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Astrology and Stanley Cup Playoffs

Here are my Sports Astrology predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. One thing of note is that in Hockey more so than in other sports there is one man [ Goalie] more responsible for a teams success than any 1 player in any other sport. The NHL playoffs also tend to have way more upsets than any any other sport because of the previous Goalie gets hot and it doesn't matter what the other players do to a large extent so I looked hard at the charts of the Goalie's as well as the charts of the teams here.

Another Astrology reminder here ..great amounts of energy can either implode or explode. There are 7 of the 18 [ 2 teams rotate Goalies quite a bit ] starting Goalies that have ex/im-plosive charts right now, I will rely heavily on the team charts as well to see which way I think these will go. The 7 Goalies are:

Mrazek [ Det.] Lundvqist [ NYR] Holtby [ WASH. ] Halak [ NYI] Anderson [ Ana.] Dubanyk [ Min.] Elliott [ ST.l ]

If you are into sleeper picks ...I like Ottowa and Minnesota for my long shot potentials.


[1] RANGERS VS. [8] PENGUINS- Rangers had most points in NHL this year and the Penguins are limping into playoffs. Rangers in 5 games

[2] CANADIENS] VS. [7] SENATORS- Canadiens were much better during regular season but have some injuries and the Senators are hot and won the last 3 regular season matchups between these teams. Ottawa in an upset in 6 games.

[3] LIGHTNING VS. [6] RED WINGS- Tampa has too much firepower vs. a young goalie. My pick is Mrazek will implode. Tampa in 6 games.

[4] CAPITALS VS. [5] ISLANDERS- This one is tough as the 4 vs. 5 matchups usually are. Both goalies have hot charts right now. I like the Capitals in 7 very close games.


RANGERS over CAPITALS- 6 games

Conference Finals



[1] DUCKS VS. [7] JETS- Too much experience , too good in 1 goal games and too good of a chart for the Goalie..all in Anaheim's favour. Ducks in 5.

[2] BLUES VS. [6] WILD- I struggled with this one. The Blues have played well lately and Goalie Elliott has nice transits. Wild Goalie Dubnyk was aquired in a trade earlier in the season and has been ridiculously good. I will not be surprised if the Wild pulls an upset. Blues in 7

[3] PREDATORS VS. [4] BLACKHAWKS – Nashville has been great all season except for the last part. Blackhawks have too much experience , great transits and key players now returning from injuries now. Great season for the Pred's but too much to overcome. Blackhawks in 7.

[5] CANUCKS VS. [8] FLAMES – close matchup I like Calgary in 7 games.

Second round

BLACKHAWKS over BLUES- 7 games

DUCKS over FLAMES- 6 games

Conference Finals

BLACKHAWKS over DUCKS – 7 games

STANLEY CUP FINALS- RANGERS over Blackhawks -6 games

RANGERS and BLACKHAWKS both have Pluto at 15 Cancer which is almost exacty opposite to the Pluto station at 16 Capricorn on April 16th. This will fuel both teams to the finals but the Rangers are too hot for the BLACKHAWKS to add another trophy to their case.


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