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The obligatory Mercury in Retrograde blog

There are many Astrology phrases or terms that have made it into the mainstream consciousness and certainly one of the most recognized phrases is the dreaded Mercury retrograde [ gasp!]. Normally four times a year the planet Mercury will go Retrograde [ become inwardly focused] for about 3 weeks and communication and technology will go haywire yada yada . I'm not trying to trivialize the effects of Mercury Retrograde because it does in fact cause chaos, however,i did figure that maybe some practical , common sense Astrological tips may be in order to help us navigate these tricky times. As we CLEARLY [ that's how you deal with Mercury being very clear] stated before Mercury rules Communication as well as short range travel and is sub-ruler [ to Uranus] of Technology . So perhaps , as they say [ whoever THEY is] , an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. So i guess in the new tradition of the non-traditional Mercury retrograde Blog [ which i just started] is a short list of dont's for Mercury retro periods. 1. Do NOT expect communication to work as normal. Don't call your friend and leave a vague message about meeting " somewhere later on" and hope to have a chance of running into them.BE SPECIFIC! "I will meet you outside of the crackhouse at 2:13 a.m. " This is the only way to catch up with your friend later at the crackhouse. 2. Do NOT leave voice mails and expect the answering machine, or voice mail service, or electronic devices to work properly.You must leave repeated messages or hunt someone down to make sure your message found it's destination [ check local stalking laws before engaging in this ]. Electronics work very sporadically during Mercury retro... usually just long enough to get you lulled into a false sense of security. 3. Do NOT drive through strange places you've never been and hope that your GPS will save you from getting lost or get you out of a tight jam if you have a bad sense of direction to start with. If you're in a really rough part of town your GPS is just as scared as you are! [ You can insulate yourself against this scenario by printing a set of directions so that you have a hard copy for when your GPS stops working....but it is unlikely that your printer will be functioning during a Mercury Retrograde so perhaps you could write out the directions on a napkin or scratch them on a rock that you can also use to defend yourself. Things with more than 1 function can be good during a Mercury Retrograde period] 4.Do NOT expect your pc to save the document you've been typing for 2 hours before it blue screens and crashes . Well there's a few tips to help you survive the Mercury retrograde cycle that happens 4 times a year. Good luck....assuming you even get this !

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