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Astrology and Stanley Cup Playoffs

Welcome back, it’s been a year since last year’s shocking Stanley Cup results when for the first time ever a no. 8 seed hoists the cup. What did we learn from last years experience ? Well we learned that Pluto doesn’t always have to be a downer… that intensity can take a player that was up and down all year and focus them to an All –star level. Not to mention that if you are an underdog team you want that Uranus in Aries energy [see the Kings again ]. Also we learned that more so than in any other sport the Goalie is the most important position in any sport. More than a Quarterback or a pitcher, a hot Goalie can wipe out any mistake his team makes.

I may have picked the rest of the playoffs wrong last year [as did the entire Earth ] but I did pick the Kings in the Finals [ see last years blog below ].

Okay onto this years Stanley Cup playoffs where I try to redeem myself for last year’s poor performance. Let’s look at the matchups and who the hot Goalie’s may be this year.

Didn’t quite get this done before the second round started but remember…..this is for educational purposes not gambling [ kinda ].

A few interesting notes so far. 4 of the first 8 playoff series were upsets with the 6 and 7 seeds upsetting the 2 and 3 seeds in both conferences.



[1] PENGUINS over [7] SENATORS – Penguins have lots of firepower and been getting great goaltending … but not from their starter Fleury [ Sag. ] but from his backup Vokoun [ Cancer] . Ottawa’s Anderson [ Gemini ] is in a little over his head.

[4] BRUINS over [6] RANGERS – battle of Pisces goaltenders goes to the Bruins as Rangers still have trouble scoring.


[1] PENGUINS ] over [4] Bruins- matchup of water sign goalie’s again. In another interesting matchup Boston’s Rusk [ Pisces] has defeated 2 other Piscean goalie’s in the first 2 rounds. This time he takes on another water sign in Pitt’s Vokoun [ Cancer ] . Both goalie’s charts look great right now , both team charts look great right now. When all looks even chart wise … go with the most talent . Penguins in 7.


[1] BLACKHAWKS over [7] RED WINGS – An always bitter division rivalry [ there’s my obligatory cliché ] this should play out interestingly. Detroit’s Howard [ Aries ] Sun is square to Chicago’s Crawford [ Capricorn ] . Interestingly enough transiting Uranus is Aries and transiting Pluto is in Capricorn conjunct the Sun’s of the respective goaltenders and not only that but there is an Exact Uranus Pluto square the day I am writing this. While the Redwings played great the last part of the regular season to squeeze into the playoffs by 1 point , we all know that the outer planet trumps the inner one. Blackhawks in a hard fought [ cliché no. 2 ] series that will go 6 or 7 games.

[4] KINGS over [6] SHARKS – I know the Kings won the first 2 games of this series but I like the Sharks to keep this very interesting and take it to 7 games before bowing out to the defending champions.


[1] BLACKHAWKS over [4] KINGS- defending champs play good but the BLACKHAWKS say “ king me “ . Crawford has Pluto conjunct his Sun with the Saturn in Scorpio mutual reception still happening. That’s double the focus. BLACKHAWKS.


Rematch of a couple seasons ago. Early in the season the Blackhawks clearly looked like the best team in the league but the Penguins made some trades and got a little healthy late in the season.

Penguins in a good series .


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