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Void of course Moon

Many people buy the daily Astrology guides or yearly Astrology calendars that are available out there and some are very good . One of the things that comes up frequently is the void of course moon, what it means and how to deal with it. First of all a brief explanation is probably needed for anyone not familiar with the term or needing clarification. The moon takes roughly 2 1/2 days to go through a sign of the zodiac or 1 degree every 2 hours, if you will. The moon will normally make several aspects to other planets during it's 60 hour stay in a sign. From the time the Moon makes it's last EXACT aspect to another planet, until the time the Moon enters the next sign of the Zodiac, is a "dead" period called "void of course" where the effects of the Moon are lessened and there's a feeling of little or no emotion. There are, however, the few occasions where the moon will have an exact aspect in the late degrees of a sign and there will be a very short or no void period before it moves into the next sign. This has historically been seen as a poor time to do anything such as sign contracts, open a business, get married, etc. - anything that you would want an energy behind or an extra push to get started. On the flip side, this could also be seen as a good time to do things that you don't want to come to fruition - signing a contract that you're not thrilled about, visiting the in-laws, dentist or doctor appointments where you maybe don't want to be at the maximum of your "feeling" potential if you will, or maybe even applying for a job that you don't really want. If it's something you feel forced into doing or is mandatory you may want to "sabotage" things a bit to make sure you have to go through them as infrequently as possible. Aside from WHAT the void of course Moon is, perhaps a more interesting point is WHY is it and what is it's purpose? Essentially the void of course moon is to give us a little respite from the emotional intensity of everyday life. Sometimes we just need an emotional break - kind of like when you do a hard reboot of your computer by pulling the plug out. You can then process things that have been building up or overwhelming you, or just allow your body and mind to actually relax and just exist for a few minutes. Now of course the void of course moon period can be difficult when there are things that Have to be done such as an important meeting at work or someone else has scheduled a social event or something where you have to psyche yourself up to be at your best or most alert. At this time you may need the extra cup of Java or Kava or red Bull, whichever your best coach is, to get you motivated. But barring emergencies the voc periods are to let us detox from our normal emotional selves and get ready for the energies of the next sign. This whole thing does however bring one other question to mind. If the moon goes void every few days then there must be people who are boon with a void of course moon in their birth chart. This is certainly true. At this point I would believe that this in a birth chart would be representative of a soul who has had many intensely emotional incarnations previous to this one and needs a time out from the emotional turbulence to work on other areas of their evolution. Sometimes the soul of an individual will need to narrow it's evolutionary intent in a particular lifetime to a focus on a few core objectives and not be thrown off balance by emotional turbulence.

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