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NFL playoff update

Here is my update on the NFL Playoffs. As predicted I have 7 of the first 8 games correct. Ans I have 3 of the 4 teams in the conference finals correct also.

I am making one adjustment on my original predictions from the beginning of the playoffs. Originally I had Green Bay playing at Atlanta in the second round but with Seattle defeating Detroit in the 1st round the brackets changed and now they are playing in the NFC conference championship.

The reason I am doing this is that they are playing a week later and the original time I had them matched up the game chart is different. I had the Falcons as the favorite if they had played a week earlier and that chart showed the favorite winning [ and Atlanta was the favorite and did win].This game chart shows an upset. I had Atlanta playing at Dallas in this matchup originally but now it is Green Bay that is the underdog..thus my switch.

This game looks to be very, very close but the charts for both games today look to favor the underdog with the Moon in Sag at about 4degrees for the Atlanta -Green Bay game and the Moon at about 6 Sag for the start of the Steelers- Patriots game. Moon square Neptune=upset potential.

Las Vegas has the Falcons favored by 4 and the Patriots favored by 6. If I were a betting person I would take the Packers and Steelers and the points. If you are feeling a little riskier I would take them both straight up.

As I mentioned in my earlier post at the beginning of the playoffs the Steelers have the most powerful chart right now and they do not lose when their big 3 are healthy. The Patriots have beaten the Steelers each of the last 2 years and are the favorite to beat them again . However, the Steelers did not have their big 3 playing in either of those games.

So as of now I am taking Pittsburgh and Green Bay in the Super Bowl with Pittsburgh avenging their loss to the Pack in the Super Bowl of a few years ago.

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