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Astrology and NCAA Football

Here is my update on the College Football season of course using Astrology. Here are the current top 15 teams plus a few other undefeated's at this point.

Several teams in the big 12 have great records and many of them have not played yet. All these teams are good but the best of them Baylor is without it's QB for the rest of the season. I look for all of them to knock each other off at least once and the Big 12 will again miss out on the BCS Championship playoff.

The AAC has big been the big surprise conference with 3 undefeated teams left as we head into November. Houston has the best chance to win out but will they move up enough to gain a playoff spot.

What I see as the biggest games remaining in the season that could switch this are: LSU @Alabama, Notre Dame @ Stanford and Michigan St. @ Ohio St.

These teams I did not project to make the playoffs but all control their destiny and if they get on a hot streak and win out could into the playoffs: LSU, TCU,Michigan St.,Notre Dame, Iowa, Oklahoma St, Oklahoma, Florida.

I am including their toughest remaining games and their best Astrological transits for the rest of the season.

1. Ohio St.- Finally starting to look like the team that finished last season. It will take a monumental effort to beat them.Toughest remaining games :Michigan st, @Michigan . Biggest transits for the rest of the season: Nodes square to the Nodes.

2.Baylor- Looked like the best Big 12 team this year so far but injury to QB will catch up to them, too many tough games left to win out.@Kansas St, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., @TCU. Nodes square Pluto, Nodes square Uranus.

3. Clemson- Looked great all season and have a win over N. Dame. If they can not get upset at NC St and if they can defeat Florida St. at home they should make playoffs.@NC St., Florida St. Uranus square Saturn, Nodes square Pluto, Saturn square Uranus.

4.LSU- Have looked like the best SEC team this year. Fournette all but has the Heisman wrapped up. I just don't know that they can go to Alabama and win although Alabama has looked shaky at times. In a 1 off game I have to go with Alabama at home. @Alabama, @Ole Miss, Texas A&M. Mars conjunct Mars, Saturn opposite Neptune,Saturn opposite Pluto.

5.TCU- Have looked amazing offensively but the D, which is usually their strong point has been very questionable. 2 very tough road games left , I just see a slip up coming.WVU, @Oklahoma St., @Oklahoma, Baylor. Jupiter opposite jupiter, Jupiter square Pluto.

6.Michigan St.- Has looked very underwhelming in being undefeated. They will defeat everyone else left on their schedule but asking them to win in Columbus is unlikely with the Buckeyes starting to round into shape. @ Ohio St. . Jupiter square Nodes.

7. Alabama- I've learned not to bet against them. They have a home loss and have been very inconsistent at times but I'm picking them to win at home vs. LSU and Auburn has struggled this year. LSU, @Auburn. Uranus square Saturn, Saturn conjunct Uranus, Jupiter square Pluto.

8.Stanford- Has rebounded from season opening loss to Northwestern and if they can defeat Notre Dame at home and win the pac 10 championship they should be in. Cal, N. Dame. Saturn trine Neptune,Jupiter square Nodes.

9.Notre Dame- Have played very well this year with a difficult schedule. Should knock off Temple and Pitt on the road but will lose a close one at Stanford to end season. @Temple, @Pitt, @ Stanford. Mars conjunct Mars, Saturn opposite Pluto,Jupiter square to Pluto,Jupiter square Nodes.

10.Iowa- I have issue with the Big 10 schedule makers and the cross over conference games,they don't play any of the 5 top teams from the East Division. They should win out their regular season games but will be no match in the Big 10 championship game.Big 10 championship. Saturn conjunct Uranus,Jupiter square Pluto.

11.Florida- Have looked great this year. If they win out they could sneak in.Georgia, Florida St. Jupiter conjunct North Node,Jupiter square Pluto.

12.Oklahoma St.- Still undefeated and have the top 3 teams in the conference left on schedule and all are at home. This would be a sneaky pick to get into playoffs.@Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma. Mars conjunct Mars, Mars trine Saturn.

13.Utah- Looked great to start season until getting destroyed by USC, may not be able to recover from it even if they win out.@Arizona, UCLA.Saturn opposite Neptune, Saturn opposite Pluto.

14.Oklahoma- Looked terrible against Texas, but they always seem to rebound great from under achieving seasons. A good sleeper pick with TCU at home and Baylor missing their QB.@Baylor, TCU, @Oklahoma St.-last 3 games of season.Jupiter opposite Jupiter, Saturn conjunct Mars, Nodes square Pluto.

15. Michigan- Much improved obviously and should have won against Michigan St., but it will keep them out of the playoffs. @ Ohio St. . Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Jupiter trine Neptune.

Memphis- Have played great and defeated Ole Miss,but 2 tough conference road games are left. @Houston,@Temple. No chart available.

Houston- Ex-Ohio St. QB coach has them playing great. I look for them to win out. Game against Memphis will be a shootout. I don't know if they wil accumulate enough points to get into playoffs though even if they go undefeated.Vandy, Cincy, Memphis. Mars conjunct Neptune, Jupiter square Nodes.

Temple- Best start in school history and have 2 toughest games left at home. Not sure if they can pull off an upset of Notre Dame although I expect it to be close. N. Dame, Memphis. Saturn trine Uranus,Neptune opposite Neptune, Uranus opposite Pluto.

Toledo- 3 wins vs. power 5 conference teams . Will have to defeat very good Bowling Green team twice in a row most likely to stay undefeated. N. Illinois, @ Bowling Green, MAC Championship [ Bowling Green again]. Saturn opposite Jupiter,Neptune conjunct Jupiter,Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

My updated predictions for the BCS Playoffs are:

COTTON BOWL [12/31] Alabama over Clemson

ORANGE BOWL [12/31] Ohio St. over Stanford

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP [1/11] Ohio St. over Alabama

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