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Mars in Virgo Retrograde- chillax

Okay, so I write this blog for educational purposes of course but this particular one I think can help people on some timing issues with a difficult transit. The typical Mars transit takes about 2 months to go through a sign or house and about 2 years to go through the whole Zodiac. Some Mars transits are easier than others some are more explosive depending on what aspects they’re making, what sign their in etc..

Sometimes a planet goes retrograde [or backwards], when this happens the Planets energy is now focused inward . So something that is usually very active or aggressive may have problems when it is retrograde because it is focusing energy inwards that it normally uses to move forward. When Mars is in an aggressive or easily agitated state it can become very frustrated because it is not free to move about as it wishes.

Here are some pertinent dates and numbers and some stuff for the math geeks:

Mars went into Virgo November 9th of last year, turned retrograde on January 23rd of this year at 23 Virgo, will station and go forward on April 13th at 3 degrees of Virgo and finish its visit through Virgo on July 3rd at 3 degrees Virgo.

Okay, back to the plot of our story .Mars is very aggressive by nature and works on an instinctual level, Virgo is very analytical and anal retentive, to a fault sometimes, but great at fixing problems. When Mars is retrograde its energy is turned inwards, so Mars has a lot of things to fix while it’s in Virgo, but when the energy is turned inwards it becomes frustrated and irritable. It wants to fix many things and usually at the same time as the Virgo frenetic energy can work on many things simultaneously when undisturbed. This frustration leads to a sense of introspection to analyze what is worth doing and what is just busy work. Discriminate between what activities or battles are of value and what is just OCD.

So for an 8 month period beginning last November and lasting through the beginning of this July with a highlighted period of January 23rd through April 13th people will feel very antsy and have OCD to some level. Tensions will be running high by the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries and everyone is ready to go off on adventure but Mars still in retrograde says “ just a minute there lad, not quite yet”.

My message here I guess is “ try not to strangle too many people to death during this period “ I ‘m limiting all of you to 2 strangulation deaths per week , okay 3 , but that’s it and I ‘m not budging.

Seriously, there’s a lot of stuff going on, relax , love thy neighbor , yada yada . We’re just learning some patience and being taught to pick what’s really important and prioritize, it will all be okay. The earth is not going to end on December 21st, we still have lots of time in front of us, please relax.

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