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Astrology blog on the NFL game that can't be mentioned by it's actual name because I don&#39

This will not be your usual Super Bowl blog. The first part I will give you my predictions for the game and the second part..if you wish to continue will be a tale of weird synchornicites and other oddness that you may find entertaining.

In my original blog [ see link below] I predicted the Steelers and Falcons in the big game with the Steelers winning. I changed my decision on the NFC participant when the game chart changed. My lesson learned here is stick with your original prediction.

As I have stated previously the Patriots have good transits and Tom Brady has had an excellent season. The trines from Uranus and Saturn to Brady's Fire Grand Trine in his Natal chart are past the exact points so perhaps the energy has passed it's maximum output. Patriots coach Bill Belichick being a fire Sign also has been getting the same support from Saturn and Uranus.

Transiting Jupiter stations Retrograde at 23 Libra on Monday. Jupiter is making a Trine to Brady's natal Jupiter and a conjunction to his North Node which is at 17 Libra.Transiting Pluto is making a trine to the Patriots North Node in their team chart also and it is 4 degrees past [ waning] being exact. This is a great aspect although it is a few degrees from being exact.

These are all very good transits, but once you get to the Playoffs everybody has or has had good transits to get this far. So the question is how do the Patriots transits compare to the Falcons transits.

The Falcons chart, QB Matt Ryans chart, Coach Dan Quinn's chart and the current planetary positions are a myriad of nearly exact, if not exact conjunctions and trines. Between the Falcons, Brady and Quinn's charts they have 18 planets in Earth Signs..i'm really not kidding. Here they are:

Ryan: Sun 26 Taurus, North Node 18 Taurus, Mercury 5 Taurus, Moon low degrees of Taurus depending on exact tine of birth. Neptune 3 Capricorn.

Quinn: Pluto 26 Virgo, Mercury 20 virgo, Sun 18 Virgo, Mars 2 Virgo, South Node 2 Virgo, Saturn 22 Taurus, Moon late Capricorn [ depending on time of birth].

Falcons: North Node 18 Taurus, Uranus 19 Virgo, Mercury 19 Virgo, Sun 18 Virgo, Pluto 18 Virgo, Venus 3 Virgo.

That's 12 planets that are getting a trine or conjunction from pluto and 6 planets getting a trine or opposition from the North Node. That equals 18 planets.

While we're talking about the Nodes...I still run across Astrologers now and then that don't use the have got to be kidding me. The transiting North Node is at 3 Virgo at Kickoff time. That forms an almost exact conjunction or trine to Falcons Venus, Quinn's South Node and Mars and Ryan's Neptune. By the way..the Sun in the chart for the city of Atlanta is 1 Capricorn..also getting the trine from the North Node and also conjunct or trine the 6 lower degree planets mentioned above. Do not tell me the Nodes don't matter!

So to try and condense this into 1 sentence... if you take the charts for the Falcons, their coach and their QB you get a 12 planet Earth Grand trine that is either conjunct or trine transiting Pluto and do the same thing with the lower degrees planets you get a 6 planet Earth grand trine getting trined or conjunct the transiting North Node.

A year or so ago I wrote a blog about Generation X: Time to awaken. I looked to this time period and saw that the people [ or anything else ] born during the mid 60's revolution [ Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo] would see a great turning of events and have a chance to make great strides forward during this period. Well the Falcons were “ born” in 1966 and I think they are a good example of how a person or team can overthrow years of losing with the energy we have now.

What's my point...I'm just going to come out and say it..if the Falcons don't win there will be some strange call or odd event that happens in the Patriots favor. The energy of who this game favors is very clear. The Atlanta Falcons should win this game..will it be close ..probably. If the Falcons lose this game I will cry Fowl [ that's my 1 and only bird pun] .

The one thing the Patriots do better than anyone is take away the biggest weapon for the other team so I'm not sure that Julio Jones will have a huge game, but that is Atlanta's strength. Coleman and Freeman out of the backfield are both great at catching the ball. Atlanta is used to spreading the ball around and they have several guys that can make plays.

The Falcons have scored 80 points in their 2 post season games.They scored over 30 11 teams during the regular season. They've only been held under 24 points once. With the Moon in Gemini both QB's should play well and it will be a high scoring game.

Falcons shock the world : 34-31.

There is your game prediction now I have a short tale of symbology and synchronicity which may or may not make much sense..but that's my main purpose on the planet is pointing out weird shit you may have missed the first time.

So I don't know exactly how this all fits in but I notice stuff like this ..perhaps you will be able to make some sense of it. Perhaps...there is no sense to be made.

Ok, here we go...Patriots..we have the New England Patriots football team that is playing in the Super Bowl, we have PatriotS Day which is a holiday in Massachusetts [ in honor of the battle of Lexington and Concord which was the first battle of the Revolutionary war and it is held on the 3rd Monday of April], we have a movie called Patriots Day that just came out and then we have Patriot [ no S] Day which is a U.S. holiday in remembrance of the 9/11/01 attacks.

The movie Patriots Day was released on a limited basis on December 21st 2016 [ solstice ]. It's national release was on January 13th [ a Friday the 13th] this was the day before the Patriots played their first Playoff game this post season. Patriots day stars Mark Wahlberg who is from Boston. The movie is about the Boston Marathon bombing which obviously happened in Boston and it happened on Patriots day. Patriots day is directed by Peter Berg who was born in New York City [ where 9/11 took place ..see Patriot Day]. Peter Berg was born on March 11th which is exactly opposite of September 11th.

The coach of the Patriots is Bill Belichick..his Birthday is April 16,1952. He was not born on Patriots Day, but he was Born just 5 days away from it.

The opponent for the Patriots is the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons team chart [ as for all teams ] is the date and time of their first official regular season game. The Atlanta Falcons first game was September 11th 1966. So the Birth day of the Atlanta Falcons is on Patriot day.

The Falcons coach is Dan Quinn. Quinn is in his 3rd SB in the last 4 years as he was the Defensive Coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks when they played in Back to back Super Bowls after the 2013 and 2014 seasons. The second of those the Seahawks played the Patriots.

There are 365 days in a year.... I will give you one guess what Dan Quinn's Birthday is...go ahead..guess...May 9th ?..nope..July 5th?..wrong again ..Maybe Dan Quinn's Birthday is November 17th...sorry..Dan Quinn's Birthday is freaking September 11th! Patriot Day! YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!

I think I'll end this with a quote from Pee Wee's Big Adventure :“I bought this pen exactly one hour before my bike was stolen. Why? What's the significance? I DON'T KNOW!”

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