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Astrology and NFL Preview

Nfl Preview We are 2 baffling, confusing and injury riddled weeks into the NFL season so here are my thoughts so far and my season predictions for the 2015 season using a mix of Astrology and sports knowledge. The first 2 weeks are usually not a good indicator of what's going to happen for the rest of the season but here's what we know so far. 1. You need to have a good backup QB. 2. When he is healthy, Carson Palmer is still a really good QB. 3. 7 playoff teams from last year have started 2-0. 4. Consistency is a rarity, not the norm. 5. If you play fantasy football do not count on rookie's the first month of the season. [ see no.4 above]. 6. 4 playoff teams from last year have started 0-2. [ see no. 4 above]. 7. In week 2 the Browns, Raiders, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Redskins and Falcons all won. These teams we're all bad last year [ see no.4 above]. 8.10 underdogs won in week 2.[ see no.4 above]. 9. There were 6 teams that we're favored to win by 6 pts or more in week 2, only Pittsburgh won. [ see no.4 above]. 10. 6 home favorite's lost in week 2. [ see no.4 above]. 11. Antonio Brown and Julius Jones are the 2 best wr's in the league. 12. Having a good offensive line matters [ see Demarco Murray]. 13. What a player or team did last year does not matter this year. [ see no.'s 4 above]. 14. Depending on injury status, in week 3 we may have 9 teams with a different qb than was expected to be the starter early in pre-season either due to injury or playing ability. [ see no.1 above]. 15. My Favorite NFL team is the St. Louis Rams so I have to point this out. One of the biggest offseason trades was Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. Bradford has a pretty god offensive line and very good skill position players while the Rams have the youngest offensive line in the league and not nearly the set of skill position players to work with. Stats through 2 games: Bradford [ 0-2]: 59-89 560 yds 2 td 4 int Foles [1-1] : 35-59 447 yds 2 td 0 int I am happy with this.

AFC EAST 1. N.ENGLAND 12-4 - They are defending champs but the rest of the division is catching up to them.

2. N.Y. JETS 11-5– I really like their offseason moves. Their defense is greatly improved and Fitzpatrick is solid and runs the offense well.

3. BUFFALO 10-6 – Rex will get them to play. They will be very tough if they get some qb play and Taylor has looked good so far.

4. MIAMI 9-7– I think they have put good pieces in place and they are closing in on the Pats. Seem to have some cohesiveness issues so far though.

NORTH 1. CINCY 12-4- I like that Mike Brown has not over reacted to playoff losses and kept the core of the team together. They just need a little confidence in big games. The class of the AFC North for certain.

2 .PITTSBURGH 9-7 – Their schedule is not as favorable as last year. They always seem to be in the thick of things but they have some injuries and suspensions to deal with. Defense is in rebuild mode and schedule is very tough.

3. BALTIMORE 7-9 – Lots of player A little thin at skill positions.changes in the offseason but they draft well and they are above average.

4. CLEVELAND 5-11 – They had a better draft than last year and they have improved overall at WR but still a little weak. Losing TE Cameron was a mistake. Somehow, someway they have actually gotten worse at idea how they accomplished that.They will play hard and will be difficult for some teams to beat but their skill positions are weak they just won't be able to score enough to win many games.

AFC SOUTH 1. INDY 11-5 – Not impressed with their offseason but they way outclass the rest of this division. Schedule is amazing.

2. HOUSTON 6-10– This team could go either way. They were not as bad as I thought they would be last year and they have great talent at spots. QB situation is iffy and they will be RB by committee this year with Foster injured already.

3. JACKSONVILLE 5-11- I think they are in position to improve. A lot will depend on Bortles development.

4. TENNESSEE 3-13 – Whisenhunt is a good coach but this team is kind of a mess right now. I don't see much improvement this year but I think Mariotta will be better than Winston.


1. DENVER 11-5 – They are shifting to the running game but they still have Peyton. I would not be surprised if this is his last season.

2. KANSAS CITY 9-7 – They will be competitive but offense struggles with passing game. If they stay healthy they will be a tough out. 3. SAN DIEGO 9-7 – I sense a slight downswing here but still competitive. 3 games at 1 p.m. on east coast don't help.

4. OAKLAND 6-10I think they are finally rebuilding properly and may have some pieces in place. Will still finish in last but at least heading in right direction finally.

NFC EAST 1. DALLAS 10-6 Will be solid on D after suspended players come back. I like where they are as a team. Injury to Romo obviously will be an issue.

2. NY GIANTS 9-7- Seem to have continual injury problems. Manning played well late last season after adapting to new offense. If Cruz and Jennings are healthy they should be a handful on offense. D still has some issues. I like their schedule.

3. PHILLY 6-10 – I have no idea what they're doing. They have 3 starting RB's, no qb's that can stay healthy and have let go 2 pro bowl WR's with nothing in return. Defense may or may not have solved issues. I think this will blow up in Chip Kelly's face.

4. WASHINGTON 5-11- The coach or the QB will not make it through this season. Defense will be poor and offense inconsistent.


1.GREEN BAY 13-3 What's not to like. A little better play from Defense and they can reach Super Bowl.

2. MINNESOTA 10-6 – I can't quite figure these guys out. They seem to have rebuilt and if they get good play from Bridgewater can challenge for Wild card berth.

3. DETROIT 8-8– I think Suh's lack of disruption in the clubhouse and lack of penalties on the field will can be made up for if they get good play out of dl replacements.

4. CHICAGO 4-12 – Fox is a good coach but I think they will struggle at times. Lots of holes on Defense.

NFC SOUTH 1. ATLANTA 9-7– They cannot have as many injuries As they did last year so it will come down to did they make the right personnel changes. I look for Ryan to bounce back and they are very strong at wr. Defense will take some time to rebuild though but appear much improved through 2 games.

2.CAROLINA 8-8 – Looks like they figured some things out last part of last season. Schedule is very friendly and they may repeat as division champs even though they had few quality wins last year. Still haven't beaten a quality opponent since early last year.

3. NEW ORLEANS 5-11– I don't like the direction they are going in. Defense was bad, home field advantage vanished and lost 3 of top 5 receivers and Colston is looking ol. I think they are on a downward trend. They will bounce back a bit from last year but not enough to catch Carolina.

4. TAMPA BAY 5-11- I don't like the pick of Winston at number 1. I think they will be better across the board and Lovie is a good coach. I look for slight improvement. I think there is great potential at RB if they stay healthy.


1. SEATTLE 11-5 – Will they have Super Bowl loser hangover? Obviously very strong still but I look for a slight dropoff. Teams normally do not recover from Super Bowl losses very well.

2. ARIZONA 10-6 – This one is tricky. Played awesome last year without any healthy qb's and inconsistent RB play. If Palmer stays healthy they could win 12 and be very dangerous. 3 1 p.m. East coast games could be difficult.

3. ST. LOUIS 9-7 – I am a Sam Bradford fan but you can't let an injury to the same player every year wreck your season. Foles is an upgrade and will rebound from struggle last year. Best dl in football but still a bit weak in secondary and young ol will need time to jell. I think their wr corp is better than people think.

4. SAN FRANCISCO 5-11– Too many player losses, retirements and coaching changes. Qb situation shaky. I think they take a tumble this year.


AFC Wildcard Indy over NY Jets Denver over Buffalo

Divisional round Cincy over Denver Indy over Pats

AFC Championship Indy over Cincy

NFC Wildcard minnesota over atlanta dallas over arizona

Divisional round seattle over minnesota green bay over dallas

NFC Championship green bay over seattle

Super Bowl

Green bay over Indy


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