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If you have planets between 26 Pisces and 3 Aries or were born in mid 1966- spring 1967 you should r

The last couple years I have talked about an awakening period for the Generation X clan. I consider these to be the people born in the 1960's and I focused in many of my classes and radio shows on those born between 1965-68 with the tight Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in their natal charts [ around the 18-24 Virgo range]. I have talked at length about how late 2015 through late 2016 this group would get a trine from transiting Pluto in Capricorn as well as conjunctions from transiting Jupiter in Virgo as well as the North Node in Virgo during this period with the highlight being the summer of 2016.

Many that I know in this group have been given the wake up call if you will. Upon further study of my own chart and those of others I ran across another time period of interest that is a few years down the road. Those born in mid 1966 through the spring of 1967 will also have Saturn in the late degrees of Pisces through the early degrees of Aries. This article will apply to those people as well as in some degree to anyone with planets in the last few degrees of Pisces through the first few degrees of Aries..let's call it 26 Pisces through 3 Aries.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and signifies the wrapping up or completion or letting go of old things while Aries is the beginning of the new year [ if you use the correct calender] and signifies new birth and new beginnings. Every year during February through April the inner planets will always move through these 2 signs and some years some of the outer planets will be there also. This is a changing over period..there are deaths and births and a changing of the guard if you will.

If you were born in mid 1966 through early 1967 your natal Saturn will be in the last few degrees of Pisces or the first few degrees of Aries. Old soul vs new soul, death vs. rebirth, old vs. young, the cross over point where the zodiac ends and then begins again.

Just so you know where I am coming from I have Sun at 29 Pisces and Saturn at 02 Aries so I have a vested interest in this. In looking at my chart a few years down the road I noticed a very key time period for myself as well as anyone with planets in those late Pisces/ early Aries degrees. The period I am looking at is the period from about April 2024 – February 2026. I can't tell you everything that will happen at this point but forewarned is forearmed..or something like that.

As you may know when planets station the energy of that planet is much more powerful than normal. If that planet happens to station on one of your planets than even more so. So I'm going to run down a little timeline of that period for you just so you know what's up.

First I want to briefly go over a couple of the key players here. Saturn, Neptune and the Nodes. Saturn is rules, structure, disciple, the great auditor. Saturn shows us limitations and helps us see what needs fixed. Saturn is also structures and it is also the structure of consciousness. I have found that many people will often show their Saturn sign as much as their Sun sign.. why?.. because that is how they structure their reality. I have Saturn in Aries...I often structure and confront my reality through an Aries point of view.

Neptune is the subconscious, intuition, the mystical, spiritual, paranormal part of our brain. Neptune rules all the weird stuff that we can't put our finger as well as the non 3d part of our reality.

The North Node is the future or the energy we need to embrace to go forward. The North Node is like watching a movie don't always get the whole movie at that time but you get to see enough to form an idea what you may like or if you would care to see that movies.

The South Node is past karma, things being worked on from previous lives and people and/or issues that we can draw upon for help but in the long term will hinder our growth.

If you follow the chakras Saturn is the 1st Chakra, Mars is the 3rd Chakra and Neptune is the co ruler of the 2nd chakra [ although there seems to be some discussion about this].

If you have kept a journal you may want to look back at these time periods to get a bit of the flavor that's coming:

May-July 2006 ..The North Node was between 3 Aries- 26 Pisces during this period.

July- December 2015 The South Node was between 3 Aries- 26 Pisces during this period.

March 1996- Jan. 1997 Saturn was between 26 Pisces- 3 Aries during this period.

Currently Saturn is in late Sag so it is at the last square before it hits the place it will be in the period of 2024-2025 that I mentioned above. Many things that are started now will hit the next phase then when Saturn is square to the position it is in now. Saturn takes roughly 28 years to go through the zodiac so every 7 years it squares where it was 7 years before.

Also as a point of reference note that most of the planets make stations, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto make stations twice a year normally...once going retrograde and then another going direct. Mercury goes retro 3 or 4 times a year so it makes 6 -8 stations a year. Venus goes retro every 18 months so it stations twice every other year. Point being... planets do not station that often and the out planets are usually far apart and not near the same degrees so it is a big event when multiple outer planets and/or Nodes converge at a certain IS telling us something.

If you do not know where 26 Pisces-3 Aries fall in your chart I would find out in the next couple years.

Ok, enough of that here's the lineup you will be getting between April 2024- December 2025 I'm going to use the dates when things hit 29 Pisces since that is kind of the mid degree of the degrees we are talking about as well as it being the last degree of the Zodiac. I have also included the dates when planets station near these degrees in this period.

4/30/24 Mars is at 29 Pisces – Mars is activation.

6/24/24 Neptune is at 29 pisces – Neptune is intuition

7/1/24 Neptune stations rx 29 pisces -

12/3/24 North Node hits 3 Aries moving backwards- the North Node is future

12/6/24 Neptune station direct 27 pisces -

1/11/25 North Node hits 29 Pisces

3/3/25 Neptune hits 29 Pisces going direct

5/13/25 Saturn hits 29 Pisces- Saturn is structures

5/25/25 Saturn enters Aries

Saturn, Neptune and the North Node are all conjunct during this time in the late degrees of Pisces

7/3/25 Neptune station retrograde 2 Aries

7/12/25 Saturn stations retrograde at 1 Aries

9/1/25 Saturn reenters Pisces at 29 degrees

11/28/25 Saturn goes direct at 25 Pisces

12/9/25 Neptune stations direct at 29 Pisces

1/26/26 Neptune enters Aries

2/04/26 Saturn hits 29 Pisces

2/14/26 Saturn enters Aries

Saturn hits 3 degrees Aries in March while Neptune stations twice more near this point later in 2026.

Suffice to say any planets or wherever you have these degrees in your chart will be completely changed during this time. If you have anything at exactly 29 Pisces you will get 3 direct hits from both Saturn and Neptune while having a conjunction from the transiting North Node. This will be a game changer to the 10th exponent.

Also note that Pluto will make it's first movement into Aquarius in March of 2023. Starting in late September of 2025 Jupiter will be in the 20 degrees of Cancer which will be forming a trine to the Saturn, Neptune and North Node placements in Pisces.

What does it all mean? Too many variables but I would start focusing now on this area of your chart and start putting things into place now..this could be the big payoff if you are prepared. What I can guarantee is lots of changes and this will be a once in a lifetime combination of transits.

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