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Super Bowl 50: Sports Astrology

Here is my Super Bowl 50 preview using Astrology. Just to update I have picked 7 of the 10 Playoff games so far correctly and I picked the Broncos to win it all at the beginning of the Playoffs. I have picked 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls correctly only just missing the exact final score last year on New England's late TD.

Denver gets here riding the league's best Defense and recently healthy QB Peyton Manning and Carolina comes in with the league's best offense and MVP Cam Newton.

Carolina Coach Ron Rivera has transiting Pluto conjunct his Sun and Venus and Cam Newton has transiting Pluto trine his Sun and conjunct his Saturn/ Neptune conjunction in his chart.

For Denver ,Manning has transiting Saturn conjunct his Natal Neptune which can be either fulfillment or dashing of dreams. Head Coach Gary Kubiak has Sun in Leo which is opposed by the Aquarius Sun in the game chart. Also WR Demaryius Thomas has his Mars at 20 Scorpio and is days away from having his Mars return. Perhaps he will get back to his previous self after what has been an underwhelming playoffs so far for him.

The Moon is in Aquarius for the entire game [ no void of course this time] and conjunct the Sun. Strange things happen when the Moon is in Aquarius. Don't be surprised if there's a defensive TD, or big Special teams play or strange bounces of the ball.

We also have Mars in Scorpio for the game, I predict this to be a hard fought defensive struggle at times. Backed with the Aquarius Sun and Moon which are square to Mars I see the defense's being able to create enough chaos to keep the Offense's in check.

The chart for the beginning of the game has Uranus near the Midheaven, perhaps a Special Teams or Defensive Touchdown near the start of the game.

Looking at the end of game chart the Midheaven will be somewhere around 4 degrees of Gemini. Looking for key players with planets at these degrees we have Cam Newton with his Mercury at 6 Gemini and his Venus at 0 Gemini.

On the Defensive side Denver players Von Miller and Chris Harris have planets near 4 Gemini also. Harris has Mercury at 4 Gemini and Miller has Mars and Jupiter at 8 and 2 Gemini respectively.

Carolina's Defensive star Luke Kuechly was born within 3 days of both a Uranus and Neptune station at 13 and 16 Capricorn. These planets are being positively aspected by transiting Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and the North Node. Luke also has his Pluto at 19 Scorpio, a mere 1 degree away from transiting Mars in Scorpio which is at 18 Scorpio. He has scored a defensive TD in each of the first 2 playoff games for the Panthers.

Even though there is lots of star power on both sides of the ball the Defenses of these teams are extremely strong. Von Miller and Luke Kuechly will harass Newton and Manning and be major factors, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them scores or at least forces a turnover.their North Node at 15 Virgo.

Looking at the team charts we see that both teams have some planets near the Ascendant of the end of game chart which should be somewhere around 7 Virgo. The Panthers have their Venus at 14 Virgo and the Broncos have their Pluto at 6 Virgo and their North Node at 15 Virgo. Interestingly the Broncos Nodes are in the same signs as the current Nodes.. North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces. This appears to be a good omen for Denver. Also another interesting note on the Node is that Carolina has their Saturn at 22 Pisces, exactly the degree the current South Node is. This is a tricky combo but could this show the Panthers rewriting their past Karma and getting their first Super Bowl win?

So it seems every year there's that one guy has has not done much throughout the year that makes big plays in the Super Bowl.Panthers WR David Funchess has his Sun at 0 Gemini conjunct Cam's Venus and it's near the midheaven at the end of the game. Funchess also has his Mercury at 20 Gemini getting a trine from the Sun and the Moon...perhaps this is our surprise player this year.

On a weird note ...the conference championship games were played on the day the X-files limited series came back to tv directly following the games. So we had the return of Fox Mulder on the Fox network right after the games where the teams for the Super Bowl were decided. The previous coach for the Broncos when they went to the SB 2 years ago was current Bears coach Jon Fox. The only other time the Panthers have been to the SB was under the coach before Ron Rivera... who was also Jon Fox. I think this means something symbolically but I'm not sure exactly what.

My pick is the Broncos play a great game to try and give Manning another Super Bowl win in what will turn out to be his last game. While both teams have some good transits happening I think Rivera and Newton have a little more energy in their favor. I see the Panthers winning 29-23 in the first overtime game in Super Bowl History.

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