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One of the questions i hear a lot regarding Astrology is what does it mean when a planet goes Retrograde. All of the planets [ not counting the Sun and Moon which are technically called luminaries] go retrograde [ or in reverse or backwards] at least once a year except for Venus . They don't actually start traveling backwards it's just that their speed slows down and they are then traveling slower than the speed of the Earth so they appear to be going backwards. Normally the effect of a planet going retrograde is that it does not function normally , it's energy is turned inwards and is asking for more introspection or self analysis in the areas the specific planet rules and the house that it is in in your Birth chart . Sometimes this can lead to things being more calm outwardly while the inner functions are harder at work. This can lead to unusual displays of the normal, planetary energy or periods of intense retrospection during the retrograde period. The days to be most aware of are the days when planets make " stations" those are the exact times or the exact days when the planets slow down to start the retrograde cycle or start speeding up when they begin to go direct. Either way when those planets are changing speeds that's when their energy is felt the most and the most focused . Imagine when you have an oscillating fan that goes back and fourth vs. when you have it pointing directly on you . The effect from the fan is felt most when it is stopped in a certain place as opposed to when it's energy is going back and fourth . On the days when planets make stations you can have extreme results and actions. Watch the news on the day the next time Pluto or Mars or Uranus is turning direct , there will be plenty to talk about as that planet will have center stage that day and for up to a week on either side. I bring this up because the planet Venus which only goes retrograde once every 18-24 months is retrograde from October 5th through November 18th. Normally a Venus retrograde period will bring people from the past back into your life or bring up unfinished relationship issues that you thought were buried ..usual Venus business but always an interesting time because it's similar to being in a time warp with all of the visits from the past that you may get . The other thing that is playing into all this Scorpio energy is that the planet Mars is also in Scorpio and will be traveling very close to Venus for a lot of this Retrograde period. Mars is the forefront of our instinctual desires and also requires a certain amount of freedom or independence to follow certain desires to evolve [ Mars is the lower octave of Pluto which rules Evolution]. Venus conjunct Mars can lead to frustration[ Mars] or arguing [ Mars] with the things we love [ Venus] or the things we need to sustain ourselves [ Venus] . On the good side , Mars can give us that extra energy and determination we need to deal with certain issues. This Venus in Retrograde transit has been unusually tense from the feedback i have been getting. Scorpio has to do with resources, and specifically other people's resources . One of Scorpio's sore spots is jealousy or resentment. If there are things in any of your relationships [ Job, Home,school etc.] where you are feeling resentment or that you don't have much control of your own destiny ? Is there someone you have to deal with that you feel isn't pulling their weight ? Any things that have been eating at you are likely to come up at this time. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and that has to do with Evolution. Now is the time to deal with lingering fears or problems that come up over and over again that you can't seem to fix. There are two kinds of Evolution , the most common is slow and gradual where we change a small amount over a long length of time . The other kind of Evolution is cataclysmic where we change [ or are forced to change] a great amount in a small period of time. I would argue that this is one of these times. We saw what happened with the recent Political Elections where there was wholesale change and whether or not we agree with where blame was put it is still a good example of what is going on with many people individually .. frustration with the same issues that never seem to get solved. The way to deal with this energy , which can be very frustrating [Mars conjunction ] , is to try and look at existing or ongoing issues we have been having with new eyes or trying a different approach to things. It is easy to lose patience when the same problems come up time and again but there are certain windows of opportunity where we get those flashes of brilliance where we can make great headway with seemingly insurmountable problems. Remember , the definition of insanity is trying the same approach over and over again and expecting different results. So that is your task , between now November 18th when Venus goes direct again and Mars has moved on, try a different approach to those irritating situations and you may make up more ground in a short time than you expected.

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