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Astrology and MLB Predictions

Here is my look at the MLB Playoffs using Astrology. Apparently I translated a few transits incorrectly. I picked 4 of the 5 NL Playoff teams correctly including 2 of the 3 division winners and both wildcards. In the AL I didn't do so well. I picked none of the AL Playoff teams correctly. Ouch!.I did correctly pick 17 teams records correct within a 10 game plus or minus. Trying to look over 162 game season the is fairly reasonable I feel.We have 3 repeat playoff teams in the NL from last year [ Cards, Pirates, Dodgers] and 2 new participants [ Mets and Cubs ] and only 1 repeat team in the AL [ Royals] and 4 newbies [ Blue Jays, Rangers, Astros and Yankees].

The big stories this year was the disappointing seasons of the Nationals, Mariners, Angels, Red Sox, A's and Tigers and the surprise teams on the good side are the Cubs, Mets, Astros ,and the biggest surprise to me, the Rangers who looked horrible last year and finished in last place only to finish in first place this year. The Rangers and Cubs both finished in last place last year and moved up to win playoff berths this year. The Twins also finished in last place last year and nearly grabbed a wild card this year. The Astros who grabbed the second Wild Card in the AL finished 4th last year.

On the bad side the A's lost 20 more games than last year the Tigers lost 16 more games than last year, the, Baltimore -15 ,Nationals -13 , Seattle -11, Angels -10, and Red Sox -7. The 2 biggest shocks to me we're the Angels and the Nationals who I picked to be playing in the World Series. Here are the transits happening for these 2 teams. The Angels have transiting Uranus almost exactly conjunct the Sun and Venus in the team chart as well as transiting Jupiter sitting on their natal Pluto, North Node conjunction. Once in awhile a Jupiter transit can cause big explosions. As far as the Nationals transiting Uranus is square to their natal Saturn Pluto in opposition to their Saturn, transiting Uranus conjunct their Natal Sun, Venus conjunction and transiting Neptune conjunct their natal Uranus. So to point out the similarity there transiting Uranus hitting the natal Sun, Venus conjunction as well as some stressful out planet transits.

On the good side the teams with the biggest upswings this year we're the Cubs +24 wins, Rangers +21, Astro's +16, Twins +13, Mets +11 and the Blue Jays +10. The Astros are making their first playoff appearance since 2005 . Jupiter in the Astros team chart is at 3 Pisces and currently transiting Neptune is conjunct that within 4 degrees. In 2005 when they last made the playoffs transiting Uranus was at 7 Pisces and conjunct their natal Jupiter.

For the Blue Jays transiting Uranus is approaching their South Node and conjunct their natal Sun, Venus conjunction. In 1985 when they won their first division title transiting Saturn was conjunct their Natal Moon and opposite their Jupiter.. In 1992-1993 when they won back to back World Series titles transiting Jupiter was in Virgo in 1992 forming a t-square to their natal Jupiter, Moon opposition and in 1993 the transiting North Node was conjunct their Natal Moon and opposite their Jupiter.

Just an fyi the last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. Jupiter was in Virgo at that time and Uranus was in the Mid degrees of Capricorn where Pluto is now.

One stat I want to bring up is total runs scored differential. How many more runs did a certain team score over their opponents throughout the year. Most teams that make the playoffs will outscore their opponents by at least a few runs over the course of a season as one would expect Most of the playoff teams outscored their opponents in the area of 66-81 runs for the season with a couple exceptions. The Rangers only scored 18 more runs than their opponents this year. Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Houston all outscored their opponents by a little over 100 runs this season...pretty impressive.

There is 1 other team that feel outside of the normal range though.. the Toronto Blue Jays. On Tuesday June 2nd after having lost the first game of a DH to the Nationals the Blue Jays were 23-30 and in last place in the AL East. Even on July 28th after having lost to the Phillies they were 50-51 and 8 games behind the Yankees and in 4th place. The Blue Jays rested some starters at the end of the season and finished 1-4 in their last 5 games. Between July 29th and the end of September the Blue Jays went 43-18.

So back to the original topic..scoring differential. The Cardinals had the best record in baseball and were the only team to win 100 games and they outscored their opponents by 122 runs..outstanding! The Blue Jays outscored their opponents this year by 221 runs. They had an almost 100 plus run differential over the team that had the best record in baseball! The Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Rangers [ 3 division winners there] outscored their opponents by 226 combined runs between the 4 of them. I am trying to impress upon you that this was a major ass kicking. The Blue Jays destroyed people. Also they traded for an all-star ss at the trading deadline who is now injured, played the first half of the season without an all-star pitcher that they also got at the trading deadline and their top minor league pitching prospect got injured in spring training and missed most of the regular season. Missing 2 all-stars for half the year and their top prospect..and they outscore their opponents by almost 2 ½ runs per game. This was domination.

So I totaled up a bunch of different astrological transits compared with previous World Series winners and other nerdy number crunching and here are my playoff predictions:

NL Playoffs


Pirates over Cubs

Divisional round

Cardinals over Pirates

Mets over Dodgers

NL Championship Cardinals over Mets

AL Playoffs


Astros over Yankees

Divisional round

Blue Jays over Rangers

Astros over Royals

AL Championship

Blue Jays over Astros

World Series Blue Jays over Cardinals

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