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BCS Championship: Catch a Tiger by the..

Here is my preview for tonight's BCS Championship game between Clemson and Alabama.

Usually I go over the teams charts first, Both teams started playing in 1902 and just 8 days apart so other than the moon their charts are very similar. There that was easy. Both coaches are Scorpio's also, We'll just move along then.

Up until today when I looked at Deshaun Watson's chart I had Alabama picked to win this game. Looking at Watson' chart [ 9/14/95 Gainesville, Fl no time of birth so we will use Noon ] I saw what was a crazy mix of transits. I have attached the chart of the game here with Watson's chart on the outside.

As you may know we currently have a Cardinal T-square happening along with a Mutable T-square [ with the Moon in the mid degrees of Gemini ] at the same time. Watson in his Natal chart has an exact Sun [ Virgo] / Saturn [ Pisces] opposition in Mutable signs along with a Cardinal T-square in his chart South Node in Aries, North Node and Mercury in Libra and Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn].The current Mutable t-square in Muteable signs is activating his Natal Sun/ Saturn opposition and the current transiting Cardinal T-square is activating his Natal Cardinal T-square. This is like ...a crazy amount of energy..I don't really have words for it..explosive..there , there's a word for it.

Clemson has been on a march for a repeat of last years National Championship game which Alabama won 45-40 [ I picked Alabama last year 38-31 see here... ]

Last year Alabama was a 6 ½ point favorite and they are anywhere form a 6-7 point favorite this year. Clemson's last National Championship was won on 1/1/82 winning the Orange Bowl. There was a Cardinal T-square at that time also.The last yeas has been upsets in almost all the major sports and I look for that trend to continue tonight.

The amount of energy in Watson's chart 6 planets including Natal and transiting in Mutable signs and 9 planets between his Natal and transiting planets in the cardinal t-square I see this playing out this way. He is either so wound up [ the Moon of the game chart is EXACTLY square his Natal Mars ] that he makes too many turnover's or he just has so much energy that he cannot be stopped. I'm leaning towards he makes a few mistakes early on perhaps and then right s the ship and leads the Tigers to revenge from last years Championship game.

Also notice the rarely used Part of fortune in the game chart is exactly conjunct his Neptune and within 4 degrees of exact conjunction of his Natal Uranus. Also his North Node is in the 1st house near the end of the game.

I know ..blah, blah, blah .. what does it mean? It means he overcomes any turnovers he may commit and he leads his team to the National Championship 38-34.

One last question to address here is how long will the Alabama dynasty last? Alabama's Saturn is at 22 Capricorn in their team chart.Pluto will be conjunct that Saturn in January of 2020. I will predict here that Nick Saban stays at Alabama through the end of the 2019 season before moving onto bigger challenges.

Prediction: Clemson 38-34

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