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Astrology and NFL Playoffs

Greetings friends ! Time for my annual NFL Playoff and Super Bowl predictions.Looking at how the regular season endevs. my predictions from the beginning of the season I guessed the exact record of 5 teams, was only 1 game off on 10 teams and 2 games off on 7 teams and 3 games off on 5 teams. I was off by 4 games or more on only 5 teams, 3 of which had significant injuries. My preseason SB prediction was Packers over Colts but we're going to adjust that a little now. I also picked 7 of the 12 Playoff teams correctly.

Looking back further I have picked 4 of the last 5 Super Bowl's correctly with the only miss being last years where I had the final score exact until the Patriots late TD , and still would have been almost exact on the point spread if the Seahawks had given the ball to Marshawn Lynch .

Here are my previous predictions from the last 5 Super Bowls. Most of my previous blogs can be found here.. .except where noted. Just put in NFL in the search field to see the entire blog for these.… 2014 season

Here are my picks for the earlier playoff games this year..… my pick ...Carolina 27 Ariz 13 Actual Carolina 27-16 my pick .. Dallas 31 Detroit 28 Actual Dallas 24-20 my pick .. Pittsburgh 34 Baltimore 14 Actual Baltimore 30-17 my pick .. Indy 38 Cincy 20 Actual Indy 26-10

my pick ..New England 38 Indy 34 Actual New England 35 Baltimore 31 my pick.. Pittsburgh 33 Denver 30 Actual Indy 24 Denver 13 my pick.. Green Bay 38 Dallas 24 Actual Green Bay 26-21 my pick.. Seattle 29 Carolina 10 Actual Seattle 31-17

my pick Indy 33 New England 31 Actual New England 45-7 my pick Seattle 27 Green Bay 21 Actual Seattle 28-22

In my defense I did not think to look at deflated footballs in the NE-Indy

Super Bowl my pick.. I am staying with Seattle as my Super Bowl champion. Seahawks 27-24. actual … Patriots win 28-24. I had the exact final score correct until the Patriots TD with just about 2 minutes left.

2013 season My prediction ..…/2013-nfl-preview-with-astrolo…/ SUPER BOWL SEATTLE OVER DENVER

actual... Seattle 43- Denver 8

2012 my prediction .…/astrology-ravens-49ers-super-…/

.Conclusions : Jim will have the 49ers prepared but I would look for the Ravens to pull out a close win late. It will be up to Flacco though . Look for a big play from him to decide it late.Ravens 24-21.

actual..Ravens 34-31

2011…/…/astrology-super-bowl-preview/ my prediction I like the Giants Pluto energy to outweigh it’s little brother Mars and the Giants pull this one out 30-27. actual.. Giants 21-17

2010 my prediction..SUPER BOWL GREEN BAY OVER BALTIMORE…/2010-nfl-preview-with-astrolo…/ Actual Packers 31- Steelers 25

Okay so onto this years playoff predictions...I'm going to start with a couple of interesting notes here : Of the 12 current starting qb's for the playoff teams we have 5 Fire signs, 4 Earth signs, 2 Water signs and 1 Air sign.

one thing I've been noticing with the Saturn Neptune Square and the urine is Pluto square still in effect is long streaks or trends being ended.

currently the bangles have lost six consecutive playoff games there last win coming January 6th of 1991 did she have lost 8 straight playoff games there last win coming January 16th of 1994 with for those losses coming to the Colts and the Steelers I've actually lost three consecutive playoff games in a row.

I kind of like the two longest of the streets to be broken.

I do have to admit the Steelers Bengals game appears to be the toughest one to call out of the first weekends games.

An interesting note is I expected one of the key players and MVP of the season to be Andrew Luck of the Colts who is a Virgo and with all the other factors it look like he was set up to have a fantastic season but instead he gets injured and hardly plays the entire year and the Colts end up with a very disappointing season .

Interestingly going into the playoffs one of the key players is AJ McCarron for the Bengals who is also a Virgo born a year and a day off from Andrew will be most interesting to see if he can continue his good play with Jupiter and the North Node conjunct his sun.

In the first round in the NFC I like the number for seed Washington over the number 5 seed Green Bay 28-24 I like the number 6 seed Seattle over the number 3 Minnesota 21-10.

In the AFC in the first round I like the number 5 seed Chiefs over the number for seed Houston 26-16 and I like the number 3 seed bangles to break their streak and defeat the number 6 seed Steelers in Cincinnati 31-28.

in the divisional round in the NFC I like the number two seed Arizona over the red skins 38-13 and I like the number one seed Carolina Panthers over the Seahawks 27-21.

In the AFC divisional round I like the number two seed Patriots in a close one over Kansas City 27-23 and the number one seed Broncos over the bangles 30-24.

In the conference championship games I like the Broncos who have beaten the Patriots two out of the three times they've played recently in the playoffs in which the home team has won every game in recent history to take Peyton Manning to the Superbowl with a 30-27 victory.

in the NFC I like the Cardinals to have a little more punch on offense and defeat the Panthers 28-24.

I look for the Broncos over the Cardinals in the Super Bowl in what will be Peyton Manning's last game 34-27.


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