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"I found the way that Mark explained my chart to be clear and concise. He has a great sense of humour and clearly cares about his clients." Heather, New Zealand


"Mark is my astrologer, and I refer all my interested friends to him for insight into life issues - changes, relationships, timing, decisions, etc. He is compassionate, perceptive, intuitive, intelligent, worldly, and educated.  His knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology makes him an absolute expert in his field, as he read my family's natal charts and the connection points are unbelievable.  I have been attending his monthly astrology class at Mystic Nirvana for over five years.  His classes are always educational as well as entertaining!" Christina J, Westerville, OH


"Mark Metheny is a practising astrologer, but not only that - through his reading I received insight, comfort and an optimistic view to the future. His deep knowledge and great compassion made feel I am not alone in the universe, none of us is. Absolutely trustworthy!" Katerina , Greece 


"Mark was great!  He pulled birth charts on my whole family.  He took time to explain everything and allowed us to ask questions.  I was amazed at how his analysis of our charts related to our individual lives and life paths.  It was both interesting and insightful.  I would highly recommend Mark if you would like get an astrological perspective into your life." Heather, Columbus, OH


"Mark is the kind of person you want as an astrologer and teacher because Mark is the kind of person you want as a friend compassionate, caring and wise. Mark's ability to combine intuition and years of study makes him Columbus' best and most-followed astrologer." Angela , Westerville, OH


"Mark is a very intuitive as well as a knowledgeable astrologer. His compassion and his intelligence comes through with shining colors in a session. He seems to find the right words to explain the current situation in the psyche and where you are in their life path. I recommend him to people who want some insight into themselves as well as some guidance." E.H. Columbus, OH


"I first began attending Mark's astrology meet up about 5 years ago and quickly realized how skilled he is in evolutionary astrology.  Mark's commitment to research and the study of astrology comes through in his very accurate readings.  I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for answers to personal, business, or career questions!" Scott, Westerville, OH

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