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Astrological energy for September 24-28 2015

Hello friends!

I'm thinking of starting a column called “ What's the Funky Energy” where I break everything down when stuff gets weird. For the time being I am sure you have noticed there is much energy afoot this week so I am going to try and break down a bit of what is going on this week.

Before I get into all the stuff happening this week I feel I need to clarify a few things. let me start with that there are many good columns and posts by the many great Astrologers out there and there are also many great websites where you can a free birth chart or a computer generated report of your birth chart. This being said, I feel that sometimes things get lost in translation. My point is that all things are NOT equal.

In Astrology the outer planets [ Uranus, Neptune, Pluto ] move far slower than the others, thus their effect is felt over a much longer period of time. If these planets are hitting a planet in your chart they will stay in that area for up to a couple of years times whereas if Mercury or Venus is hitting a planet in your chart it will stay there for about a week or so. Thusly the effects of a Neptune transit will be felt far greater and longer than a Mercury transit. Why? Because if Neptune is sitting on your Venus it will do so for about years, it will reshape your values, what you want out of a perspective partner, it will change what you value. If Mercury is sitting on your Venus it will be in that range for about 10 days, you will have nice fuzzy thoughts , perhaps you are looked upon more favorably or get more kind words directed towards you and then it will be on it's way.

The Nodes: the Nodes are also called the Moon's Nodes or in Eastern Astrology the Dragon's head and the Dragon's tail. The Nodes are an absolute integral part of understanding a person's birth chart and the evolutionary journey they are on in this lifetime. A person's chart will contain a North Node and a South Node and they will always be exactly opposite. If I have my North node at 10 degrees of Cancer then my South Node will be at 10 degrees of Capricorn. The Nodes are always 180 degrees apart..exactly opposite. So what are they? The North Node is the future, qualities we want to develop, attitudes and energies that will help us move forward and help develop us, new ways of being that are healthy for us. The South Node is the past, things we we're good at in previous incarnations, old karmic things being worked on , energies to move away from but that can show inherent skills and help us move towards the North Node.

Here is my very bad example of the Nodes. I currently sit in Columbus, Ohio [ South Node ]and lets say I want to travel from Ohio to Missouri [ North Node ]. I need a map to get there. If the map I have is blank and does not have the states labeled how do I know how to get to Missouri? I know they are both in the U.S. and that there are roads between the 2, but If I don't know where I'm coming from and I don't know where I'm going, how can the names of any of the streets mean anything? The Nodes give us a frame of reference... I was “this” but I need to get to “ that” do I do that? Follow your Nodes !

Oh no! You're in a coma already aren't you?..and here I'm just getting warmed up. So onto the energy that's going on this week. I will just say it's jam packed but I will try to break down into bite sized pieces what's going on. And just a reminder that these things I describe will not perfectly fit everyone to a t. If these planets I talk about hit directly in your chart they will make a bigger impact than if they are not making a direct aspect to 1 or more planets in your birth chart. That being said these are the bigger energies that I am going to go through so most everyone will feel this at least to some degree.

So big picture here is what's happening. The bigest thing right now is that Pluto is stationing direct at 12 degrees Capricorn at 02:55 a.m. est this Friday morning. Pluto is evolution, death, rebirth and transformation. When a planet stations it means it is changing speed and direction, Pluto has been retrograde [ introverted] since April 16th of this year. What does this mean? It means we have been inwardly focused on trying to heal our “wound” and now that Pluto is going direct we can take this inner planning and analyzing we have been doing to push fourth our idea's out into the world.

Jupiter is currently opposite of Neptune, this alignment was exact on September 17th but they are still only 2 degrees apart from the exact opposition. Jupiter and Neptune are the 2 “ big picture” planets , they help us envision and manifest the reality we want. Jupiter is expansion and how we relate to the rest of the world. Neptune is our dream life, intuition, imagination and psychic abilities. This configuration helps us take our ideas and manifest outwardly to the rest of the world.

Saturn has just reentered Sagittarius and will be there for the next 2 ½ years roughly. From where I sit it appeared that everyone felt very “ stuck” and was processing a lot of their old karmic baggage the last few months while Saturn was in the last few degrees of Scorpio. Saturn is rules, structure and discipline and Sag is optimism and envisioning the future. Saturn in Sag will impose some limitations sometimes but it helps us build a solid foundation for our dreams. Projects should be able to flow a little easier now.

Saturn is square Neptune and this will be in effect for the next year roughly. A square is an aspect that has a lot of energy and usually requires some action. Again Saturn is in Sag and Neptune is in Pisces [ the sign that it rules... this is an important point. When a planet is in the sign it rules it is more powerful than normal] and Sag and Pisces are rules by Jupiter and Neptune..the 2 “big picture

“ planets. On the negative side this combo can make us judgemental , flighty, ungrounded and scattered. On the positive side this can help us imagine new realities, new ways of being, mental and spiritual expansion, connecting with the rest of the world in a new way.

On September 24th at 10:18 p.m. Mars enters Virgo and on September 25th at 9:12 p.m. Mars is exactly square the aforementioned Saturn in Sag and these will be forming a t-square with Neptune in Pisces. Virgo in Mars has a lot of energy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury [ mental processes , detail to accuracy]. So Mars and Neptune are in opposition and they both square Saturn thus the t-square...2 planets in opposition and the 3rd planet at a square to the 2 in opposition. So what do you do with that information? Saturn [ the leg of the t-square where the energy most likely comes out ] is the key here. Mars and Neptune operate very differently..Mars does things while Neptune intuits and feels things, Mars is impulsive and Neptune is otherworldly , Saturn is about putting things into structure. I would like to call this organizing your chaos, whether it be mental chaos, 3d chaos, maybe some part of your life is out of order. Neptune envisions what you want your life to look like in that area, Mars gives you the physical energy and initiative to make changes and analyze what needs fixed [ Virgo ] and Saturn helps bring structure to our thoughts and ideas.

The Sun entered the sign of Libra at 4:21 a.m. on the 23rd of September, the Autumnal equinox, also the Sun is conjunct the North Node which is currently at 1 degree Libra. The equinox's are all at the beginning of the 4 Cardinal signs [ Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer] and Cardinal signs initiate change, moving to the next season. With the Sun and North Node in Libra this asks us “where are things out of balance? “ . Where do changes need to be made so that things do not feel chaotic? And remember the North Node is the future..where do I want to go from here?

Currently Mars [ intuitive action], Jupiter [ Expansion] and Pluto [ transformation] are all in Earth signs. Earth signs help us analyze and move forward by building solid foundations. Slow, steady growth .

Mercury is indeed retrograde but for the most part this is usually just a minor annoyance and it goes direct on October 9th. The real point of Mercury retrograde is to make sure we are communicating with ourselves and correctly communicating to others exactly what we mean and feel.

Lastly this Sunday there is a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse at 10:50 p.m. at 4 degrees of Aries. The Full Moon brings things to a head and the eclipse adds an extra dab of energy to the whole thing. Most people feel the build up of pressure at the Full Moon and as stated earlier if you have something near the Full Moon/eclipse degree point it will be more profound.

So that's my take on well everyone.

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