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Greetings people of Earth. Yes I know I'm a few days late on these but this is for educationaI purposes only not gambling purposes. I think it's good to challenge yourself from time to time , just to kinda keep yourself on your toes. While trying to rummage through my brain for some ideas for a challenge I came up with trying to see how many people I could get to read one of my blogs. Shortly after this idea came into my head I realized that even though I have a solid group of people that attend my class [ Thanks Dad and Sister ! ] and I give some lectures and I have been on some Internet radio shows , in the grand scheme of things I really am not a famous person [ you're welcome !] . I'm sure that Dr. Phil and the Kardashians and the Octomom and Charle Sheen and others probably have millions of people that read their blogs [ actually I don't know if any of those people have Blogs so I'm kind of embellishing here for dramatic purposes ] or their tweets [ No I am not on Twitter so don't look for me there ] So then it came to me .. I shall go the opposite way [ as I often do ] of the tide [ does this put me in the Salmon family ?]. I shall try to write a blog that absolutely no one will read.. I'm sure it's been done before but I usually have a few people that read my blogs [ even if it's against their will or over the phone or it has to be enclosed in a gift card ] but this was a task I 'm sure I was up to .

So I had to come up with a topic that would go over like a Led Zeppelin [ that would be a good name for a band actually ] . And being this is my Astrology blog it would have to have something to do with the application of Astrology to something . As I live in the United States most of my clients and followers are American [ although I hear that I'm big in Canada ....just kidding ] .although I do have friends in Canada and New Zealand and the Ukraine and probably other places as well [ Thanks Facebook ! you really do help people's NOT just a movie ]. So what do Americans care the least about ?.No... it's not the Federal Reserve System's Hockey . For those of you who do not live in Canada , the Czech Republic or countries that were part of the former Soviet Union [ You know who you are Stans ! ..] hockey is a Sport that is over 25 years old ![ Actually the NHL itself is 94 years old] and is played with a puck which is shot into a netted goal [ if done properly ] . So every year in the spring the tournament to decide who will hold Lord Stanley's Cup [ yes that does almost sound dirty ] . Being that i actually AM a Hockey fan I will attempt to use my Astrological knowledge to predict who will be hoisting the magical cup 2 months from now. Also I may be the first person to attempt this ..and I 'm not using any wires or nets.You may not want to try this at home.

All kidding aside the NHL Playoffs are actually one of the best Playoffs of any of the Sports , there are always lots of upsets and the intensity level is probably unmatched in Sports. Another fun part of it is that the teams are reseeded after the first round so that you often have the underdogs having to spring multiple upsets to get to the Finals [ which often happens] . Also , unlike most of the other team sports [ except for perhaps Baseball ], in Hockey if you have a Goalie get hot you can have 1 person dominate and completely control the outcome of a game or a series. So sometimes you can have a team that barely makes the playoffs make it all the way to the Finals on the back of one person as can somewhat happen if you have a pitcher that gets hot, although a Pitcher cannot play every game like a Goalie can but he can control a specific game .

As far as rulerships with Hockey Jupiter [ Sports in general as well as luck ] is a usual suspect as is Mars [ aggression ] and Uranus [ surprise events ] as goals are usually results of a tremendous individual play or a strange unexpected bounce and Pluto [ sustained long term focused defensive effort ] . Okay that being said I researched to find the first games of all the NHL teams and particularly the 16 that made the playoffs ,produced their Team Natal charts , looked at the transits to said charts and then placed a group of Monkey's in a room with darts and a dartboard with the Team names on it .Just checking to see if you're still paying attention , the agent for the Monkey's wouldn't return my calls. I also looked at past years when there were similar planetary influences happening and TADA ! you get a wild guess . Just kidding , it's more scientific than that . Like I've said in my other Sports blogs, there's no one thing to look for in transits to a Team's chart it's like looking at different hands of Poker to see who has the best one , thus there could be some user error or difference in interpretation. Okay , now that I've made a disclaimer's what I saw from looking at the charts of the 16 playoff teams [ seed's in parenthesis ].

Eastern Conference

First round

[1] Washington over [8] N Y Rangers 4-2

[2] Philadelphia over [7] Buffalo 4-3

[6] Montreal over [3] Boston 4-3

[5] Tampa Bay over [4] Pittsburgh 4-3


[6] Montreal over [1] Washington 4-3

[2] Philadelphia over [5] Tampa 4-3

conference finals

[2] Philadelphia over [6] Montreal 4-3

Western Conference

First round

[1] Vancouver over [8] Chicago 4-1

[2] San Jose over [7] LA Kings 4-3

[3] Detrit over [6] Phoenix 4-3

[4] Nashville over [5] Anaheim 4-3


[1] Vancouver over [4] Nashville 4-3

[2] San Jose over [3] Detroit 4-3

conference finals

San Jose over Vancouver 4-2

Stanley Cup Finals

San Jose over Phiadelphia 4-2

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