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Astrology and BCS Championship

We’re going to take a quick look at the second BCS Championship game using Astrology. Clemson comes in ranked no.1 and undefeated while Alabama comes in ranked no.2 with 1 loss . Alabama is a 6 ½ point favorite. Alabama has 15 National Championships all time, including 3 of the last 6 ,while Clemson has 1 [ 1981]. The first interesting note is that just like the last 2 Super Bowls this game will be played with a Moon Void of course for the entire game. The Moon will go void at 8:30 p.m. in Aquarius which is about 30 minutes before kickoff. In most [ not all] instances In have found that the Void of course Moon favors the favorite.

Both Quarterbacks in this game are Virgo’s, Both coaches are Scorpios. Clemson’s coach was actually born in Alabama and there is talk that if Alabama’s coach leaves to go to the NFL he may be replaced by Clemson’s coach. Both of these teams started playing football in 1902, less than a week apart so their charts only main difference is the Moon sign for the team chart. So lots of similarities here which obviously makes it a bit difficult.

Speaking of the coach's it is interesting to note that today there is still a conjunction between Jupiter and the North Node at 23 Virgo. Clemson coach Dabo Sweeney has his Natal Pluto at 26 Virgo and his South Node at 18 Virgo. Alabama coach Nick Saban has his Natal Venus at 26 Virgo and his Mars at 16 Virgo.

Alabama’s team chart has it’s Moon in late Capricorn and Clemson’s team chart has it’s moon in the middle degrees of Scorpio. So often I have found that when a game is played during a void of course Moon that the underdog will often lead or keep the game very close up until the end when the favorite will come back and end up winning. One example to the opposite is Super Bowl 48 where Denver was a 2 ½ fave over Seattle but Seattle destroyed the Broncos. The Moon was void in a water sign for that game which formed an aspect to the inner planets of many of Denver’s key players..arguably zapping the energy and focus of the Bronco’s, at least on the scoreboard that certainly happened.

So I’m take the Crimson Tide to win a close one in a high scoring and emotionally charged game. Alabama 38-31. As the Marx brothers said Alabama ..the tuscaloosa.


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