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NBA Finals and Astrology: Last year doesn't matter

Here is my NBA Finals prediction using Astrology.

The overall pick by most prognosticators is a repeat of the Warriors victory over Cleveland last year in the Finals. The Warriors had the best regular season record in NBA History this season at 73-9 and having defeated the Cavaliers last year in the Finals and beaten them both times in the regular season this year this should be an obvious Warriors win.

The Cavaliers have been in the NBA since 1970 and have never won an NBA Championship, with 2 finals appearances, both with Lebron. The Warriors won last year's championship along with the 1975 championship. Cleveland of course known for it's long history of curses has not won a professional sports championship since the Browns won the 1964 NFL pre-Super Bowl championship and the Indians having won the 1948 World Series. This is a cumulative 163 year streak between championships for the 3 major Cleveland Franchises. That's painful.

However, Planets move, Planets go retrograde, people evolve...perhaps we should wait a second and take a further look. Also keep in mind that 2 of the Cavaliers big 3 were injured and didn't play in last years finals [ Irving played 1 game].

Probably the top 2 players in the NBA are Stephen Curry [ Pisces] of the Warriors and Lebron James [ Capricorn]. Currently we have Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn the 2 outer most [ and thus most powerful planets] are in the same signs as their sun signs. Last year this favored Curry but this year with a focus on Earth sign energy [ Jupiter and North Node in Virgo] will this be enough for James to rewrite the script from last year?

Looking at the team charts for the teams the energy has shifted from last year. The Warriors have Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius which transiting Mars has just passed going retrograde. Their Saturn is in Gemini and being squared by Neptune..possible sloppiness or over confidence?

The Cavs have Saturn in Taurus in their team chart along with a Pluto Mars conjunction in late Virgo and South Node in low degrees of Virgo. The Pluto Mars conjunction loosely being hit by transiting Jupiter and North Node in Virgo which are forming a close trine to their Saturn.

As strange as reality has become this year.. I am picking the unthinkable. The curse shall be broken. Lebron brings a championship to Cleveland ..Cavs in 6...last year doesn't matter.

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