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NBA Playoffs with Astrology pt.2

As I mentioned in my NHL Playoff Astrolology blog it can be tricky when a team has moved and you have to pick between multiple charts . We have that scenario here with Okahoma City who are formerly the Seattle Supersonics. The Natal chart for the Super Sonics is far more active than the chart for OKC,thus the rule of observation and correlation must apply here.

Another Astrological note here is that with transits to the charts of sports teams the usual 10 degress does not work, it appears to be in the 3-5 degree range at most. Also..... assuming you're still awake...when a planet goes either retrograde [ going backwards] or moving away from an exact aspect with a planet in a teams horoscope the energy begins to fade much quicker than in a person's chart.

Well I didn't fare as well on the NBA picks as the NHL one's. I correctly got 5 of the 8 first round matchups and 1 of the 4 second round matchups ..but that's still as good as the non-Astrology prognosticators did as the no. 1 seed Spurs were upset in the first round and the 2 favourites for most people the Celtics and Lakers were both destroyed in the second round. Again if you bet on the playoffs this year you've already lost your money.

On another Astrological note someone replied on the blog about Uranus effecting some of the players.Uranus is the most unstable and surprising planet and a good example of how a Uranus transit effects someone is Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. One of the 3 big free-agent signings for the Heat he has Uranus sitting exactly on his Natal Sun as of this moment and what you are seeing from him is spectacular play one night and you're not even sure if he's in the building the next game... these are the results of Uranus hitting your sun.

Earlier in the sports blogs I had mentioned the Effects of Pluto , Saturn and Uranus causing reversals or possible limitations in a teams chart. Well I didn't read those correctly at first look and Orlando,and the Lakers were teams that had Pluto hitting hard in their charts and since they had been teams that were in power the last several years they fell flat this year. Pluto being the planet of death rebirth and transformation you already are heaqring the talk of those teams completely changing their rosters and coaching staff before next season starts. As the chinese proverb says " may you live in interesting times".

So now that I've smacked myself on the wrist for missing those I'm going to take another look at the 4 teams left seeing how their charts are playing out so far.In the East I picked the Heat to get to the Finals before losing in my original blog and they do have good transits happening but the Bulls have Venus and Mars and soon Jupiter approaching their North Node [ destiny].The main transist in the chart for the Heat is Saturn [ discipline but also limitations] conjunct their Venus[ harmony] and Uranus [ excitement, but also inconsistency as we see with Chris Bosh's chart ] conjunct their Mars [ energy level]. I'm switching here and taking the Bulls, their Scorpio moon shows their defensive intensity and i think it will be too much for the inconsistent Heat.

In the West I totally miss judged the Pluto transits and we have the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder. This looks to be a very close matchup , they finished 1 game apart in the regular season, neither team has outstanding transits but OKC does have transiting Jupiter conjunct their North Node [ there's that destiny thing again] so I will give the nod to OKC in yet another upset , albeit a small one.

An interesting scenario for the finals then. Chicago vs. Oklahoma City.When the NBA finals begin in early june the planet Jupiter, which along with the Sun , rules sports will be right around 0 degrees Taurus and move up to 3 degrees of Taurus by the time the Finals would end. This puts Jupiter between the North Nodes of OKC [ 28 Aries] and Chicago [ 17 Taurus] applying to the Bulls destiny and moving away from the Thunder's. I woulkd look for OKC to do better early in the series but as the Jupiter energy moves further away from their North Node the Bulls will pull away and take the championship.

The Bulls who had 2 different three-peats with Michael Jordan and crew won their last one in June of 1998 when they had transiting Venus and Saturn in Taurus applying to their North Node. I guess the moral of the story is..." it pays to Nodes your basketball. "

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