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2017 NFL Playoff predictions with Astrology

Here are my Predictions for the NFL Playoffs using Astrology.

I'll start with a brief overview of the Astrological energies. Craziness is the norm at this point with nearly every planet involved in part of a larger group aspect.

Cardinal T-square

Jupiter in Libra

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Uranus in Aries


Saturn conjunct Mercury which is still retrograde

Neptune and Venus and the South Node in a stellium in Pisces

5 planets/ Luminaries in Pisces including Mars conjunct Neptune [Pisces rules underdogs]

Saturn in Sag square Mars and Chiron in Pisces


lol..there are NO planets in fixed signs. Except for the Moon and that will only last till tomorrow.

I will repeat this again..there is NO fixed energy..nothing is settled or stable or guaranteed. Look at the world around you, this is playing out everywhere.


Saturn and Mercury are trine Uranus


5 planets in Pisces


Sun, Pluto in Capricorn


Jupiter in Libra

Translation: There will be upsets!leaning towards Offense at the moment.

For future reference in Football Saturn rules offense [ strategy] and Uranus rules defense [ stopping the other team by creating disruption or chaos].

So the main thing for these playoffs will be who can keep the chaos at bay long enough to score some points.

The AFC is weighed towards Defense teams right now and the NFC is leaning towards offense. Here

So you will notice my rankings are a bit different than the actual seeds. This is

because what the teams did months ago at the beginning of the season is meaningless and I am trying to find the hot teams with the transits to make a run at the Super Bowl. Right now Atlanta, Green Bay and the Giants have hot streaks in the NFC and Pittsburgh, Kansas City and New England have good runs in the AFC. I will look at the teams charts, the charts for the QB's for each team and the chart for each game to try and determine who will win each game.

The thing that popped out to me the most is that the teams that I feel have the 2 most powerful energies in their charts right now would not meet in the Super Bowl but in the second round of the AFC Playoffs when I see Pittsburgh visiting Kansas City. The actual seeds do not match up to the current transits for each team as we also have the teams with probably the 2 worst charts right now playing in the AFC Wild game between Oakland and Houston..both teams are having Quarterback issues to say the least.

Here are the seeds for each conference with my rankings using their Astrological transits afterwards and their likelihood to get to the Super Bowl.






























My overall rankings to win the Super Bowl:






Here are my game by game predictions with scores




The Lions come in with a 3 game losing streak, all vs. NFC playoff teams. 5 of the Lions 7 losses have been by 7 points or less.

Seattle has been awful since beating Carolina. They have lost 3 of their last 6 games and 2 of those 3 wins came against the Rams and 49ers. However they still have a strong home field advantage going 7-1 at home this year. The Moon is in Taurus for this game but goes Void of course at 9:23 p.m. EST.

I look for Detroit to beat the spread and possibly pull an upset . In the game chart Uranus is in the 10th house, Sun, Pluto and Mercury are in the 6th house with Saturn on the 6th house cusp. This shows disease with the favorite.I like the Lions to get up early and then hold on form the upset.

Prediction: Lions 23-20


This is a tough one. Both QB's have won Super Bowls, both teams are playing well [ Giants have won 9 of 11 , Packers won 6 straight to win their division and both teams defense's are playing much better.

Saturn and Mercury are in the 6th house of the game chart here showing possible upset. I look for a QB shootout. Rodgers Jupiter and Mercury are conjunct transiting Saturn and Mercury. Eli Manning has some tough inconjuncts at the end of the game. I look for the Packers to win a close one.

Prediction: Packers 34-31.



This game has upset written on it also. Uranus in 10th house of game chart. Saturn in the 6th house. There is a Moon / Neptune opposition that will occur late 2nd quarter or early third quarter of this game. However, this hits closer in Detroit's charts than it does in any of the Dallas charts. Uranus is also at the top of the chart but past the MC at the end of the game.

Matthew Stafford's Jupiter sits at the mc at the end of this game. There is lots of conflicting information here. The Moon and Neptune are sitting on the nodes of the Cowboys chart also.

Transiting Pluto is within 2 degrees of the Natal Uranus/ Neptune conjunct in Dak Prescott's chart and it is getting a trine from the Moon.

With this much differing info I am going to go with Dallas at home, but it will be close and I see both teams missing several opportunities to take control of the game. There will be sloppy play at times and both teams will have trouble getting in synch. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct the Cowboys Mercury and Venus.I reluctantly go with Dallas.

Prediction: Dallas 24-20

Disclaimer:If by chance the Seahawks do win at home the previous week against the Lions the Cowboys would play Green Bay or the Giants. I would take either of those teams over Dallas if that scenario occurs.


The Moon will be void the entire game. Hard to project who the favorite will be here but would guess Green Bay will be slightly favored.The Moon will be void in a trine aspect to Rodgers Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter.

The Moon is in an applying conjunction to Atlanta's Venus in their team chart. The Midheaven for the end of game chart is conjunct Matt Ryan's Moon and Mecury.

Aaron Rodgers has 6 planets in Sag and no planets in Earth signs. Matt Ryan has 4 in Taurus,2 on each side of the Mc at the end of the game plus the Moon will be forming a trine to his Neptune whereas Rodgers will be getting a lunar square to his Uranus. The Falcons team chart has 5 planets in Virgo and those will all be trining the mc of the end of game chart.

I see lots of lead changes and an exciting finish. The Falcons with Ryan and Julio Jones and Freeman are too much for Green Bays defense to stop.

Prediction: Falcons 35-30



I expect Dallas to be a very slight favorite in this game. The game chart has the Moon in the 6th house at the beginning of the game and Uranus on the MC at the end of the game. This says upset.

The Moon is in Sag for this game with 5 planets in Pisces still. Matt Ryans Venus is near the end of game MC. Ryan doesn't have a ton of playoff experience but he has some.The Cowboys have had a great season and they have a good young QB and RB for their future.

Prediction: Falcons 35-27




Both teams are struggling at QB . Osweiller has been bad and Cook for Oakland is the first QB in the modern era to make his first start in a playoff game. Having to do so on the road vs. the no.1 ranked defense will prove to be too great a task.

This game starts with 5 planets in Pisces on the Midheaven and ends with Uranus conjunct the midheaven. This game will be a defensive struggle as both teams have a hard time scoring with inadequate QB play. Uranus on the mc at the end of the game shows a possible surprise late, or a defensive TD. I would expect this to be a defensive TD for Houston late in the game in a low scoring affair.

Prediction:Texans 19-10.


Adam Gase has done a great job in his 1st year as Dolphins coach . That being said the Steelers will have a healthy trio of Roethlisberger, Brown and Bell in the playoffs for the first time. They will be the most difficult offense to stop and I don't see the Dolhpins doing it. The Steelers have excellent transits right now and their defense has improved throughout the season as they bring a 7 game winning streak into the playoffs.

The Dolphins only win over a team that finished over .500 in the regular season was against the Steelers in a game where Ben got injured. Pittsburgh's offense will be too much to stop this time.

Prediction: Steelers 34-17.



Nothing upsetting here. Brady's Saturn is getting a waning trine from both Saturn and Uranus. Houston is terrible offensively. Pats shut them out earlier in the year. Ugly and boring.

Prediction: Patriots 38-3


This is probably the 2 hardest teams to differentiate in the playoffs. Both teams are playing well. The Steelers destroyed KC early in the regular season in Pittsburgh with Ben throwing 5 td's and no interceptions and Bell getting 144 yards rushing and Antonio Brown catching 2 tds.

The Chiefs have a 4 planet stellium in Virgo getting a trine from Pluto in Capricorn. Alex Smith is getting an exact trine from Pluto to his Sun.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Roethlisberger's sun, Antonio Brown has a grand square involving his Sun and the transiting cardinal t-square. Laveon Bell is healthy for the 1st time going into the playoffs. The Steelers team chart has a natal square bewtween Uranus and Pluto that is being activated by the transiting Cardinal t-square. This may be the most powerful aspect any team has going right now. This aspect is waxing also so this energy will only grow through the course of the playoffs.

The term “ slugfest” is overused. That being said... this will be a slugfest. Roethlisberger's Sun and Bell's Mercury will be at the MC at the end of the game. I look for an all out war but Pittsburgh's big 3 come through late in the game and the Steelers winning this one on the road. When the Steelers big 3 are healthy no one is capable of stopping them.

If somehow KC wins this game I expect them to win at New England the following week. The Chiefs arguably have the second best chart right now.

Prediction: Steelers 33-30.



The Patriots chart looks good right now. They have lots of trine's and Brady has trine's to his Saturn. They are the favorite to win it all and they have the transiting North Node conjunct their venus and Pluto in their team chart. These are all winning aspects.

Back to what I stated earlier the Steelers have the most powerful transit, their natal Uranus / Pluto square is activated by the transiting t-square . This could blow up on them . Until I see somebody beat Pittsburgh with their big 3 healthy they will just have a little more nastiness, a little more energy and a little more chaos on offense than anyone else.

Prediction: Steelers 38-35



This will be a shootout.Perhaps the game's 2 best Wideouts in Antonio Brown and Julio Jones duel it out. Both teams have great transits, the Steelers transits are better. Transiting Jupiter is at 23 Libra now sqauring Roethlisberger's Nodes, opposite Pitsburgh's Uranus, square to their Pluto.

Prediction: Steelers 34-28

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