville [ the Cardinals] we also had a surprise team in Florida Gulf Coast [ The Eagles] as a no. 15 seed make it to the sweet 16. This is the first and only time a no. 15 seed has won 2 games in an NCAA Tournament.

Louisville [ a no. 1 seed ], Creighton [ no.7] , Marquette [no. 3 ], Oregon [ no. 12] , Kansas [no.1 ] , Temple [ no. 9] , Long Island u.@ Brooklyn [ no. 16] and Florida Gulf Coast [no.15] . Long Island Brooklyn was a no. 16 seed and never has a number 16 seed won a game in the Ncaa Tournament outside of the play in round. Regardless there were 8 bird teams seeded 9 or higher and 8 bird teams seeded 8 or lower . All things being normal they should have went 4-4 in their first games. Instead they won 7 and lost only 1.

In the next round [ seeds 1-4 favored to win ] they should have won 3 and lost 4 ..instead they win 5 and lose 2 . Teams named after birds went 17-7 in that years tournament. We had one team in the National championship game , 2 made the elite 8 . With only 8 of the 68 team field being named after birds we ended up with 5 of the last 12 teams being Bird mascots included Florida Gulf Coast who became only the 7th No. 15 seed to win a game vs. a no. 2 seed and the first no. 15 seed EVER to win in the following round. And no one had ever heard of them because they are only in their 3rd year of Playing Division 1 basketball.

Also, 6 upsets were pulled in the tournament by Birdbearing [ is that even a word ?.... well it is now] teams , 1 of the teams [ Oregon ]got beat by another bird team [ Louisville ] and Marquette [ not originally a bird team but they changed their mascot a few years in back .

Okay so the point is this year Jupiter is in Leo and Leo's symbol is the Lion so Leo obviously rules cats in general as well. In this years tournament we have several teams named after cats. Kentucky, Cincy, Villanova, Lafayette, LSU,Nothern Iowa,Davidson, Arizona, Texas Southern, Georgia State and BYU so I obviously gave them special attention. Kentucky, Villanova and Arizona are all no.1 or 2 seeds so they have already produced well this season.

A few other notes … last years final featured a no.7 seed vs a no. 8 seed. The big upset seed over the last 5 years has been no.12's defeating no.5's but this year I look for that to change as I think the no. 13 seeds have the best upset potentials.

With thew intense planetary lineups going on now I look for there to be lots of surprises. The key degrees I am looking at in the teams individual charts are between 10-17 degrees of the Cardinal signs [ Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer] as the last of the 7 Uranus /Pluto squares was exact this past Monday night. Also 13 degrees of the fixed signs [ Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius ]is crucial as Jupiter is at 13 degrees of Leo for the entire tournament as it is getting ready to slow down and station forward on April 7th.

Also I looked at the charts of the last 14 NCAA champions and they planetary lineups at those times for other key indicators as well as the jupiter placements for all the champions going back to 1960.

Okay , enough technical theory. So here are teams that have key Astrological indicators in their charts. These teams could make a big run or they could have a big implosion, again this is where the sports knowledge and intuition had to come into play.

MIDWEST- Kentucky

EAST-LSU, Wyoming, UC-Irvine, Belmont, Oklahoma, Albany

SOUTH- St.Johns, Utah, Stephen F. Austin, Gonzaga, Davidson, Iowa St., SMU

WEST- WISCONSIN, Oklahoma ST., Arkansas, N.Carolina, Ole Miss.

You may notice some of these teams I picked for several wins or upsets, some of them I didn't feel their transits outweighed the strength or cumulative transits of another team that perhaps had several transits in looser aspects..this is where the theory part came in is in weighing the strength of multiple transits between's not a perfect science yet.

Teams such as Gonzaga and Arizona I do not have an exact chart for but just a year but they have several transits that are in at least good aspect range and I had to make judgement calls on those teams by FEELING their transits by the way they have been playing but this obviously caused some issues when comparing so many charts.

Good luck in your brackets and I will post more updates as the tournament moves along.

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